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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two things before we get into the topic de' jour: 1) take time to offer any prayers or assistance for those impacted by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike, and 2) never lose faith in legitimate Americans.

Seems our football picks are holding up -- even though some of those "instincts" are betrayed by poor preparation by teams believing they can just throw their headgear out there and come away with a win. Here's a tip for most: never bet on UCLA (unless they're playing some D-III school, then check the spread). Here's hoping Air Force sustains their high intensity and Texas keeps working hard -- blowing out Rice is part of the program.

Now that we've had some fun with the games our kids play, let's focus on why legitimate Americans have to step up and defend this great nation from the liberal scourge -- again. Those septic tank dwellers have run the streets, wild-eyed and drooling, trying desperately to install a socialist government at state and federal levels. While California may suffer from heavy doses of socialism and near bankruptcy, the rest of the country (well, let's throw New York and a few other northeast liberal sanctuaries in the socialist pile) looks to roll with the punches and endure market adjustments. I know that reads simplistic, but be realistic: Wall Street has seen some major upheaval -- necessary adjustment, truth be told. The energy markets have been influenced by some of the Wall Street manipulations, supply and demand issues, and a feckless US Congress incapable of dealing with legitimate issues. The country is barraged by the media's blatant attempt to have a pandering racist and socialist from Illinois elected President of the United States -- almost comical if it wasn't for the serious business that must be handled by whomever our next Chief Executive turns out to be.

Those on the left -- supporters of the pandering racist and socialist from Illinois -- have adopted a "get in your face" strategy, ostensibly to discourage discussion or debate regarding the absolute lack of credible solutions for the issues facing our country today. I am begging for one of these morons to get in my face: aside from the intellectual beat-down I'll unload, should a single droplet of this left wing stooge's spittle reach my personal space, that stooge will need a friend or two to help make sure what pieces remain can be re-assembled by competent medical professionals. This is not to suggest legitimate Americans should slap the crap out of these morons just for being left wing morons, but the marching orders issued by operatives in the Democratic candidate's campaign to be more "confrontational" will easily be construed instructions to "invade our space". Let me know if I can help any of you with such intrusion.

As Brother Paul -- in his capacity as a highly skilled law enforcement official -- will attest, left wing morons don't know when to quit. I've served as part of a security barrier -- in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere -- where left wing/liberal sewer rats believed they could destroy or deface American institutions as part of their protest effort. It's not enough for these dungballs to draw cartoons or write despicable missives about their philosophical opposition, these intellectual midgets believe they possess a "right" to destroy or deface things they had absolutely nothing to do with it's creation. When a gaggle of left wing stooges deface the Vietnam Memorial, they do so knowing they did not serve or participate in any phase of that conflict. When left wing stooges deface the US Navy memorial (just run down the list of sacred ground they've attempted to destroy or deface), they aren't doing it because their service in the US Navy left them insane and depleted morally. These cretins believe there will be no consequence, no price to be paid for their action. These sewer rats scream about their "rights", forgetting those honored by those same memorials they're vandalizing provided those "rights".

Legitimate Americans stood up to them on many occasions and in many locations. It's time for legitimate Americans to make one more important stand: reject completely and thoroughly the candidacy of this pandering racist and socialist from Illinois. Do not be concerned with threats of race riots or left wing upheaval if this utterly unqualified candidate is rejected, defend America with your vote, then defend America by rounding up those seeking to wreck havoc and depositing them in prison (or, my personal preference, the bottom of a septic tank).

We've discussed issues and will continue to make issue oriented discussion the foundation of our blog here. But, America is in mortal danger here, thanks to the lunatics wandering in our midst. I am not exaggerating the issue or trying to inflame emotion beyond what's rational and what's irrational, but I ask each legitimate American to recognize the differences.

More later. Enjoy your weekend, football, and God bless each of you legitimate Americans dropping by to visit us.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ouch. Well you can't win them all and if you happened to be the Mexican and betting on the PAC-10 last week, you couldn't win but one. I got steamrolled with losers from Cal, Oregon and Arizona State. Auburn hurt me large. The Pollack had another fine week, adding enough money to his coffers that he has been contemplating a campaign contribution to yours truly for my anticipated run against Harry Reid in two years. The Texan also had a decent week although he was only 1-1 on his posted picks. Now regular readers will understand that the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sports Betting Service only lay out what we consider our favorite plays each week. For instance I gave out three picks, but I had action on 26 NCAA games last week. Of course this is bidness and the Pollack and Mexican are getting in shape for the annual Vegas Business Trip in two weeks. Overall we're at 12-5 on posted picks and yours truly is the big drag...gotta correct that so it's get even weekend...

Now without further eloquence, let's get down to this weeks offerings:

Pollack loves Mississippi St. this weekend. The Bulldogs are getting 8 pts on the road at Georgia Tech and the Pollack says there is no way the Ramblin' Wreck should be givin' 8 pts to any team from the SEC. In another State sponsored pick, the Pollack likes San Jose State to cover 10 against Stanfurd. With impeccable logic he reasons that the physics and bidness majors of the Cardinal will already be concerned with midterms while the Spartans are running past them like Phi Kappas to a kegger. In NFL action Tennessee to cover 4 against Houston.

The Mexican checks in with his picks on the following: Penn State giving 27 against Temple. The Nittany Lions are home and they're going to show why Pennsylvania goes for McCain. The fraudulent footballers from Philadelphia will be sent scurrying for cover. Utah over Air Force. The Texan disagrees here since this is a big conference game. I say Utah can sense BCS and they need to put up impressive numbers. The line is 7 and I think the Utes cover it with change. NFL action, take the Niners at home, give the three spot.

Our illustrious Texican called in his picks only minutes ago. He loves Florida over Tennessee, give the 7 pts and watch Tebow run over the Creamsicle crowd. The Texican snorted out Mizzou over Buffalo, give the 33. He said it could be so ugly that PETA might get involved to save the hapless Bulls. Upset special he goes against the Mexican, calling for Air Force to cover against Utah. NFL action the partisan former flanker calls for Dallas to cover 2 pts at Green Bay.

So there you have it sports fans. Please remember to report all winnings to the Internal Revenue Service...(cough...cough)...(hack..)...(phew)

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blame it on Gustav. Or as lib’ruls do, blame it on President Bush. The cutting edge technology, satellite feed, digital uplink between the Nevada and Texas offices of the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sports Betting Service failed us last week. Okay, mostly it wasn’t a technology failure. After all we happen to have at least a couple graduates of Texas Tech who read this blog and they would blow the whistle on any excuses involving technology assets that weren’t completely beyond reproach. Nope, the PMT Sports Betting Service failed to deliver last week due to the incredibly busy social calendars of its Executive Board. I attempted to hand off the duty of posting the picks to the Texican but he was caught Friday night on the road between football games and the pressing demands of a former bikini model flagging him for illegal procedure.

Since we didn’t make any posts, I won’t bore you with the details but last week we continued our winning ways. The Pollack and Mexican both went 1-1 with our (intended) posting picks. The Texican went 2-0. For those of you keeping score or tracking your winnings and receipts for IRS purposes, that puts us at a collective 7-2 on the year thus far. If you can’t make money on those percentages then brother, you’d best be on your way to the post office to change your voter registration.

Now we head into week 3 of NCAA action, three weeks before the annual Boy’s Football and Business Weekend in Vegas. We’re gearing up folks and have a bevy of pigskin picks for your entertainment. So without further a-do, here are this weeks humble offerings:

The Texican leads off this week with a strong endorsement on Texas Christian over Stanford. Stanford comes into Amon Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, back in the day it used to be the “Dust Bowl”. Second week on the road in a brutally hot environment for the Cardinal. The Texican says the birds wilt and TCU covers the 12 pts. The Texican’s second play is UCLA over BYU. Our ever jovial Texas correspondent expects Neuheisel’s Bruin squad to deliver some payback for last years bowl loss to the Proselytizers.

The Pollack is tossing three choices out there this week. Oregon State has a mean-on after two brutal losses. They finally come home to Corvallis and take it out on the young Hawaii squad. Besides, the Pollack wants to know how you can bet on any team that has “Rainbow” in its mascot. Give the 11 and take the Beavs. Although it pains me, I have to agree with the Pollack’s second selection, give the 20 and take the Dirt Burglars from OU to paste Washington. Yes the game is in Seattle but unless there are storms of Biblical proportions, and three feet of flood waters on the field, no current UW defense is going to slowdown the Sooners. Finally the Pollack offers up an NFL selection, take Tampa at home, give the 9 pts and watch the Falcons get picked apart.

For my part I like a pair of NCAA matchups. First off I know a lot of people are expecting East Carolina to take a fall after their two huge upsets to start the season. I think not. Give the 13 pts and bet that the Pirates have another surge in them to dismantle Tulane in the Superdome. I know that this isn’t the usual doormat Tulane team, but then hey, that’s why they call it gambling. Next Oregon over Purdue, lay the 7 pts. Yeah I know, two road selections and Oregon is playing on the road in the Big Ten. Well that same Oregon team went into Michigan last year and tore the Wolverines apart in the Big House. Ross-Ade Stadium is no Big House. NFL action, Titans-Bengals total line 39, take the under.

Since our voluble Texican has so handsomely weighed in on the Sarah Palin selection, I’ll leave the political front in his capable hands for the next few days as I engage in maintenance chores around the ol’ B bar V spread. Now getcher hind ends over to your local wagering establishment, (or bookie as the case might be) and take advantage of our alternative to the democrats' deficit reduction plan.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's good to see our illustrious betting service -- anchored by Brother Paul -- is off to another roaring start. Football is a game I dearly love, although parts of my body wish I had played more golf during my academic years. That said, I can still get out there and toss a tight spiral thirty yards, then snatch the return throw with the same two handed security I perfected in my youth. Living vicariously through kids playing the high school and college game these days seems to be the extent of my physical participation, but it suits me....very well.

Brother Paul -- when his duties allow -- should be providing the latest "sure things" on the college football front, so I will not distract those of you seeking guidance and counsel as you approach a betting window with a card full of NCAA contests. Let's just say we've mulled the options -- take our advice, then speak well of us while enjoying the rewards.

On the political front, every blogger and self anointed master of political analysis has weighed on the selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as Senator John McCain's running mate. I concur with those believing this was a brilliant choice. The pandering socialist and racist from Illinois saw fit to disenfranchise 18 million fellow Democrats by selecting an entrenched Washington blowhard that does nothing but attempt to float water logged liberal talking points. In the murky depths of history's septic tank (where the liberal ideology has a permanent base), the undistinguished and unremarkable senator from Delaware is creating quit a stir. Not for his effective governance or honesty, but for the sheer folly of his selection. Legitimate Americans have endured the calls for "change" for nearly 18 months, yet the pandering socialist and racist from Illinois torpedoes that leaky vessel by selecting a hyper-partisan blowhard. As the Democrats watch another presidential campaign vanish into the dank, dark depths of oblivion, America celebrates their failure, knowing surrender, appeasement, and social erosion have been dealt another lethal blow.

Governor Palin is a breath of fresh air for many reasons. We can all reference the "babe" factor (she is a damned pretty woman), but that sort of humorous twist distracts from the legitimacy of her role in this campaign and eventual service as Vice-President of the United States. Liberal pundits and the left wing sewer rats attempting to smear her family and qualifications are making me deliriously happy -- proving what pond scum they really are. Of course, I don't wish to demean scummy pond water, but there can be no lower form of humanity on the planet, excluding a handful of notorious mass murderers or despots.

I disdain liberals and contemporary Democrats with equal enthusiasm, and for good reason. The last thing legitimate Americans are going to buy is this supermarket tabloid nonsense liberal media activists are trying to sell. Governor Palin personifies what American political amibition is all about -- she got involved and got it done. The pandering socialist and racist from Illinois has absolutely no credibility in a discussion involving qualifications or character, yet this buffoon encourages his surrogates to engage in smear tactics in order to conceal the universal failings of his campaign. I am prone to use colorful language when describing the chief elements of the Democratic effort, but I do not require the use of smear, distortion, or slander to make the case. Shredding liberals is too easy; giving them something that can be used to generate sympathy seems counterproductive to legitimate Americans. It's painful enough having to deal with liberals and their left wing enablers during the course of routine living. Every political season forces legitimate Americans to elevate that threshold of pain -- thank God Sarah Palin came along to smash their nefarious scheme with grace, beauty, and undisputed competence.

Senator McCain's distinguished service to this country provides qualifications no Democrat can dream of matching. I openly supported Governor Mitt Romney during the nomination process, yet felt only Ron Paul was the only name on the conservative ticket I would absolutely refuse to support. There is no lingering doubt or reservation about McCain's candidacy in these quarters; Governor Palin only strengthens his ability govern from the White House. There are dozens of policy issues we could dissect, but that would be unnecessary given the lack of competition or alternatives provided by the Democrats. The failure of the Democrat controlled Congress and Senate has been ignored by the waterboys in the media, but the Pelosi-Reid cabal have done conservative politics a great service. By proving to be completely incompetent and feckless, the Democrats have not a single issue from which to mount a viable campaign. This party of morons was completely wrong about foreign threats to the security and safety of America, how to wage a dedicated fight against global terror, while continuing to prove just how galactically clueless politicians can be when it comes to market forces (energy, housing, etc.).

Pursuing smears against Sarah Palin's family, and her record as a hugely popular governor, will have long reaching consequences for this batch of liberal buffoons. We may cringe at their gutter tactics, but we recognize just how motivated legitimate Americans become when confronted by these domestic activists hell-bent on destroying the United States; there is no other characterization of contemporary liberals that provides an honest assessment of their goal. Electing John McCain will smash most of this effort like so many bugs -- it is incumbent on legitimate Americans to continue the purge of liberal activism in the media and academia. Otherwise, we just defer that process until next election cycle.

Enough is enough. This nation will endure and prosper, thanks to John McCain and Sarah Palin. It's time to drive a stake through the heart of liberals once and for all. Ending the prospects of that pandering socialist and racist's presidential bid will secure our safety and prosperity for many generations to come.

Monday, September 01, 2008 the pundits on the left are already calling John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin to be his running mate a "Hail Mary" pass, let's talk some football. The Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sports Betting Service served up 3 moneymaking selections to our faithful viewers this past week and hopefully you all paid heed to the advice. The result was a torrid 3-0 start. Sure, the Pollack and the Mexican both had doubts about the Texican's selection of Utah over Michigan. But once again, ol' #24, Flanker Dan Stanfield, legendary gridiron great of Texas High School Football lore, proved his pigskin pickin's were meant for your financial gain. So all in all a great kickoff weekend with the Mexican pocketing a we say, there may IRS foreign agents lurking...let's just say I can pay the water bill for the spacious B bar V Ranchette this month.

Speaking of great weekends. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face on Friday. Sure South Carolina more than covered Thursday night which got me off to a good start this season, but I had to spend Friday morning bucking hay which is not a task enjoyed by many people who aren't Bulgarian weightlifters or members of the Russian women's swim team. What made it all worthwhile was having Rush Limbaugh turned up on the radio while I unloaded the trailer and stacked the bales. It must have driven the lib'rul neighbors, (yes even red states have some in the name of diversity) absolutely crazy. I was positively giggling over Limbaugh's analysis of Sarah Palin. In the words of Jim Hank Duncan, I haven't been this proud to be a Republican since President Bush decided to fight Al Gore's blatant attempt to steal the 2000 election in Florida.

Sarah Palin is everymom. I won't extoll her many virtues, there are plenty of writers doing that. I certainly won't disparage her, the left will make that a rite of passage for every non-thinking illegitimate American soon enough. Besides which, I am absolutely thrilled with the selection of Mrs. Palin. There will be no electoral analysis here, since her selection does nothing to improve McCain's chances of winning Alaska. They were already about 125%, which is roughly the same turnout percentage that we can expect from precincts full of democrat voters in Chicago and Philadelphia. Nope, suffice it to say that I am thrilled with her selection because it reaffirms for me that someone in McCains camp is listening to the conservative base. Sarah Palin is a conservative, make no doubt about it. Her most fetching qualities are a devotion to less taxes and smaller government and that is good enough for me. As it should be for most thinking Americans.

There was a recent examination of the role of government in America. It found that government now comprised almost 43% of the Gross Domestic Product. That represents a near trebling of government influence over the GDP in the past 75 years. This is simply not healthy when government dictates economic policy down to such a degree that almost half of the economy is dependent on government funding or dictated through government policy. Such a degree of government oversight or dependence does not represent the free market vision of our forefathers who relied so heavily on the influences of Adam Smith and John Locke in their formation of our own government and its oversight of economic policy. Instead the situation more closely resembles the teachings of Marx and Mao. That should frighten even democrats who are usually so blind to the excesses of communism/socialism. Even if there is a remote possibility that Sarah Palin has never read Smith's economic philosophy or Locke's political theory, she is obviously influenced by both of them. America will be well served with such a woman in the White House.

Of course we here at the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sports Betting Service also remain committed to sound economic policy. Fewer taxes mean more capital for investment in business opportunities like taking advantage of our picks of the week. You all might want to keep that in mind when you hit the ballot box on November 4.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family