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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well there all you football comatose folks out there, how was that for a blistering start? Your football prognosticating trio of the Pollack, the Texan and the Mexican, went out and posted a torrid 6-0 in games we gave you. If you'd had ten bucks on a parlay card, you'd be about $400 bucks better off. Sadly, even your genial host didn't do that. I did have Nebraska wired though and the Pollack absolutely nailed the teaser pick of the week. The whole idea was to protect a rooting interest bet on Cal while getting better odds on Missouri. Didn't end up needing either but Mizzou was closer than we like. Sure Memphis lost to Ole' Miss but they covered and around here, it's the money that counts. The Texan and the Mexican agreed on The Hub City Bandits of Tech and they absolutely destroyed the ponies from SMU.

Be sure to check back this week as your humble trio of football forecasters tries their mightiest to give you a betting edge and make you a little richer. It's all part of my plan to jumpstart the economy by getting more money to circulate.

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