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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love summer. Water, boats, motorcycles, warm air, nothing cold or cool but beer and Canyon Lake depths. Our delightful political season is beginning to thaw, as well. American politics is a fascinating thing if you are fascinated by pandering liars, socialist zealots, or well meaning, but poorly prepared, public servants. Since the left wing press loves pandering liars and socialist zealots in a fashion only porn movie director could appreciate, large sections of legitimate America are being branded "racist" or "backwards" because they reject any candidate that declares America "broken and must be fixed".

There's a pandering socialist/racist from Illinois, currently a candidate for President of the United States and representing the Democratic Party, constantly espousing "change and hope". Change and hope. Catch words only liberals and idiots of that ilk find appealing. Legitimate Americans have but to ask one very fundamental question: what hope is found in ambiguous calls for change?

What would you change, pandering socialist/racist and leading puppeteer of all things liberal?

I can answer that question, but all the liberal/left wing dingbats out there will declare me "racist". Since all my friends will immediately agree (that I am a typical racist), especially those of Hispanic or African or Asian descent, I guess the rest of my comments will be judged as those of an Anglo that, as it is, has forgotten more about right and wrong than every liberal in America will ever know. But, I digress. What would a grossly inexperienced pandering socialist change -- in the most influential and dynamic society the world has ever known?

There's not a supporter of this rank amateur that can answer this question with anything but the standard liberal line. After five decades of the "Great Society", liberals have only themselves to blame for it's absolute failure. So, starting at this point, one change that can be made is removing liberals from any and all influence where education, social interaction, or job training is concerned. Once this purge of liberal influence is accomplished, those segments of American society believing the American dream is too elusive (or, in liberal speak, deliberately kept from them) will immediately realize just what they've missed all these years.

Liberals believe their own lies, their own revisionist history, their own version of events. Not everything that happens in this universe -- on this planet, in this country -- can be sugarcoated or given a liberal spin. Since most left wing morons declare alternative points of view (those held near and dear by every legitimate American) are anchored in a religious devotion that is uniformly discriminatory, homophobic, and sexist, victims of the Great Society's indoctrination have been thrown into a proverbial pit of liberal quicksand because of this distortion of legitimate American values. In spite of the billions poured into inner city housing and education (ostensibly, to improve the lot of minority citizens), Americans are dismayed at the levels of crime, poor education performance, and shortfalls in basic social elevation within these bastions of highly subsidized assistance and liberal influence. One need look no further than the minority enclaves within most major US cities, but New Orleans -- pre/post Katrina -- has given America a glimpse of the complete and total failure of liberal "leadership and sway".

The scenes following Katrina's wrath from New Orleans were shocking to many naive and unassuming Americans. Many ignored what years of liberal influence had done to cities like New Orleans. When the inevitable was finally realized (a major hurricane -- with a huge storm surge -- hit this below sea level city), hundreds of thousands of legitimate Americans either followed instructions to evacuate or used common sense to get the hell out. Those electing to stay behind did so for two reasons: 1) expecting government to send stretch limousines for the purposes of delivering them to swanky temporary government subsidized accommodations, or 2) to pillage and plunder those homes and businesses left vacant by the legitimate Americans following good sense and advice. The record has shown only #2 was realized. So, if we wish to allow the pandering socialist/racist from Illinois to install change and hope, our wishes would be realized by either imprisoning or deporting those liberal "leaders" responsible for leaving New Orleans vulnerable to that sort of desecration.

Just so you liberal idiots can have a measure of comparison, every coastal community west of Mobile and east of Lake Charles was devastated by Katrina. The Mississippi and Alabama coast line was blown to bits. Lots of Americans lost everything -- including people of all colors and creeds. But, in stark contrast to what the left wing media wanted to frame as the "true nature" of American response (New Orleans and those welfare dependents and criminals stranded by flood waters), all those communities rebuilt and thrive once again. No cries of "Bush killed us", etc., just entire communities of legitimate Americans rebuilding, completely embarassing the legions of liberals that tried desperately to make New Orleans the model of Katrina's aftermath. Liberals needed the focus on the graphic images of New Orleans to make another political point -- making victims suffer needlessly -- in attempts to further solidify their hold on that city. They failed, miserably, to act responsibly and correctly before and after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, but found themselves right back where they were before by using grossly inaccurate and racially charged rhetoric.

New Orleans may have removed thousands of vagrants and welfare baited laggards in the aftermath, driving up crime rates and welfare expenditures where ever those people were deposited, but nothing changed in it's municipal political mindset. The state of Louisiana, however, did the idiots in New Orleans a huge favor by electing Bobby Jindal -- a clear headed, conservative governor -- a man that will flush, into the septic tank of history, the legacy of the utterly incompetent liberal Democrat Kathleen Blanco. Will Governor Jindal allow a Katrina style response by the state of Louisiana?

Not a snowball's chance in hell.

Since the larger population in Louisiana saw the light, legitimate Americans need to know: will you change the way New Orleans is "governed", pandering socialist/racist from Illinois?

If not, please explain how the Democrats running that place (for the past sixty years) should be given responsibility for even larger segments of American society. Let me help: if any of those Democrats involved in the New Orleans debacle show up in your town, have them arrested immediately. In fact, the only change and hope that will work in cities like New Orleans is to purge the liberals, install fiscally responsible, law abiding, results oriented community leaders. Vacillating racism, victimization, and liberalism has destroyed that city, it's future, and the thousands that have proven to be little more than generational wards of the state.

Change that, rank amateur from Illinois. (We all know you can't and will not -- you'll lose your entire following for even thinking about it.) Minority communities -- actually, the black vote -- are desperate for a liberal black leader that can sustain credibility. Too bad none of the liberal black leaders hold an ounce of credibility on the national stage. This rank amateur from Illinois actually personifies the failure of liberals to elevate a black leader -- from the liberal ranks -- that can actually deliver change and hope. The Democrats have a huge problem with this candidate and the racist/terrorist connections he brings to the mix. What is most revealing is how gullible liberals have proven to be in their support of this candidate. Of all the legitimately qualified and competent black leaders in our midst, Democrats trot out a fatally flawed orator -- the liberal answer to the left wing depiction of President Bush's intellectual approach to any number of issues.

George W. Bush is not on the ballot this year. If he was, I'd vote for him without hesitation. (Unless, Mitt Romney ran against him, but that would be dream campaign no liberal could fathom without seeking a very tall building from which to swan dive into dumpsters on the sidewalks below.) As the Democrats roll in the mud with their candidates, cheered on by the left wing dolts in the media, legitimate Americans are becoming aware of just how high the pile of liberal dung has grown. Conservatives may have issues with President Bush or Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain, but nothing compares with the pure folly and hallucination presented by Howard Dean's Democratic Party.

So, as we progress into summer and toward the presidential election, ask any supporter of the pandering socialist/racist/rank amateur what will change first. After being sprayed with the snot and slobber of liberal ranting, remind that supporter who and what governed cities like New Orleans for decades. Say no more than that. If you hear that person utter the name of President Bush, nod and smile. You will have one duty, however. Notify the authorities that a deranged liberal will soon be seeking a tall building, dumpster below or not, for one last swan dive into the trash bin of history.


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