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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's good to see our illustrious betting service -- anchored by Brother Paul -- is off to another roaring start. Football is a game I dearly love, although parts of my body wish I had played more golf during my academic years. That said, I can still get out there and toss a tight spiral thirty yards, then snatch the return throw with the same two handed security I perfected in my youth. Living vicariously through kids playing the high school and college game these days seems to be the extent of my physical participation, but it suits me....very well.

Brother Paul -- when his duties allow -- should be providing the latest "sure things" on the college football front, so I will not distract those of you seeking guidance and counsel as you approach a betting window with a card full of NCAA contests. Let's just say we've mulled the options -- take our advice, then speak well of us while enjoying the rewards.

On the political front, every blogger and self anointed master of political analysis has weighed on the selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as Senator John McCain's running mate. I concur with those believing this was a brilliant choice. The pandering socialist and racist from Illinois saw fit to disenfranchise 18 million fellow Democrats by selecting an entrenched Washington blowhard that does nothing but attempt to float water logged liberal talking points. In the murky depths of history's septic tank (where the liberal ideology has a permanent base), the undistinguished and unremarkable senator from Delaware is creating quit a stir. Not for his effective governance or honesty, but for the sheer folly of his selection. Legitimate Americans have endured the calls for "change" for nearly 18 months, yet the pandering socialist and racist from Illinois torpedoes that leaky vessel by selecting a hyper-partisan blowhard. As the Democrats watch another presidential campaign vanish into the dank, dark depths of oblivion, America celebrates their failure, knowing surrender, appeasement, and social erosion have been dealt another lethal blow.

Governor Palin is a breath of fresh air for many reasons. We can all reference the "babe" factor (she is a damned pretty woman), but that sort of humorous twist distracts from the legitimacy of her role in this campaign and eventual service as Vice-President of the United States. Liberal pundits and the left wing sewer rats attempting to smear her family and qualifications are making me deliriously happy -- proving what pond scum they really are. Of course, I don't wish to demean scummy pond water, but there can be no lower form of humanity on the planet, excluding a handful of notorious mass murderers or despots.

I disdain liberals and contemporary Democrats with equal enthusiasm, and for good reason. The last thing legitimate Americans are going to buy is this supermarket tabloid nonsense liberal media activists are trying to sell. Governor Palin personifies what American political amibition is all about -- she got involved and got it done. The pandering socialist and racist from Illinois has absolutely no credibility in a discussion involving qualifications or character, yet this buffoon encourages his surrogates to engage in smear tactics in order to conceal the universal failings of his campaign. I am prone to use colorful language when describing the chief elements of the Democratic effort, but I do not require the use of smear, distortion, or slander to make the case. Shredding liberals is too easy; giving them something that can be used to generate sympathy seems counterproductive to legitimate Americans. It's painful enough having to deal with liberals and their left wing enablers during the course of routine living. Every political season forces legitimate Americans to elevate that threshold of pain -- thank God Sarah Palin came along to smash their nefarious scheme with grace, beauty, and undisputed competence.

Senator McCain's distinguished service to this country provides qualifications no Democrat can dream of matching. I openly supported Governor Mitt Romney during the nomination process, yet felt only Ron Paul was the only name on the conservative ticket I would absolutely refuse to support. There is no lingering doubt or reservation about McCain's candidacy in these quarters; Governor Palin only strengthens his ability govern from the White House. There are dozens of policy issues we could dissect, but that would be unnecessary given the lack of competition or alternatives provided by the Democrats. The failure of the Democrat controlled Congress and Senate has been ignored by the waterboys in the media, but the Pelosi-Reid cabal have done conservative politics a great service. By proving to be completely incompetent and feckless, the Democrats have not a single issue from which to mount a viable campaign. This party of morons was completely wrong about foreign threats to the security and safety of America, how to wage a dedicated fight against global terror, while continuing to prove just how galactically clueless politicians can be when it comes to market forces (energy, housing, etc.).

Pursuing smears against Sarah Palin's family, and her record as a hugely popular governor, will have long reaching consequences for this batch of liberal buffoons. We may cringe at their gutter tactics, but we recognize just how motivated legitimate Americans become when confronted by these domestic activists hell-bent on destroying the United States; there is no other characterization of contemporary liberals that provides an honest assessment of their goal. Electing John McCain will smash most of this effort like so many bugs -- it is incumbent on legitimate Americans to continue the purge of liberal activism in the media and academia. Otherwise, we just defer that process until next election cycle.

Enough is enough. This nation will endure and prosper, thanks to John McCain and Sarah Palin. It's time to drive a stake through the heart of liberals once and for all. Ending the prospects of that pandering socialist and racist's presidential bid will secure our safety and prosperity for many generations to come.


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