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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Once Spider got on the outside of a cup of coffee and a seegar this morning, he was able to launch the hi-speed satellite uplink in order to get us his picks this week. Now last week the Pollack finally had a loser, BYU, his first of the year so no sniveling. This week the three of us once again agree on a pick of the week,

Kentucky @ Arkansas: Take the Pigs and give the 6 pts. Fayetteville is a tough place to play and Louisville had no defense to stop the 'Cats last week. (This is the Pollack's play of the week)

The Texan also provides these insights on SEC action.

Florida @ Ole Miss: The Texan calls for a Florida mudstompin' in Oxford. Advises to take the Gators and give the 21 pts. (The Pollack and Mexican are staying off this pick and may even hold our noses and take the Rebels and the pts.)

South Carolina @ LSU: The Texan calls for South Carolina to keep it close enough to cover. Take the Yardstrutters and the 16 pts and hope that Spurrier can pull some tricks out of his bag before the Bayou Bengals send them packing back to the Palmetto State.

Now then Mexican is interested in a mild financial position on the following games:

Purdue @ Minnesota: Take the Boilermakers and give the 13 pts against a horrible Minnesota squad. Besides, theres too many lib'ruls in Minnesota and the chipmunks don't look any tougher than a team of junior leaguers.

Iowa State @ Toledo: Take the Rockets and the 3 pts. The Cyclones played the Hawkeyes tough last week but they also lost to a Division I-AA school earlier this year. The Rockets are at home and can put some points on the board.

Thats it for now folks, gotta pack for the Vegas weekend. Looks good so far since we took Thug U and gave the 2 pts tonight against the Sodbusters...We'll check back in next week with more exposure of lib'rul insanity and football talk...

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