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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It appears to me that once again, we can thank the democrats for fewer dollars in our wallets. I just wanted to take a moment to expound on what Brother Dan posted. Like it or not, the lifeblood of the world is oil. Now we are stuck with this reality, no amount of carping, political grandstanding or sniveling will change that. No potential technology will effect any change in that fact in the near term, say five to ten years. Now we are faced with $3.50 per gallon of gas and $110 per barrel of oil. The great unwashed mass of lib’ruls would have you believe that we went to war for oil. If that were the case, then why in God’s name aren’t we seeing $1.00 a gallon gas again? Simply because as with most lib’rul slogans, they are coined for bumper stickers, not any amount of considered thought and logical analysis.

Oil is so damn costly because demand is up and supply is relatively static. Oil production has not increased at a rate sufficient to meet the demands of exploding economies in India and China as well as other emerging markets. If oil is in demand, one thing that is in even more demand is gasoline. Of course, in order to relieve the demand for gas, you would need to produce more of it, thereby increasing supply. This can only be accomplished through the construction of additional refining capacity since American refining capacity typically run in excess of 95% capacity, a rate guaranteed to run down equipment, especially equipment that is outdated. Since we haven’t constructed a new refinery in this country in over 25 years, it can be safely assumed that we have a generous supply of outdated petrochemical equipment. This is all economic theory that any fourth grader who has ever operated a lemonade stand can comprehend. Which means it is beyond the reasoning ability of your average lib.

Let’s review shall we? Democrats and their leftwing eco-nazi buddies refuse to allow us to drill for new oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. This despite the overwhelming desire of the residents of Alaska that ANWR be opened to exploration and development of new oil fields. Democrats and their leftwing eco-nazi buddies refused to allow further drilling and exploration off the California and Florida coasts. This despite the recent revelations that the Communist Chinese are now slant drilling for oil in the Florida Straits, with the assistance of the Cubans. Democrats and their leftwing eco-nazi buddies are responsible for the incredibly restrictive laws and codes that have prevented the construction of even a single new refinery in over a quarter century, thereby ensuring that ultimately, demand for refined petroleum products would outstrip production capacity. This single act alone has made us beholden to foreign influences in the energy business. Finally, democrats and their leftwing eco-nazi buddies have stymied the development of nuclear energy in the United States, the development of which would make a significant impact on the amount of fuel consumed by Americans.

Demonstrating an utter inability to grasp economic principles, lib’ruls want us to embrace corn production for use in the making of ethanol. Forget that current production vehicles would require significant modification to run on ethanol, lets ask a more poignant question. If ethanol was truly a wonder fuel, capable of serving our needs and freeing us from the oppressive prices of the Saudi oil-puppeteers and Venezuelan tinpots, then why is it being subsidized by Congress? Simply because it’s another feel-good strawman. Ethanol made by corn is far less efficient that gasoline and requires more gas to produce than it replaces. Subsidies are required because if it were a profitable enterprise, private corporations would be growing corn on individual square feet of dirt in Manhattan. The simple truth is that we need oil for the foreseeable future, and the left in general and democrats specifically, have demonstrated throughout their history that they have no interest in a free market or in truly addressing the energy crisis.

Americans gave the reins of power to democrats in 2006. In two years have we seen any comprehensive energy plan from the party of sedition since they were seated? The answer is no. They have come forth with countless resolutions against the war in Iraq, but like their statements on energy developments, they are long on sloganeering and short on acknowledgement of reality. You can always count on the left to do what is most detrimental to the average American’s interests. In this case, it appears that their comprehensive energy plan, developed over the course of 40 plus years has done nothing but hinder development of alternative sources of fuel while completely halting any increase in American production of oil and gas. If you really want to continue paying more for gas, then by all means vote democrat this November. If you prefer to let the market and American entrepreneurs get us out of this mess, then throw the rascals out and let someone who has run a lemonade stand develop energy policy.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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