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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It took me a little while to get over the withdrawal of the best candidate of the current crop of Presidential hopefuls -- Mitt Romney would have been a stellar president. Since I cannot find it in my heart to betray America, it's people, or those that have given all to preserve and protect her, there is not a snowball's chance in hell I am going to sit out this election just because the best man didn't get the nomination. Furthermore, there will be no talk of supporting the wife of an impeached and disgraced former President and Arkansas governor, or the woefully inexperienced and panderer par excellance from Illinois. Conservatives, you're faced with the consequences of "failing to act" -- the 2006 elections didn't sink in well enough.

John McCain is the nominee of the Republican Party. Wow.

I admire Senator McCain, but he was not my choice. I don't agree with his positions on campaign finance reform, immigration, or his procrastination on making tax cuts permanent. He was, in fact, considered as a potential running mate for an incredible dork: the junior senator from Massachusetts I affectionately refer to as "Kerrie the Kommie".

All is not lost, however. I can find plenty of redeeming factors in a McCain campaign, and will vote for him come November. But, first, I must analyze why America is offered a choice that nearly abandons conservative ideals when those ideals are sorely needed.

America has seen the left wing and their idiotic stooges in the media vent their rage and hatred of this nation for the duration of the Bush administration. I struggle to recall a more feckless consortium of political operatives -- these liberals and their septic tank dwelling supporters. Not since the Vietnam era has America been exposed to the levels of intolerance, poison, and prejudice these "enlightened" liberals have demonstrated. Since none of their icons reach anything that compares to the respect and honor shown for the likes of Ronald Reagan, etc., the bitterness and anger that drips from these people is equal parts fascinating and comical. If you examine the utterly insane (and typical) action taken by the Berkeley city government -- regarding a Marine Corps recruiting station in that city -- you'll quickly come to realize why liberals and their ilk are not worth the gallons of fuel oil it would take to fuel an old freighter, send it to sea, and allow the Navy to run live fire drills on it. I smile broadly, imagining a most delightful scenario: most of the Bay Area's liberal/radical elite crammed into the rusted cargo holds, shouting their slogans and screed at the seagulls circling overhead. Meanwhile, a well trained, honest, devoted, and legitimate American naval officer plots the solution for a volley of torpedo shots that would all but vaporize that junker, sending it and the human waste cargo to the ocean's floor.

Of course, that wouldn't happen just as I fantasize . We would see to it all those liberal idiots had lifevests properly attached and nothing would be done until we've provided a thorough description on the feeding habits of great white sharks. We'd also allow the principle operatives of Code Pink and one other luminary liberal organization to man a fleet of rafts, ostensibly to pluck their comrades out of the raging waters and the jaws of hungry fish. Do you think those liberal twits would feel comfortable knowing the likes of Cindy Sheehan was tasked with a massive sea-based rescue mission?

Sure, they would. Just ask the people in Berkeley about the US Marine Corps. The Bay Area liberals/radicals certainly wouldn't want to see a contigent of US military vessels, crewed by highly trained and skilled US Marines, arrive to save them from being chomped and chewed into small bits of shark feces. Equally, those same liberal/radical gutter snipes don't believe our Navy has the skill or weaponry capable of turning a large ship into a pile of rusting scrap on the sea bed. Or, maybe they do. They just cannot find it in their deluded, demented hearts to admit those forces exist so they might live free to demonstrate just what intolerable piles of human dung they are.

You see, my fellow legitmate Americans, these are the people that support Democrats. They can't give you one example of why they "hate" President Bush, except that President Bush was not their "guy". They cannot give you one example of liberal failings without invoking a "free speech" right or trying to compare conservative principles to the Salem witch hunts. They cannot defend their deplorable record on race/class welfare dependency, public school education, or intrusive government bureaucracy, but they can find a way to sloganeer opposition to the defense of the United States from a massive collection of radical Muslims hellbent to kill every last one of them. What really sends liberals and their ilk into a frenzied state of delusion is the very real proposition that the reason most of those deranged Muslim terrorists want to blow up a building full of our school children is because Americans have been free to be whatever they wanted to be, including a liberal moron. Freedom comes with a price -- liberals cannot pay that price, but demand we subsidize the folly of their ideology in spite of mounting threats to the very freedom that allows their moronic mindset.

America is suffering through one of the worst Congressional sessions in history. The Speaker of the House, one Bay Area Democrat and world class idiot, sees fit to insult our troops as a matter of routine. Her counterpart in the Senate, a senile liar and sniveling fool from the storm sewers of Nevada, frequently uses his office to imply the US campaign against global terror is "lost". Where do these imbeciles get the nerve to make such utterly absurd pronouncements?

Can you say "liberal enclaves" five times, real fast?

This is why conservative and legitimate Americans need to ignore the galactically clueless and agenda driven media, the fringe left wing, and other such inanity long enough to get through this election cycle without forfeiting hard fought gains and victories in a long battle against terrorism the world over. If you think the American image is as bad as some of these left wing dungbirds would have you believe, just wait until another "moderate" nation falls into the hands of radical Islam. See who the world calls to either control or eliminate the threat. Unless a legitimate American is elected to the office of President and Commander-in-Chief, there will be no one the world can call to end the threat of wholesale murder and terror. If millions die in terror related nuclear detonations -- a very real and viable threat America must prosecute with extreme prejudice and precision -- because America decided to give another liberal shyster the chance to destroy this nation, we can acknowledge and accept responsibility for failing to act when we had the chance and moral obligation to act.

Let the liberals in Berkeley, San Francisco, where ever, wallow in their puddles of irrelevance and poison. Legitimate Americans should do everything in their power to see to it those communities are marginalized and stripped of tax payer funding for any public project. Let those people prove the righteousness of their cause and the effectiveness of their goverance. If we boycott those cities and take away subsidies they thrive on, we can see how these fringe idiots will overcome those losses -- proving the American way was never the right way for them to live. If you don't subscribe to that notion, then carefully explain -- to the next legitimate American you can find that will tolerate your stupidity long enough -- why the nation should pay for extravagent or token projects in those anti-American enclaves while hard working Americans are struggling to pay the ever increasing burden of federal income tax.

Legitimate Americans don't mind paying to help Californians recover from earthquakes or fires or foreign invasion. In fact, we'll send the best, brightest, and strongest in our midst to aid those efforts. Legitimate Americans will not send one penny to a Berkeley or San Francisco that insults the United States as a matter of political routine, then demands every benefit and privilege being a citizen of the United States entails.

As previously mentioned, freedom comes with a price -- Berkeley, etc., ain't on the donor list.


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