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Friday, September 07, 2007

Week 2 of the football season has already begun folks but truth to tell, I wasn't too terribly enamored of any early picks. The WKWR Hi-tech satelite uplink to Texas went down today in the middle of transmission, so we are without the Texan's picks. All we got was a garbled "I been studyin' the Miami Thugs at Mobilehoma Chuckwagon gang and....." We were unable to reestablish contact prior to the kickoff of the New Braunfels-Seguin Texas High School football matchup, where the Texan was last known to be. We here at WKWR will miss his input this week and root for a win by the Fightin' Unicorns over the Matadors...

Now then, back to where the money is. The Pollack loves Mississippi State over Tulane. Take the Bulldogs and give the 6 pts.

As for the Mexican...I like my beloved Longhorns to cover the 9 pts against a feisty TCU team.

Contrary to many of the experts, I like Boise State to cover against Washington, even though Washington accounted for one of my two losses last week. I don't think the Broncos are getting enough credit.

I also like Mizzou again. I rode that horse a long way last year. Gonna do it again this year. Take the Tigers, give the 5.5 on the road at Ole Miss. As long as they stay focused and don't get too carried away with all of the....ahem...."scenery" around Oxford, Mizzou should be allright.

Look for Okie Lite to run away with it over Florida Atlantic...give the 24 pts and take the Cowpokes.

Lastly, for my nephew Jamie, who went to Indiana and is a huge Hoosier fan. They are usually the doormat of the Big 10 and this week they play Western Michigan, out of conference. The game is a pick'em. Sorry kid, gotta take Western Michigan over the Hoosiers.

Hopefully, come Monday, we'll all be on the lamb from the IRS....

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