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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey there fellow sportsfans and budding financial emperors. If you all have been betting with the combustible trio of the Texan, the Mexican and the Pollack, you’re winning money so far at a torrid clip since we’ve posted 9 winners and only 2 losers these first two weeks. This week is gut check time as we prepare for the big annual Boy’s Vegas Weekend 2007 next week. That all said, we just finished up our conference call via high technology satellite uplink to San Antone. The Texan checks in this week with a call on the following games:

Houston @ Tulane. The Texan says to take Cougar High and give the 14 pts.

Arkansas @ Alabama. Our humble Texas correspondent says “roll Tide” and give the 3 pts. Tuscaloosa is a tough place to play, especially if you’re a young swine…(sidenote, The Pollack and the Mexican agree on this pick)

Tennessee @ Florida. Now the Mexican and the Pollack say to stay off this one. The Texan says this pick is only for those with iron constitutions. Take Tennessee and the 9 pts. and cuss loudly every time Coach Fulmer does something stupid. (Which the Pollack and the Mexican think could make for a loud afternoon.)

BYU @ Tulsa. This is the Pollack’s play of the week, take the Mormon’s and give the 6.

USC @ Nebraska. Now I generally hate to support USC at anything but bidness is bidness. Take the prophylactics to cover 10 against the Corn Farmers.

Hawaii @ UNLV. No one likes it. But I might throw the alma mater on a parlay card, taking the Rebels and the 17 pts.

Ohio @ Virginia Tech. This is the Mexican’s pick of the week. Take the Hokies and give the 17 pts. After last week’s Louisiana ass-whippin’ of the Hokies, they’re goin’ home with a mean on. Ohio gets to play the victim.

In Texas H.S. football action, the Texan says to mortgage the farm on the Fightin’ Unicorns of New Braunfels against the Beeville Trojans tonight. Look for an easy cover of the local spread. The spread is currently available only through selected San Antonio area bookies. Contact SAPD Vice for last known whereabouts of your favorite.

That’s it for this week folks. You want a game you’re interested in posted? Hit the contact button and give me a holler…

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