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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Seems the Reno chapter of Legitimate Americans for Truth is getting impatient with the process of accumulating worthy discussion topics here in the good ol' Lone Star State. Well, my dear friends, brothers, and sisters, fret no more.

Brother Paul identifies another -- of the thousands -- reason to send liberals on a long walk off a short pier. The gabbing moron, known in some circles as Speaker Pelosi, wants to encourage America's foes by chastising a devoted, effective military leader in the press. Of course, the press licks this stuff off the floor like a puppy going after kitty dung. Liberals lick this stuff off the floor like, well, liberals licking stuff off the floor. A cursory review of any left wing blog will reinforce that point, just in case you think we're being a bit too colorful in our depiction of left wing lunacy.

Let's cut to the chase. This country is teetering on the brink of full fledged socialism simply because a segment of America believes the institution is inherently flawed. We've touched on the energy problem, a point made crystal clear during the Congressional testimony of the oil company executives last week. While most of the floor licking Democrats sought to chastise those businessmen for the huge profits earned by those companies, legitimate Americans easily recognized the dilemma faced by energy producing companies. The failure of liberals to grasp the damage done to vitality and liberty -- enjoyed by all Americans, even the liberal waterboys -- by handcuffing US domestic oil production was clearly illustrated during those hearings. Yet, little truth emerged in the news accounts of those talks.

Oil companies make huge profits because their products are in very high demand. Furthermore, due to the efficiency of the business plans put in place by those corporations, their ability to acquire product, refine, and distribute same -- in this market -- makes those plans outstanding models for every aspiring business. But, if you talk to some idiotic liberal, profits made from the application of a successful business plan are somehow "evil" or "the product of a nefarious conspiracy". I challenge anyone to produce a single liberal corporation -- outside the circus of media/entertainment -- that can match the success of US oil companies. If liberals and their herds of boneheads want to really help the "victims" of an oil company's success, they should march on Washington and demand an immediate suspension -- if not outright repeal -- of the tax on motor fuels (watch the expression on your favorite liberal's face when you make that very logical and workable suggestion). As that liberal gasps for breath trying to justify a reason not to end the maddening practice of capturing huge chunks of energy revenue -- by an entity that does absolutely nothing to discover, produce, or deliver that energy -- throw another punch into his/her solar plexus. Ask them why food prices are being driven through the roof by the costs associated with "alternative" fuel processing (ethanol, etc.). If your carry that liberal's logic to its fullest, the rise in food prices -- harming American consumers on another misguided front -- is the "price" we pay for not living the stone age, abandoning mobility and efficiency for what history will prove to be a series of the most idiotic policy extensions in the history of this nation.

I openly advocate repeal of the tax on motor fuels. We all know most of the revenue generated by that tax was designated to the development and maintenance of America's interstate highway system. We also know the billions upon billions poured into federal coffers are being directed into other budgets. If every dime the oil companies paid in tax on motor fuels was directed to highway construction, we'd be driving on gold plated triple decked interstates. Since we seem to be unwilling to send the liberals in Washington packing, we see billions "re-directed" to other programs, none of which have a thing to do with fuel, highways, or anything remotely associated with American mobility.

Toll roads are popping up all over the country. Why should we -- American motorists -- be forced to pay duplicate rates for a road allegedly planned and funded by the billions taken in by tax on motor fuels?

If you say "Iraq", look in a mirror. The image you see is one of a stark raving moron.

We've covered the energy issue enough -- for now. I am amused and amazed by the sheer dishonesty of the campaigns being waged by the wife of a disgraced, disbarred, and impeached former governor from Arkansas and a pandering racist with unmistakable socialist leanings. Even more amusing and amazing are the reactions by some that think either of these two will do a single thing to improve those parts of our institution that merit improvement. We've expressed our opinion on the legitimate side of the political equation, and will continue to hold the conservative banner high as the election season approaches. Legitimate Americans need only to make the distinction between the carnival that has become the Democratic Party and the sensible, sometimes too accomodating, Republican Party. I have no doubt legitimate Americans will rise in massive numbers to end the madness hoisted by the Democrats this election year.

If not, watch this great and fabulous nation begin the death spiral into the pit of socialism that has robbed every great society of its vitality and liberty.


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