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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's almost summer here in the good ol' US of A, and not a moment too soon for many. Unfortunately, thanks to an incredibly feckless energy policy, a Democratic nomination process that is galactically absurd, and the continued travesty that is the global warming theory, legitimate Americans can expect to see many of the activities we've worked so hard to create marginalized. America's lazy approach to addressing the infusion of socialism in our dynamic system is now starting to host serious consequences. Thanks to the imbeciles comprising the Democratic Party, who boasted -- in 2006 -- they'd lower gas prices and save the world by licking toe jam from the feet of Islamic murderers, we're witnessing a campaign between a pandering socialist/racist/rank amateur and the wife of a disgraced, disbarred, and impeached former Arkansas governor.

Given those choices, Democrats can always turn to nostalgia for solace, currently manifesting itself in the form of Jimmuh Carter, who just spent a couple of days making himself, and the US, look like utter buffoons. Let's make it official -- this peanut farmer was the worst US president in history, followed closely by the husband of the current Democrat nominee from New York/Illinois/Arkansas/Pluto, and his legacy is cemented in abject failure. Do the Democrats, led by the incredible nincompoop Howard Dean, actually believe America needs or wants either of the two they've hoisted as the best of their best?

The problem legitimate Americans face is not our hard work and unending efforts to sustain a society that is the envy of this universe, but the patience and tolerance we've installed for abject failure. Somehow, we've allowed the worst among us to install themselves into positions of influence -- be those government, education, or some other social institution we've taken for granted. There can be no argument US energy policy -- an issue addressed here previously -- has been a shambles, thanks to onerous and antiquated legislative restrictions. We are being devastated by our inaction. Instead of tossing liberal bureaucrats into the proverbial septic tank of history, we've allowed them to virtually destroy our energy production capability, our education system, and our ability to prosecute legitimate military campaigns against verifiable and extraordinarily dangerous enemies.

If you believe your son or daughter should attend college and strive to obtain a Bachelor's degree in journalism, you believe that child will work in some form of media. You may rest assured that child may be considered for a high profile media role, only after being vetted by the liberal flacks that use those forums to advance their inane and self-defeating ideology. Should your child emerge from university level studies with his or her legitimate American status firmly intact, they will never get past the incredibly biased left wing choke hold on major markets. As long as those media outlets can attract viewers or readers, they will continue to shove legitimate Americans to other areas of technical or professional writing, and horde the media/education roles for themselves.

This, my fellow legitimate Americans, is the laziness I alluded to earlier. We've allowed these people -- for reasons becoming more and more unclear -- to create a bastion for themselves in positions of high visibility, and, unfortunately, where education is involved, great influence. Unless this tide is turned, the business of reporting or teaching fact over fiction, success over failure, etc. will become an inoperable tumor, slowly eating away at America until it weakens and collapses.

I certainly don't have a single qualm about the opinion of any editorial writer. Newspapers are chock full of pontificating liberal idiots -- check out the New York or Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, et. al. before lining your bird cage or wrapping disposable fish heads with them. Those crackpots are well paid to demonstrate their use of a thesaurus and distortion of facts. However, when those crackpots influence fundamental reporting that should be taking place, that's where legitimate Americans need to slam the door, preferably, on the heads of these "editorial giants". Who, what, when, where, how. Basic journalism. See if you can discover any of those traits in the next article you read about the incumbent administration or the campaign to destroy foreign enemies. You'll get -- I'll wager -- nothing but the partisan spin that poor young reporter is forced to submit, or be sent packing. Sell your soul for a byline in a major paper or TV broadcast?

They're doing it every day.

Time for a big shout out. It does one's heart good -- here in the land of the big Texican -- to know we have a delightful lady that is stepping up to aid law enforcement, general decency, and above all, sustaining the reputation Texas women have so skillfully crafted over the years. Rhonda Sue, a trusted friend and aid to the Lord's work being done by Brother Paul and Reno PD, is our legitimate American poster chic of the month. During one of my daily sorties to San Antone, I may have to treat her to a fine meal and beverages of her choice. That is, pending Brother Paul's approval of such consort. Knowing his penchant for the finer things, we can count on that approval provided with glee and haste.

Plus, having provided such a valuable service to cause, I may stave off future jabs by our devoted Reno brother where it comes to the annual Vegas football wagering/cigar smoking/adult beverage consumption confab due in October. Seems they have profited mightly from my long distance prognostications, and it's high time I gathered the fruits of my labor (raking in big cash for being so damned right about football all the time). If you're in Vegas next October, you may find us at a renowned sports book, consuming the aforementioned in mass quantities and debating the merits of IRS compliance.

Opinions are welcome, not always honored.


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