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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Normally this being a football weekend and all, I'd be down at the Felony Flats Casino early this morning to place my wagers and enjoy a fine seegar but Thanksgiving is different. The day started just as early though. At 0630 hrs I was pulling the turkey out of the garage where I had it in a brining bucket. I rinsed it off and peppered it and put it in the oven at 325 degrees. Then it was out to the corral to feed the horses and muck out the lean-to and pen. Back inside by 0730 and it was time to put on a pot of Joe and some Christmas music and begin prepping the remainder of the Thanksgiving Feast.

You see here at the B bar V Ranch we're not just known for our sweeping Western vistas and horsemanship, we're also known for the Jefe de Cocineros around these parts, your humble correspondent, Smilin' Paul. Since the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin' Paul wanted supper at about 1300 that meant an early start time. It works out well though, you load up once at lunch and then just about the time the Longhorns are breaking for halftime against the Sodbusters, you can hit the leftovers and maybe get on the outside of a little apple or pecan pie. Besides roasted turkey, we supped on mashed potatoes, giblet and mushroom gravy, sauteed asparagus with squash, onion and diced ham, steamed broccoli, sweet potato casserole and cornbread dressing. Dinner rolls were of course tossed around the table.

After dining it was back outside to do some yardwork and fill the stock tank. Then a leisurely game of football with the kids. I was hoping to tire them out so that I might be able to watch the Texas-Sodbuster game in relative peace. I don't think it worked though, they seem awfully amped. Maybe it's just my boy waiting expectantly for the noble and virtuous Longhorns to lay a Texas sized ass-whuppin' on the wretched and ignoble Aggies tonight. In any event folks, I haven't gotten around to studying the football sheets this week, the Pollack took the whole week off and the Texan is somewhere in the Hill Country doing his part to defy the USDA recommended daily allowance for caloric intake. I hope to get something posted tomorrow for the Saturday games and Sunday NFL. We'll see how things shake out. Right now I'm going get another glass of dago red and plop in my command chair in front of my glorious HDTV in order to watch my beloved Longhorns.

They'd best not disappoint me. After all of that today, I'd sure hate to go to bed with heartburn....A condition that usually only afflicts me when I listen to lib'ruls. Happy Thanksgiving you all...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fifty-eight and Fifty-one, still +7 wins on the year which means we're making money, on the other hand, we're hanging on by our fingernails. The Pollack has gotten hammered the last couple weekends so we need to get the Night Train to Warsaw back on track. Either that or we might have to add to the diversity of the prognosticators and add an Italian or Albanian or something. But before we go benching the Pollack let's let him weigh in this week with the following:

Ohio State, laying 20 pts at home in the Horsehoe against Michigan. It's not often that you get a chance to really lay the hammer down on your most hated rival and this is one of those years. Buckeye fans should be gloriously intoxicated Saturday night. Florida Atlantic getting 4 pts on the road at Arkansas State. Hey don't laugh, the Owls have made us a tidy sum the last couple of years. New Mexico State, getting 6 pts at home against Louisiana Tech. Sorry Bulldogs, the Aggies rise to the occasion in the desert. NFL action: Washington -3 pts against Seattle at home.

The Mexican weighs in this week with the following selections: Texas Christian laying 17 pts at home against Air Force. The number 1 rush defense in the nation shuts down the Falcon flexbone. The ol' alma mater, UNLV laying 12 pts at San Diego State. The Aztecs are wore out and the Rebels get bowl eligible. Utah laying 4 pts at home. The race for a BCS bid continues, big rivalry game and the Utes won't let up. NFL Action: upset special, New York Jets getting 6 pts against Tennessee in Nashville. The Jets at least keep it close and could win it outright. Tennessee has to lose sometime, it just might be this week.

The Texan finally reestablished his hi-speed, data uplink, satelite feed connection to PMT and so his selections are as follows: Texas Tech, getting 7 pts against Oklahoma. Though it pains us to say it, our hearts are with the Dirt Burglars but this might be Tech's year. We need a light Okie victory to keep Texas in the National Championship picture. LSU laying 7 pts at home against Ole Miss. The Bayou Bengals are a wounded Tiger and they always play tough in Death Valley. Ole Miss hasn't improved that much, they come game but go home losers. BYU getting 4 pts on the road in Salt Lake. Going against his protege, the Mexican. We'll see who's right come Saturday night. NFL action: Dallas, lay the 10 pts at home against San Francisco.

There it is for another week sportsfans, the college season is almost over so be sure to get your action while you can and make sure your bookie files properly with the IRS.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot damn, it must be November because the PMT Football betting record is getting tighter than ol' Dick's hatband. Now we here at the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sportsbetting Service are still solvent mind you, posting a 52-45 record overall. Still, if we can't get this turned around we might start cutting into our profit margin. Of course if we go belly up, I'm certain that with the Texan's powerful union contacts among the democrat glitterati, that he would be able to secure a taxpayer funded, federal bailout. The Texan is noted for his longtime adherence to bipartisanship and ability to get along with others...

Now then, its down to nut-cutting time as they say back at the B Bar V Ranch and so the Pollack checks in with the following picks this week:

Mississippi State, getting 22 pts. The Crimson Tide has clinched the SEC West and gets caught looking ahead to Florida. Oklahoma State, lay the 17 pts against Colorado. Okie Lt. looking to role and coming with a mean on after two straight losses. Wisconsin, lay the 14 pts against Minnesota. The Gophers get axed at Camp Randall Stadium. NFL Action: Tennessee lay the 3 pts against Jacksonville. Sure Tennessee is going to lose at some point this season. We just ain't there yet.

Mexican likes the following action: Ohio State, lay the 8 pts against Illinois. Bigtime revenge match for the Buckeyes. UTEP over SMU, lay the 9 pts. Trouble for June Jones in Big D means a Miner win in El Paso. USF, lay the 7 against Rutgers. The Bulls are at home and rested, Rutgers had some first half trouble with Syracuse last week. NFL action, Pittsburgh, at home against San Diego. The Chargers are inconsistent and the Steelers should cover 3 pts.

Texan checks in with: Air Force, (again) getting 4 pts against BYU. Should be a close one and he looks for the Falcons to bomb the Cougars. Texas, lay the 12 pts against Kansas. On the road but the Longhorns are looking for style points. Alabama, he goes against the Pollack, something has to give and it turns out to be the Texan, giving 22 pts against Mississippi State. NFL Action: Giants laying 5 pts at home against Baltimore.

So its a get even weekend folks and I'm taking my boy to his very first college football game. Should be a good time, as long as the 'Horns destroy Kansas while I'm being entertained by Nevada against San Jose State.

Until next time, keep rolling in the green...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, November 07, 2008

Forty-seven and thirty eight, numbers that most O'Bama supporters think are the number of states in the union. Nope folks, that there is our accumulated record for the PMY Sportsbetting Service thus far in the 2008 College Football campaign. Terrible 6-7 week last week only made worse by the political drubbing suffered on Tuesday. Of course being conservatives, we here at the PMT Sportsbetting Service are always looking to the bright side, the glass is half full. Or as the Pollack has been known to declare, "Summitch the line just moved and dropped the hook in my direction!" Which to the uninitiated means that somewhere, deep in the bowels of a Las Vegas sportsbook, some cigar chomping bookie just cut 1/2 point off the line. Since we are always looking for an angle, we are right back this week with our picks of the week, after all, neither rain, nor snow, nor looming O'Bama presidency can keep us from our appointed job of enriching the readers.

Pollack loves the following wagers this week: Ohio State lay the 11.5 or buy the hook, against Northwestern. Duke, (beleive it or not they appear to have shown up to play some football this year) at home getting 5 pts against North Carolina State. UCLA getting 9 pts at home against Oregon State. NFL action, Miami laying 9 pts at home against a terrible Seahawk team.

Mexican likes the following action: Bowling Green laying 2 pts at Ohio. West Virginia at home against Cincinnati, lay the 8 pts. Rice at home, laying 9 pts against Army. NFL Action, New England, buy the hook to lay 3 pts against Buffalo at home.

The Texican checked in with so many damn picks he left it up to me to cull the herd to something manageable. Expect the Longhorns to rebound from that last minute gaffe last week. Baylor gets mugged, lay the 25 pts and call FEMA to help the Bears off the field at DKR. Cajun Country grudge match, Alabama over LSU in the Saban Bowl, lay the 3 pts and rooooollll Tide. USC, large over Cal. USC is making its case for the BCS, lay the 17 pts. NFL Action, Tennessee lay the 3 pts over Chicago on the road.

Thats it for now sportsfans and political junkies. Time to break into ye olde humidor and make my seegar selection for the morrow's football viewing. I think something in a corona size, perhaps a Fuente or Corojo....something fuerte to help get the taste of Tuesday's defeat out of my mouth...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America has decided to experiment with its future, once again. Yesterday, liberal interests were served with the election of a pandering socialist and racist to the office of President of the United States. We've had these bumps and rashes before -- we'll heal up and be fine in the long run. But, the short term damage often lingers well beyond a normal period of recuperation. Expect tremendous short term damage during this phase of social engineering and political adventure.

Seems the liberal enclaves are intact. The Northeast and West Coast, with a few flyover states, all seemed too anxious to usher in a new era of irresponsibility and delusion. It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to make the connection: where people live like sardines in a can, liberalism reigns. Where the industry and initiative of legitimate Americans can be taxed and extorted, these people thrive. Liberals -- and those supporting this pandering socialist and racist -- need misery of the sort routinely found in crowded urban settings. Poor schools, subsidized transportation, high crime, and irresponsible behavior are common traits among those residing in liberal enclaves. As long as the subway runs, they believe life is "acceptable". As long as the line at the state welfare office is not too long, life is "tolerable". As long as they are not held responsible for their own failings, they'll vote for Adolph Hitler. Need proof?

See November 4, 2008.

Legitimate Americans came out in smaller numbers than the idiots believing some slick talking politician would "change" their lives. We continue to ask: change what?

Change the fact you've supported candidates that have throttled your industries with over-reaching goverment regulation or onerous taxation? (Hello, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania.)

Change the fact states like California and New York are virtually bankrupt, viable citizens and industries seeking the fastest way out, leaving only a tottering "service/government" economy as their principle means of income? (See the explosive growth of states along the southeastern seaboard and Gulf Coast, Arizona and Nevada.)

Most disturbing -- to legitimate Americans -- is the trend showing these refugees from northern or western liberal enclaves now seek to convert conservative enclaves (the ones with low property taxes and high quality of life) to some version of what they left behind. Unwilling to shed the poison of liberalism, these refugees were attracted to safe schools, clean water, low taxes, and good weather, but go to the voting booth only to install politicians seeking to duplicate the failures they left behind in the morally and fiscally irresponsible liberal enclave. If this election was simply to "bitch slap" George W. Bush, the liberals and their idiotic minions will be severely disappointed. While it was a tough night for Republicans, it bears mentioning only Sarah Palin represented the true conservative voice on the national ticket. The pandering socialist and racist has some measure of down ticket success, but thank God Almighty, no big sweep or Democratic super-majority. To think the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid rose to the outcome of this election with a smile on their face should motivate every legitimate American into action. Not just hand-wringing "woe is me" action, but serious, confirmed, and effective action.

I admire John McCain for taking the high road during the campaign, but we've learned the mainstream media cares little for class or integrity during the course of dispensing their propaganda. The media acted as if their very existence hinged on the outcome of this election; hence, their jubulation when the results came in. Now, as one extraordinarily idiotic New York senator has indicated, non-liberal voices of free speech and legitimacy in America may be silenced -- much like a moral nation excludes pornography from common use media. Without the voices of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or whichever radio talk show host you prefer, the misery and dependence shared by those supporting this pandering socialist and racist will now be yours to savor and incorporate into your otherwise productive and legitimate life.

Don't believe -- for one second -- your dissenting voice will be tolerated. Yes, these future residents of history's septic tank will dance in the freeway in an effort to demonstrate their rights of "free speech", engage in completely fraudulent and slanderous attacks on their political adversaries, etc., etc., etc., but once you stand up and reveal the utter and complete failure of their philosophy and doctrine, you will be silenced. You will not be able to enter the competitive media market with a concept that draws an audience or advertising revenue unless it meets the "standard" established by the likes of the senior senator from New York. Like all liberals, this shrieking buffoon cannot stand being exposed as a pure nincompoop by someone on a radio or television talk show. He'll demand "equal time". OK, match the ad revenue, pay half the expense, demonstrate you merit such a lofty demand with Arbitron ratings, etc., and we'll accomodate you. But, mean you want "equal" time without the requirement to do what is necessary to produce the program?

We get it, liberals. You want free propaganda and legitimate Americans to subsidize it.

(See Air America or PBS for commercial or ratings examples.)

Sorry. Just because this pandering socialist and racist will sully the White House grounds for one term doesn't qualify you for the right to destroy free markets, be they media, industry, or academia. Rest assured, liberals and all your sheep fur following, the foul weather and stench arising from Washington, D.C. is not the onset of winter or another District garbage truck flipped over on the expressway. It's the result of opening a rotting bag of garbage, then depositing it on federal property. (I happen to like that analogy. It fits like no other.)

A large number of Americans showed how naive and gullible they are last night. Brace yourselves for the impact of reality. It's going to be painful for these morons.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The historian in me looks forward to tomorrow, consequences be damned. I am grateful to God for granting me historical perspective, a gift that many conservatives have and which serves to keep us from drinking the lib'rul kool-aid. If in fact illegitimate Americans prevail tomorrow and the black Irishman, O'Bama is elected then I will be able to take some small comfort in history. History has demonstrated that the American people are all too willing to accept dalliances with socialism. Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson and to a degree even Abraham Lincoln all elevated the federal state beyond the intentions of the Founders. In each instance, America eventually recoilled and regained her collective senses. America was not founded upon the notion that the state is greater than the individual and that it provides for the individual. Our Founders believed in individual liberty and that government is only legitimate when it represents the consent of the governed. Nowhere in the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence or Constitution can I find any reference to government mandated health care, free education for all or government sponsored abortion.

In sum, should Americans tomorrow decide upon a leftward lean, it will have a basis in history and lessons for conservatives to learn. We must accept the verdict and move to strengthen our own legions, to make our positions clear and appealing to the mass of Americans who determine electoral outcomes. Reagan came to power in 1980 and swept away the stench of 48 years of unbridled liberal power. Now Republicans have enjoyed a short time at the helm and must admit that we performed poorly. Republicans did not govern conservatively and Americans may very well hold them responsible tomorrow. History tells us that this is how it should be. History also tells us to prepare. Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. O'Bama's administration will attempt to go down that path. Conservatives should be prepared because the road to regaining the House, Senate and White House will be to highlight the path that O'Bama will litter with his failures. Legitimate Americans must remind our fellow citizens of that failure when the next election comes.

If this post sounds somewhat pessimistic I apologize. Nevada is once again a battleground state. I thought that fleeing California 20 years ago was the best means to achieve residency in legitimate America. For the past 8 years that has been the case but today Nevada is on the cusp of voting for the annointed one. My own analysis of the situation leads me to believe that at least in Nevada, the state polls are pretty close. Currently O'Bama is ahead by 3 pts. within the margin of error. However there are two crucial House races in this state, one is CD-2 which is my own district and the other is CD-3 which is where Larry "Bull" Smith lives. The dems have gone all out to win these seats and in CD-2 an incredibly liberal and unqualified candidate has ample financial support. Her ads blare consistently on the radio and TV. Fortunately my congresscritter is also well financed and it appears as though sanity will prevail in this district, the latest poll putting Dean Heller ahead of Jill Derby by 4-5 pts, just outside the margin of error.

This bodes well for John McCain in my area but I already knew that I live in a predominately Republican area. Four years ago Bush-Cheney signs outnumbered Kerry signs by about 5-3 in my area. This year I make the same drive and see 8 McCain signs for every O'Bama sign. Anecdotal I know but hopefully it augers well for both McCain and Heller. "Bull" Smith reports that down in CD-3 Congresscritter Porter is in a helluva fight with Dina Titus. Polls are neck and neck. This isn't good since the outlying areas of Las Vegas will be needed by McCain to offset the overwhelming numbers and open fraud that will be committed in Vegas for the democrats. This also means that rural Nevada will need extraordinary turnout in order to overcome the lead that the dems will build in the urban areas. It appears to be a difficult task. O'Bama has been camping out in this state and has made repeated trips to the rural areas. Areas that normally vote 70% Republican or better. McCain needs them to stay there or above for him to have any chance at Nevada and O'Bama has been attacking that demographic.

Worse still is what most legitimate Americans hate most about Presidential campaigns. The non-stop advertising. O'Bama pretty much owned the airwaves of Northern Nevada from mid-September to mid-October. Faux gun-owners proclaiming that the O'messiah would protect our Second Amendment rights as hunters. Stupid....obviously these stalwart gunowners and pretend conservatives have no understanding of why the Second Amendment was crafted. Finally in the last two weeks McCain has been hitting back on the air but will it be too little too late? In the end, after all of my assessment and analysis I think that Nevada could go either way this time. I would have to make O'Bama a slight favorite based on the fervor of his misguided, kool-aid drinking legions. I'd say McCain has roughly 4 chances in 10 to take Nevada. Let's hope that he gets that key hit with 2 out in the 9th. If you want to help, then get out and vote and vote for sanity and American values, not the false and ultimately failed promise of socialism.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Sunday, November 02, 2008

When legitimate Americans talk football, most talk about the amateur game -- college and high school games are far more exciting than the professional model. While we've been largely successful predicting the outcomes of many games here at ye' old blog, playing the role of Vegas oddsmaker has been a bit more challenging. I generally stick to the X's and O's, analyzing the prospects of each team and making an assessment based on that analysis. I can only hope my picks "beat the spread" and come up winners. Having said that, it was a tough week for this amateur prognosticator. Texas and Texas Tech played one for the ages, truly classic for all, heartbreaking for some (including me). The Longhorns will recover in fine fashion, win the rest of their games, and play in a major bowl. There are plenty of challenges remaining for the teams holding on to undefeated records -- Texas Tech, Alabama and Penn State notably -- so it is not completely unreasonable to expect Texas to remain in the hunt. We'll try to make the most of our analytical capabilities for the remainder of the season, but this last week hurt more than just the pocketbook.

Now, on to the most pressing matter. If you believe the left wing press and their gutless following, America is on the verge of electing the most unqualified, incompetent President imaginable. So spoiled and naive are most Americans, in spite of assertions to the contrary, this pandering racist and socialist may be inaugerated in January. God help us if that event actually takes place.

The legions of lemmings comprising the Democratic Party have abandoned all measures of sensibility and responsibility. Elevating the junior senator from Illinois to this station will ultimately destroy the credibility of future Democrats. The damage this clown will do to the process will be long term and difficult to overcome. I remain optimistic, however. America is fickle, but not completely devoted to it's self destruction.

This is not about being conservative or liberal. For all the bloviating done by left wing morons about the "facist" government imposed on the people by President Bush, there has been nary a crumb of evidence to substantiate that charge. Of course, the gutless wonders declaring themselves Democrats protest mightily when the United States takes vicious killers and enemy combatants out of action, placing them in secluded locations (or in the pits of Hell) where they can ponder the error of their ways without contributing to the death or injury to Americans. So disjointed has been opposition to George Bush, the primary hosts of these talking points are little more than messengers of fallacious accounts of even larger delusions. This fraud manifests itself in the elevation of a pandering racist and socialist, something so inconceivable and laughable only a short time ago, it threatens the very fabric of American life.

Hysterical or exaggerated?

Not hardly. The Democratic candidate is dangerous and, like a disease, capable of spreading lethal consequences to every corner of the nation. Since the mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest, much of what this pandering racist and socialist strives to achieve -- on a national scale -- has been glossed over or completely omitted from a majority of public reports. While we may survive (McCain wins the election), the media flacks responsible for trumpeting the "inevitablity" of this radical twit from Illinois should not. I clearly recall their fawning over the wife of an impeached, discredited, disbarred, convicted former governor of Arkansas, declaring her our "next President". When the luster faded and the truth came out, a new character had to be elevated by the liberal news community, realizing their stock and trade hangs in the balance. As their latest incarnation of liberal hopes and dreams is defeated Tuesday, expect a full court press from these sewer rats declaring all of us nothing more than unworthy racists, desperate to starve our grandparents in order to finance the invasion of peace loving nations around the globe.

There are legitimate issues we -- as a nation -- must confront and dispose of responsibly. There is a microscopic group of Democrats capable of participating in the discussion; it's questionable whether or not those Democrats are part of the solution. I can tell you, with great confidence, the remaining Democrats are part of the problem. I need look no further than their pet projects and party platforms. If you are honest with yourself and can distinguish right from wrong, you do, too. Tawdry as this may sound (read), it's like urinating on the floor while standing next to a perfectly functional toilet. You meant well, but you missed. The mess is smelly and eventually becomes a biological hazard to unsuspecting sorts wandering through your errantly deposited gift of human waste. We've cited example after example, case after case, here in this forum. Review the archives, refresh your sensibilities, and take heart in the promise that legitimate America holds for everyone willing to avoid the traps set by the liberal camp.

It's time to stand up and be counted, legitimate Americans. Please take time to vote this Tuesday. And, if I may offer a suggestion, vote McCain. I'll be here to defend you even if you don't, but don't ask for kindness or gratitude. If the Democratic candidate somehow slips in, the levels of cruelty and intolerance sanctioned by government will remind many of the dark ages we struggled so hard to overcome. I do not intend to sit still for a second of it.

Neither should you. God bless you all and our beloved United States.

Go, McCain!!