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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I understand now why the Germans get their ass up every generation or so and feel the need to march around Europe. We got into Las Vegas last Friday and spent Friday evening at the Hofbrau Haus watching the Chuckwagon Gang run up our first winner as they destroyed Tulsa. While watching that game, we ate copius amounts of bratwurst and potatoes, all washed down with 6.7% German Oktoberfest beers. The polka band was playing and scantilly clad waitresses kept appearing with massive cut glasses full of more beer. After a couple liters of that stuff, you're ready to march off and kick some Gallic ass. A few more and you're ready to take on all of Europe. Judging from the folks around our table, we could probably have hit the beach at Normandy and been in Paris in two days. Fortunately for us, we just wanted to kick some posterior at the sportsbook the next day.

Now let's review last weeks' plays, Arkansas busted, so the three of us tossed a loser out there. The Texan went with Florida and lost that but the Pollack and the Mexican wisely put their money on Ole' Miss which paid off handsomely. The Texan did take South Carolina and the three of us agreed on that play. The Mexican did give out Purdue and 13 which was a winner if you got it, if you got the play at 14 like I did, it was a push so no loss there. I did like Toledo to cover against Iowa State and they covered and won outright. So all in all a mixed bag for posted picks.

Now when the Pollack and the Mexican hit Vegas on the annual business trip, we had already run up two winners with Thug U and the Dirt Burglars of Oklahoma. I got to admit that as the morning unfolded, it was beginning to look like we had walked into a buzzsaw I was already calling the Homicide at the Hilton. As the early games came in, a roster of losers posted first. Bets on Nebraska, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Boston College, Kent State, Arkansas, Colorado State and Maryland all posted. Few winners were coming in. Fortunately we had an incredible afternoon including a clean sweep of PAC 10 action. A litany of winners rolled in and the Arturo Fuente's came out in celebration...Kansas, Florida Atlantic, South Carolina, BYU, Ole Miss, Illinois, Ohio State, Navy-Duke over, Colorado State-Cougar High over, Miami Ohio-Colorado under, Arizona-Cal over. Then the icing on the cake, the late games, Purdue-push, Arizona State, Oregon, Toledo, Iowa and my beloved Longhorns, all putting money in the coffers. I won't go into the ribald details of how much was won or lost since the occasional IRS agent may be cruising through the cyberhood. Suffice it to say that the trip was more than paid for.

As to this week's action, the Texan has checked in and he likes Oregon giving the 5 pts at home. Autzen is a zoo and the Ducks will be up for Cal. The Mexican agrees with this pick.

The Texan also likes Texas to take care of bidness before next week's blowout with the Dirt Burglars. Take the 'Horns and give the 15.5 pts against Kansas State.

The Texan's final pick of the week is Air Force to bomb Navy. The Pollack and the Mexican disagree on this pick and think the Middies shoot down the Falcons. According to the Texan, take Air Force and get the 2 pts.

The Mexican's pick of the week is the alma mater, UNLV. Take the Rebels and the 3.5 pts on the road against a Nevada squad that is going to be primed to take it to them. Since this is the big in-state rivalry, normally all bets are off but my Rebels have been covering spreads so far so let's stay with them one more time.

Until next week...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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