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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well folks it's finally over. I can relax a bit now, take a breath and actually read some things that I want to read rather than the recommended dosage of liberal dogma trotted out in most college courses. In celebration I'm off to Old Mexico today. I figure a week of sun, Pacificos, Margaritas and cigars topped off with a reading of Ann Coulter's latest tome ought make me ready to face the onslaught of the coming election season. I'm under no illusions about what we face this autumn. The party of sedition, (more popularly known as democrats) is all atwitter at the prospect of retaking congress. I've got a Nevada Prime Rib supper says that the Republicans retain congress.

You see folks, no matter how bent out of shape the American public may be about high gas prices, continuing violence in Iraq and immigration issues, went it gets down to stink on stink, the average voter in the polling place can't quite trust the democrats to solve any of these problems. As P.J. O'Rourke famously quipped, "entrusting government to the democrats is like handing the car keys and whiskey to a bunch of teenagers." Of course we need look no further than the Kennedy klan to see what perpetual teens do with whiskey and car keys.

Speaking of gross irresponsibility. Is there any right thinking American that doesn't see what the New York Times does as treasonous? As a history buff, I'm trying to recall the headline that announced our intentions to invade France at the Normandy coast, or to drop the atomic bomb on such and such cities. With this glaring example of what the Fourth Estate considers its constitutionally protected duty, no American with a functioning brain cell can rightfully claim that there is no bias in the mainstream media. We can thank God for providing us with alternative means. How this country survived the monopoly of three networks and suffered the sniveling of Uncle Wally Cronkite and his colleagues is beyond me. Obviously our parents were made of sterner stuff. On the other hand, they did elect democrats in disproportionate numbers. Then again, some of those democrats actually acted as though they cared about the country.

Well that did my blood pressure is all worked up, I think I best find a beach and a cigar so I'm off. But before I go, I wanted to post this link to a story about the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. I've got to warn you though, if you can't laugh at the death of this murderous piece of human excreta, then you shouldn't bother. This story is also crude and base in its humor which means most of my friends and I were laughing our asses off for days over it. Also, if you do decide to visit the link, do not have any food or beverage in your mouth while reading it. Lastly, read the story while imagining Zarqawi speaking in the manner of an American gangster from 'da hood....Until I well and keep the commies at bay...

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Friday, June 23, 2006

I know things have been scarce around here of late but besides the obvious distractions of what's been transpiring in Reno that any of you watching the news ought to know about, I've also been taking a couple of accelerated summer courses and now most recently, I've lost a dear friend. So stick with me this once folks while I pay tribute to Earl Upton, Oakland Police Department, Ret., Judo Master, former Coast Guardsman, pool shark and poker guru, friend and most all, my surrogate father for the last 20 years.

What do you say when you lose your father? My own father died when I was 8. Of him my memories are few but precious. For the past 20 years, Earl Upton was my father and now he is gone. Of him my memories are thousands and just as precious. Earl gave me direction and discipline and love, although some might think that all night poker games are a strange place to find these qualities.

Earl was a gambler but only when he had the best of it. In 1986 Earl took a gamble on a 23 year old with no real direction in life. Chief I hope today that you are happy with the results of that bet, because I certainly am grateful and indebted to both you and Betty.

I read recently that each man seeks to assure his immortality and if this is true, Earl you achieved that in spades. When I called the Oakland Police Association to tell them of your passing, the officer who answered the phone remembered you as his Defensive Tactics Instructor from 30 years ago. He called you a gentle giant and said he remembered well that you were slow to anger and always seeking justice, not vengeance.

Earl, without you and the direction you gave me I would not have the career I do, my wife and two children. They will both come to know you because I will tell them. Whenever I watch an A's game with my son, or tell my children about putting bad guys away or whenever I play cards with them, you will be there. Whenever I walk into work you will be there and whenever I play a little poker myself, I hope you are there to kibbitz for me. Earl your immortality is assured by God and by our own memories of you and both are the consequence of being the great man you were.

When I first received that terrible phone call early last Sunday morning I was hurt and angry. I lay awake all night wondering at the cruel irony of losing the man who had been my father for 20 years, on Father's Day. Later that day, after many tears I realized that I was wrong to be angry and instead I gave thanks to God for having brought Earl into my life.

Goodbye Chief, until we meet again...I love you...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well I’ve been getting it from all sides. Some of you all are bent out of shape at me because I haven’t posted any photos of beautiful Republican women since I returned. Some of you are P.O.’ed that I haven’t posted any new recipes and finally, seems some of you are questioning why I haven’t enabled comments on my blog. If you don’t mind, I’ll take these in order. First of all, it’s not like beautiful Republican women are just taking their digital photos and plastering them all over the web with links to Google screaming; “Photos of scantily clad beautiful Republican Women!” If they did, I suspect that the link would contain photos I am unable to post on this family friendly site. Of course readers are always welcome to contribute and so if you happen to be married to or dating a good looking conservative woman, send in her pic and I’ll happily post it. Let’s not forget the bread and butter around these parts is trenchant political commentary not eye candy.

Secondly, I have not posted any recipes of late for one simple reason. I haven’t been cooking. Now those of you who know me know that we are undergoing an extensive remodel around the Villa Estancia and that includes the kitchen. I had hoped it would be done by Memorial Day but sadly I hadn’t counted on contractor incompetence and democrat sedition. Both of which have pushed back our completion date. I am hoping against hope that this project is done by Labor Day now. Once I have my new kitchen, y’all can count on the string of fine recipes being resumed. I am gratified to know that there is some small demand out there for my limited culinary competence. The remodel also explains why the postings around here have not been more consistent. The computer is in a terribly inconvenient place and when I do get to it, it is usually work related.

Lastly I’ve been asked twice now why I don’t enable comments on my blog. Well that’s the reason, it’s my blog. If you want to comment on something to me, well there is the ol’ contact smilin’ Paul link on the sidebar. Enabling comments is kinda like allowing party crashers. I did enough of that back in the day to know what a disruptive and disrespectful force that can be. So rather than give the leftists another venue to emit their bile, I make them take the anonymous step of sending me an e-mail. If they are sufficiently entertaining I will post the contents on my site and then make fun of them. This is the same recipe for success that Dr. Mike Adams uses so well so I intend to do the same. After all, as I told a lefty I work with today, you can be pissed all you want and we can argue all you like but since I am armed with facts and logic and you have but emotion and feelings on your side, you will lose the contest. I do however maintain the right to reconsider the decision about enabling comments and will keep it under advisement.

Now then I never mind editorial suggestions and I received one yesterday from reader Shaun “Hooter” Daniels, Alameda Ca. who would like me to vent my spleen about the rush to judgment of the mainstream media in the Haditha case. After careful consideration I have decided not to rant about that. For the same reasons the media should not be doing stories on it. I have no idea exactly what occurred in Haditha. I know there are 24 dead Iraqis and there are many questions about what occurred there. I know that our Marines are being accused of murdering these people in cold blood and I know that there are conflicting stories about what occurred from witnesses. Rather than engage in pointless speculation, like the mainstream media is doing, I will await the facts and then make a statement.

Lastly, it appears as though the World Cup starts this week. Normally I would rather watch grass grow than soccer, I mean how can you bet on a sport that can end in a tie? But I did see this picture of some shapely adorables who just might be Republicans given the sentiments they're expressing on their shirts...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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