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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Long time readers out there know that this is the time of year where I can occasionally wax rhapsodically about the changing of the seasons and the natural beauty of God’s green earth. Mostly I do this out of a genuine love of the land and an acute appreciation for the sweep and grandeur of a Nevada sky, contrasted against the changing colors of the fall foliage. Now I’m not pretending that we’ve got color change here to rival New England, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of changing Aspens, Dogwoods, Maples, Birch and Poplar to make one appreciate the beauty that the Good Lord visited upon us. Even when you can’t see the color, you can still marvel at your surroundings. Only yesterday morning, I was lucky enough to spend a few moments in quiet reflection. I was leaning against our corral fence, listening to the horses munch on their hay and I was marveling at a still dark sky filled with clouds and stars. A quarter moon shone down on the desert and I could just make out the peaks of the Hungry Mountains out west. The stars….even though the sky was mostly cloudy, there were still enough holes in the clouds to reveal countless stars. Quiet moments like those really make a man aware that God has truly blessed us.

It’s moments like those that a man really needs to remember his raisin’ as well, especially since we’ve had 2 horrid weekends in a row with college football wagering. Then again, Momma always told us, you don’t bet with scared money so we aim to get right this weekend. Tune in tomorrow for the latest picks from PMT Sports Betting Service.

Speaking of getting right. I’ve been doing a whole lot of cooking of late. I apologize for not posting any recipes because I’ve thrown together some really nice comfort food of late. How about roast beef hash? Or maybe chicken and rice ala Mexicana? Anyone for chili with bacon and jalapeno, skillet cornbread? Yeah…the Villa kitchen has been working and I’ll get around to posting those recipes directly.

Now then, back to our bread and butter. I would love to address the farce of Algore winning the Nobel Prize for his continued globetrotting on behalf of the twin lies of global warming and carbon offset credits. But fools and their money are soon parted and it looks as the Nobel committee has just proven the verity of that old saying, while any purchaser of carbon credits also serves to prove the point. Instead I’d like to take a moment to sneak a peak at the upcoming horserace known as the Republican Presidential Primaries. Folks, I’ve got a new horse in this race.

Some of y’all may remember that I had early on supported Congressman Duncan Hunter of Ca. as the best representative of conservative values, then running for president. Unfortunately for him and for the nation, Hunter has not been able to gain any traction and Presidential contenders who can’t deliver their own state have little chance of raising the funds necessary to establish themselves in the national mindset as a serious candidate. With the odds so stacked against him, it is amazing that Hunter has managed to stay in the fight this long. With that said, I think it is critical that we Republicans rally around a man whose long record in public service reveals a core of conservative values. It is my humble opinion that Senator Fred Thompson is that man.

Fred Thompson’s 8 years in the U.S. Senate reveal a strong conservative voice, a lifetime rating of 86 from the American Conservative Union, a man who is strongly pro-life as evidenced by his voting record and the shrill reaction to his candidacy by NARAL. Fred Thompson is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and he understands the need to fight the War on Terror and to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons into the hands of radical Islamists. Finally, Fred Thompson is an unabashed Federalist, who would return many powers long consigned to Washington D.C., back to the states. Thompson understands as did our founding fathers, that the states are not merely administrative arms of the federal government. They serve a role and he would like to see the states reacquire some of their lost sovereignty. I have always believed that the best government is that which is most closely watched by the people. Invariably, that means local government is usually the most responsive to the needs of the people. Though the state governments might not be the most localized in our system of constitutional republicanism, they are infinitely better than relying on Washington for our governmental needs. Unless of course you’re a democrat, in which case, you’ve never met the government you didn’t like.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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