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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The legal definition of an expert is someone who knows more about a given topic than the average layperson on the street. With that in mind, I often bloviate on topics upon which I am admittedly not an expert. However that doesn't disqualify me from making common sense observations about such things as energy and education policy. Common sense being somewhat alien to the American Lib'rul. However tonight I take keyboard in hand to address two topics upon which I think I can safely be called an expert.

First off I have previously been certified in Nevada courtrooms as an expert on gangs. I bring this up because the general attitude and approach to business of the Obama administration reflects the Chicago street gang mentality. Under the current administration the federal government has been transformed into outright thugs. California is being crushed by debt and her allegedly republican governor calls for federal bailout funds. No problem comes the response from Washington. We’d be happy to send tens of billions of legitimate Americans tax dollars to float your unrestricted addiction to spending. Like a dealer extending a hit on credit to a jonesing junkie.

No sooner did the governator sigh in relief than the Obama Gangster Disciples laid down the conditions. NO government cuts or lay offs to any jobs covered by the Service Employees International Union. The same group that just happens to have invested $60 million in electing Obama and the union’s democrat enablers in the late election. In the gang subculture, actions like this are known as “taking care of your homies.” Then there is the classic gangster shakedown of GM and Chrysler that the American public has been witness to and victims of.

In the case of the automakers the gangsters got paid off on a daily-double. First they shook down the American taxpayer for billions in loans to GM and Chrysler in order to help the automakers stave off bankruptcy. Now scant weeks later, we the taxpayers are out billions and the two automakers are on the precipice of bankruptcy anyway. This is where the Obama Gangster Disciples swooped in to score the second half of the double. Needing more bailout money, in true Chicago style the automakers were extended an offer they couldn’t refuse. Restructuring under bankruptcy usually allows a company to organize debts in order of priority. Preferred bond holders are those who loaned the company money or otherwise invested in particularly risky times, under the assurances that in any bankruptcy proceeding, they would receive first consideration for repayment of debt. This is no guarantee that they would recover 100% of each dollar invested, merely that when the scraps are divided, they receive the best possible portion.

Well the OGD’s offered preferred bond holders 30 cents on each dollar of their investment. This when other sources and the market conditions indicated repayment of at least 60 cents on the dollar. When the bond holders balked, the bully boys from the Obama Gangster Disciples threatened private industry with severance of bailout money and legal protections. Of course the automakers, caught between a rock and a hard place and needing federal bailout money are knuckling under. In the gang subculture this is known as a “protection racket”. Seems like the federal government under lib’rul direction has finally taken to free enterprise, conducted at gunpoint.

The second issue I intend to address here today is the uproar over the controversial upcoming visit of the Obamessiah to Notre Dame. Being a practicing Catholic and pro-life I can aver that I possess a degree of expertise on this topic. Personally I have no problem with Notre Dame inviting the president to speak at commencement. As the recent debacle involving Miss California has shown, it is the lib’ruls who are afraid of free speech, not rock ribbed conservatives such as myself. Besides, I reckon any man who needs to emerge from Greco-Roman columns at his nominating convention probably needs a sweeping backdrop like Touchdown Jesus in order to make folks forget his painfully thin resume. So I say let the man from the teleprompter.

My problem comes with the administration of Notre Dame HONORING the man with a doctorate in law. Generally an institution of higher learning awards honorary doctorates for outstanding achievements the field the recipient is acknowledged in. Now Obama claims to have been both an editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. (A claim I find amusing since I had previously assumed that a professor of constitutional law would have to have read the document before he could teach about it. My bad…) Nothing is more indicative of the president’s utter inexperience than his very career prior to assuming office.

We know that the anointed one spent a decade in academia, completely shielded from legitimate Americans. We know that prior to that, he claims to have been on Harvard Law Review, curiously no one can produce any of his writings from his time there. This defies credulity since almost any law review student is by definition a prolific writer of legal opinion. Of course our president was born under a lucky affirmative action star. So in short, invite O’Bama, have him address the Irish, but do NOT honor him for he has accomplished nothing of note in the legal field. Unless you count associating with Rahm Emmanuel and charting a path to the presidency as work worthy of the body of American jurisprudence.

Smilin' Paul Villa M.A., U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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