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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The word on the street is that our merry Texan has been felled by a femme fatale. The usually voluble oracle of Texas conservatism hasn’t been heard from in some time. Back in the day when we were crawling through honky tonks the only thing that would keep Dan “the friendly neighborhood Spider” Stanfield out of the adoring public’s eye was usually some shapely adorable. Not that I can blame him for seeking some relief from a generally dismal political and economic picture right now.

How do you respond to a Congress that has just given the American public a massive upraised middle finger? Hopefully the American public remembers the perfidy of the majority party come election time. Myself, I was unwillingly to believe that any politician could willfully ignore the rising calls from the people at large for action to reduce energy costs. I had not counted on the insular attitude of Queen Nancy of San Francisco. Bela Pelosi, (whose congressional district is so small a constituent could easily walk, or mince, their way across it) has told Republicans that she will not allow a vote on any expansion of domestic exploration and drilling for oil. Can she really be that tone deaf? Well let’s look a little closer at this problem.

First of all, Bela Pelosi is bulletproof. There is no way in hell she can lose re-election from her San Francisco district. Therefore she isn’t worried about her job, and it’s not like she pays for her commute in any event. I’m betting dollars to donuts that Pelosi is betting on the stupidity of the average American voter to win a greater majority of seats in both the House and Senate. To Pelosi, most Americans associate oil prices with the President. No matter that President Bush has already lifted the executive ban on offshore drilling. If no relief comes from Congress, Pelosi is gambling that come election day the people will take it out on the President by electing a democrat, and that this will affect down ticket races in the same way.

Sadly it just might work. The American voter is not terribly informed and if asked I’d wager that most Americans right now would say that Congress is controlled by Republicans. Most Americans also believe that the Presidency is some omnipotent position that can wield enormous power arbitrarily and without any checks. In some matters this is certainly true but with respect to the development of energy policy, it is a decidedly two way street. Of course Republicans are not conveying this message very effectively and the media isn’t going to help them articulate that democrats are the obstacle to lower gas prices. That might damage the chances of the media’s chosen messiah of winning the presidency.

That thought alone explains to me why Spider Dan has been absent of late. It’s too terrible to even contemplate. Hopefully Americans will come to their senses in the next 3 months and shake off this national hangover that is making the candidacy of such an empty suit as Barak HUSSEIN Obama viable. Four years ago if you had told me that a clearly socialist junior senator with 143 total days on the job in Federal service, would one day be a major party candidate for the presidency, I would have asked you where you got your favorite hallucinogen. After all, if this commie come-lately Barry HUSSEIN Obama wins, I’m going to need some.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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