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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lib'rul big gubmint loves me. I pay all of my taxes and fees on time and as a general rule I am not given to using the many gubmint services offered as a result of my dutiful tax payments. This past week was different however. I found that my tax dollar is well used to support any number of heretofore belittled lib'rul feel good programs. I say this because after the BCS Rankings came out I found it necessary to avail myself of 3-4 counseling sessions on the Rape Crisis Hotline discussing the absolute assault on the senses that ranked OU over Texas.

Even now I'm still not coming to terms with the trauma of yet another sneaky, unearned, ill-gotten Big 12 Championship for the Dirt Burglars out of Oklahoma. The infamy is so profound that I haven't spoken to the Texan since just after the Sodbusters got mudstomped in Austin on Thanksgiving Night. Rumor has it that our humble Texas correspondent has confined himself to a hotel room in Houston with a case of Jim Beam whiskey and several aspiring Sooner cheerleaders.

In any event, I needed a break after that dismal conclusion to the College football regular season. Tonight the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin' Paul and I will be heading down to Las Vegas where we will spend some time with Larry "Bull" Smith and his lovely bride. We'll attend the National Finals Rodeo and the Cowboy Christmas and "Bull" will pony up the steak supper he owes me for the drubbing that the Longhorns visited on his Chuckwagon Gang. So yeah, he gets a team to cheer for in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday night but he also gets a supper check from me and the Mrs.

Of course the Holidays are here and I've been fairly quiet about the outcome of the election. With good reason of course. As a historian I've been evaluating this transition period and watching President-elect O'Bama as he makes his first moves. I'll have plenty to comment on soon enough folks. Just let me get through this here weekend and some catch up school work when I get back, then I'll offer up my usual trenchant political commentary on the new administration.

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