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Sunday, November 02, 2008

When legitimate Americans talk football, most talk about the amateur game -- college and high school games are far more exciting than the professional model. While we've been largely successful predicting the outcomes of many games here at ye' old blog, playing the role of Vegas oddsmaker has been a bit more challenging. I generally stick to the X's and O's, analyzing the prospects of each team and making an assessment based on that analysis. I can only hope my picks "beat the spread" and come up winners. Having said that, it was a tough week for this amateur prognosticator. Texas and Texas Tech played one for the ages, truly classic for all, heartbreaking for some (including me). The Longhorns will recover in fine fashion, win the rest of their games, and play in a major bowl. There are plenty of challenges remaining for the teams holding on to undefeated records -- Texas Tech, Alabama and Penn State notably -- so it is not completely unreasonable to expect Texas to remain in the hunt. We'll try to make the most of our analytical capabilities for the remainder of the season, but this last week hurt more than just the pocketbook.

Now, on to the most pressing matter. If you believe the left wing press and their gutless following, America is on the verge of electing the most unqualified, incompetent President imaginable. So spoiled and naive are most Americans, in spite of assertions to the contrary, this pandering racist and socialist may be inaugerated in January. God help us if that event actually takes place.

The legions of lemmings comprising the Democratic Party have abandoned all measures of sensibility and responsibility. Elevating the junior senator from Illinois to this station will ultimately destroy the credibility of future Democrats. The damage this clown will do to the process will be long term and difficult to overcome. I remain optimistic, however. America is fickle, but not completely devoted to it's self destruction.

This is not about being conservative or liberal. For all the bloviating done by left wing morons about the "facist" government imposed on the people by President Bush, there has been nary a crumb of evidence to substantiate that charge. Of course, the gutless wonders declaring themselves Democrats protest mightily when the United States takes vicious killers and enemy combatants out of action, placing them in secluded locations (or in the pits of Hell) where they can ponder the error of their ways without contributing to the death or injury to Americans. So disjointed has been opposition to George Bush, the primary hosts of these talking points are little more than messengers of fallacious accounts of even larger delusions. This fraud manifests itself in the elevation of a pandering racist and socialist, something so inconceivable and laughable only a short time ago, it threatens the very fabric of American life.

Hysterical or exaggerated?

Not hardly. The Democratic candidate is dangerous and, like a disease, capable of spreading lethal consequences to every corner of the nation. Since the mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest, much of what this pandering racist and socialist strives to achieve -- on a national scale -- has been glossed over or completely omitted from a majority of public reports. While we may survive (McCain wins the election), the media flacks responsible for trumpeting the "inevitablity" of this radical twit from Illinois should not. I clearly recall their fawning over the wife of an impeached, discredited, disbarred, convicted former governor of Arkansas, declaring her our "next President". When the luster faded and the truth came out, a new character had to be elevated by the liberal news community, realizing their stock and trade hangs in the balance. As their latest incarnation of liberal hopes and dreams is defeated Tuesday, expect a full court press from these sewer rats declaring all of us nothing more than unworthy racists, desperate to starve our grandparents in order to finance the invasion of peace loving nations around the globe.

There are legitimate issues we -- as a nation -- must confront and dispose of responsibly. There is a microscopic group of Democrats capable of participating in the discussion; it's questionable whether or not those Democrats are part of the solution. I can tell you, with great confidence, the remaining Democrats are part of the problem. I need look no further than their pet projects and party platforms. If you are honest with yourself and can distinguish right from wrong, you do, too. Tawdry as this may sound (read), it's like urinating on the floor while standing next to a perfectly functional toilet. You meant well, but you missed. The mess is smelly and eventually becomes a biological hazard to unsuspecting sorts wandering through your errantly deposited gift of human waste. We've cited example after example, case after case, here in this forum. Review the archives, refresh your sensibilities, and take heart in the promise that legitimate America holds for everyone willing to avoid the traps set by the liberal camp.

It's time to stand up and be counted, legitimate Americans. Please take time to vote this Tuesday. And, if I may offer a suggestion, vote McCain. I'll be here to defend you even if you don't, but don't ask for kindness or gratitude. If the Democratic candidate somehow slips in, the levels of cruelty and intolerance sanctioned by government will remind many of the dark ages we struggled so hard to overcome. I do not intend to sit still for a second of it.

Neither should you. God bless you all and our beloved United States.

Go, McCain!!


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