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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sometimes kids do indeed say the darnedest things. In these days of over-hyped has beens’ and talentless never-should havebeens’ it is sometimes easy to overlook the truly momentous and important. You see, while today is September 19, an important anniversary passed a couple days ago with nary a mention of it in the media. This past week marks the 220th Birthday of the United States Constitution, for it was on September 17, 1787 that many of the leading political figures in the United States came together in agreement on a framework for a new government. Successful? Not to hear the leftists speak of it. Of course your liberal (excuse me, progressive is the term du jour) has little to no use for a document that they haven’t read, don’t understand and can’t apply to their fantasy worlds.

Rather than mark the anniversary of such a historic day, the media instead choose to deluge us with the latest on O.J. and his arrest in Las Vegas. Alternatively we might learn that Britney is losing her kids or hired out a contract on K-Fed. (An act for which I believe she should be given the nation’s highest civilian award, if true.) Of course the media is at the heart of the problem. Since they are overwhelmingly composed of limousine liberals who have no use for the Constitution, the media really sees no need to celebrate it. Of course the Constitution did receive some scant attention locally when it was reported that colleges actually make people dumber. (I will forego the too-easy comments about the representation of political beliefs in academia) Suffice it to say that billions poured into college education has merely resulted in graduates who can mouth the leftist line, rather than engage in critical thinking.

It appears that incoming college freshmen score better on civics questions than do outgoing seniors. I don’t know what they are teaching in those required core courses on U.S. Government at most colleges and universities, but apparently it has nothing to do with the actual foundation of the government, the Constitution.

I bring this up because I couldn’t be prouder of my Goddaughter, Bethany Smith of Boulder City, NV. She took time out of her busy teen queen day to fire off letters to the local television stations in Las Vegas, blasting them for focusing on O.J. while the birthday of the Constitution went by unnoticed. Kids, you’ve got to love them and since Bethany is quite capable of critical thought, I’d say her folks have done just fine.

Speaking of the land of dust and lust, this is the Annual Boy’s Vegas Weekend. The yearly bash where several friends get together in Vegas, drink, eat, smoke cigars and wager on football. What that means for you regular readers is that this week’s picks will be posted tomorrow, as soon as I can get the satellite feed up and running to Texas. (Or when Spider answers his cellphone, whichever comes first.) We’ll discuss last week’s showing as well so until then, y’all be good and take a moment out of your day to thank God for giving us those forty men who affixed their name to an experiment in government 220 years ago.

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