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Friday, October 12, 2007

Hey there sportsfans, sorry for the late post but y'all can always race down to the sportsbook in the morning. If you do, be sure to have a Bloody Mary to help with the lingering financial hangover from the last two weeks of collegiate gridiron action. Last week we pushed on Mississippi State giving 17, we lost outright with the damn Sodbusters of A&M, and we had winners on Mizzou and Texas Tech. Unfortunately (or fortunately for our readers last week) we here at the PMT Sports Betting blog, don't post every pick that we've got action on. Six weeks into the season we're 4-2 on profit making weeks so I can't really snivel too much.

Now in this week's action. The Texan makes the call on the big game of the day. He says to take the Chuckwagon Gang of Oklahoma and give the 11.5 pts. (The Mexican and Pollack tepidly agree)

In other picks the Texan likes The Hub City Bandits of Texas Tech to cover 8 against the Sodbusters of A&M, California giving 14 against Oregon St., Arkansas to cover 3 against Auburn and LSU to lay the wood to Kentucky, give the 9.5 pts.

The Pollack's plays of the week are BYU giving 10.5 pts against my ol' Alma Mater, UNLV and the mighty Warhawks of Louisiana Monroe to cover 7 pts against the Green Machine of North Texas.

The Mexican for his part is giving out Texas to cover 16 against an over-matched Iowa St. team and the Yardstrutters of South Carolina to cover 6 against North Carolina.

I also like Fred Thompson for President. Maybe this week I can find the time to tell y'all why. In the meantime, let's all catch some winning tickets this weekend.

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