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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've been following politics more or less since the Carter Administration. Roughly the same time I learned the value of a dollar, which put me way ahead of the former president in terms of economic understanding. Now I had occasion over the weekend to explain to my son that it is nearly a universal given that all politicians lie, but the ability of lib'ruls to twist words and spin news never fails to impress. In all those years of following politics, I cannot recall a president taking credit for "saving jobs". How exactly does the current administration calculate the number of jobs saved? Ouija board? Mood ring? Magic eightball? Or are they relying on the more tested lib'rul method of presenting information known as: "shout loudly, deny the facts and obfuscate the issue." This latter method is more popularly known in some social circles as "pulling arguments and numbers out of your posterior."

Today the gub'mint claimed to have saved some 150,000 jobs since coming into office. The President stated today that in addition to saving those jobs, the $787 billion stimulus package that was forced down our throats, would by the end of summer save or create a further 600,000 jobs. Where? We were assured when the President pressed Congress for the stimulus package that there would be tens of thousands of shovel ready jobs meaning that people could be put immediately to work. If that was so, then why has unemployment continued to climb? Simple, continued government interference in the free-market, in the form of higher taxes and increased regulation stifle both economic recovery and growth. Add into that the lack of accountability for the hundreds of billions of tax dollars already thrown at the situation for no apparent gain and even the densest politico has to acknowledge that the Imperial Federal Gubmint has exceeded its constitutional mandate.

Of course the nasty little secret about this mess is that the Obama administration has printed hundreds of billions of dollars to pump into the economic system. The bad thing here is that those dollars aren't backed up by much more than the printing presses that churned them out. Dollars have to be backed by value to maintain a stable economy. When you add more of them to the system, the rest of them are devalued. For those of you fledgling econ students, that means inflation. Anyone check the price of a loaf of bread or gallon of milk lately compared to last year or two years ago? Inflation is a comin' hard. Then we can really compare and contrast the current administration to another lib'rul failure refernced above, from 30 years past. Hmmm...lib'ruls...failure...I repeat myself...

Smilin' Paul Villa M.A., U.S. Senate 2010
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