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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jesse Jackson sure got a raw deal. I mean here we are, much of the nation celebrating Martin Luther King Day, preparing for tomorrow's historic inauguration of America's first Black, Socialist, potentially illegal alien President. Instead of being able to celebrate the advancement of civil rights represented by the occasion, we have been reminded of what a tawdry underbelly the civil rights movement has always had. Jesse Jackson Jr. begging the Governor of Illinois for the appointment to the seat vacated by the Obamessiah. Pay for play. Airing political dirty laundry and digging up dirt from sealed records in order to ruin political opponents. Yes I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that this kind of activity occurs in Illinois politics. Especially after the mainstream media assured us of their diligence in uncovering Hopey Dopey's rise to power. They left no stone unturned...

Which brings us back to Jesse "Fall Guy" Jackson. You see, ever since he smeared the blood of Martin Luther King on his sweater and breathlessly went on national TV, he has been the face of the civil rights movement. Sure, most legitimate Americans knew that Jesse weren't no preacher, that like Al Gore he had never managed to find time to graduate from divinity school. Also just like Al, Jesse became acknowledged by the lazy-stream media as an expert on something he had no education in, specifically urban renewal and small bidness. The beauty of the civil rights movement is that it has always allowed Americans to see what they wanted to see, rather than the reality staring them in the face. This factor allowed Jesse Jackson to become a rich man by race baiting and shaking down large corporations. How else does a poor guy from the Southside end up being the largest distributor of Anheuser Busch products in the area? I tellya folks, that civil rights movement sure shakes'em up.

So Jesse has effectively been retired by the stench of his own political homebase. Like any good Plantation Owner he has left plenty of heirs to the fortune however. His sons have learned well and they represent the future of Chicago politics. Advancement and accumulation of power, the same objective of every politician but carried to particular heights by socialists and communists who want the state to be the foremost arbiter of personal liberty and business success. Today we celebrate the martyrdom of Martin Luther King. B Hussein Obama's election to President was foreordained the moment we as a nation established a national holiday to commemorate King. Today the government would have us celebrate the work and achievements of a man acknowledged to be a socialist and philanderer. When we celebrate political and moral failings, we celebrate Martin Luther King and the election of 2008 that he made possible.

Tomorrow then, civil rights leaders will all celebrate, and why not. Its the ultimate shakedown. No longer will the Jackson boys and Farrakhan's Muslim Brotherhood have to bother with corporate advertising departments. Tomorrow they get to go after the big enchilada, the deeeeep pockets and supposedly bottomless well of the American taxpayer's pockets. Why? Because Mr. Jackson, Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Farrakhan would all have you beleive that in 50 years of struggle, there has been no basic change in American attitudes about race and civil rights. Despite the staggering evidence to the contrary, evidence that will be sworn in tomorrow. Of course if there is nothing to struggle for, no inequality to correct, then the movement has won and merit must replace entitlement as a means for advancement. A quick glance at the product of our urban school systems makes any rational, legitimate American understand that such a system would cripple the personal fortunes amassed by the modern day pirates we call civil rights leaders.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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