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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two things before we get into the topic de' jour: 1) take time to offer any prayers or assistance for those impacted by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike, and 2) never lose faith in legitimate Americans.

Seems our football picks are holding up -- even though some of those "instincts" are betrayed by poor preparation by teams believing they can just throw their headgear out there and come away with a win. Here's a tip for most: never bet on UCLA (unless they're playing some D-III school, then check the spread). Here's hoping Air Force sustains their high intensity and Texas keeps working hard -- blowing out Rice is part of the program.

Now that we've had some fun with the games our kids play, let's focus on why legitimate Americans have to step up and defend this great nation from the liberal scourge -- again. Those septic tank dwellers have run the streets, wild-eyed and drooling, trying desperately to install a socialist government at state and federal levels. While California may suffer from heavy doses of socialism and near bankruptcy, the rest of the country (well, let's throw New York and a few other northeast liberal sanctuaries in the socialist pile) looks to roll with the punches and endure market adjustments. I know that reads simplistic, but be realistic: Wall Street has seen some major upheaval -- necessary adjustment, truth be told. The energy markets have been influenced by some of the Wall Street manipulations, supply and demand issues, and a feckless US Congress incapable of dealing with legitimate issues. The country is barraged by the media's blatant attempt to have a pandering racist and socialist from Illinois elected President of the United States -- almost comical if it wasn't for the serious business that must be handled by whomever our next Chief Executive turns out to be.

Those on the left -- supporters of the pandering racist and socialist from Illinois -- have adopted a "get in your face" strategy, ostensibly to discourage discussion or debate regarding the absolute lack of credible solutions for the issues facing our country today. I am begging for one of these morons to get in my face: aside from the intellectual beat-down I'll unload, should a single droplet of this left wing stooge's spittle reach my personal space, that stooge will need a friend or two to help make sure what pieces remain can be re-assembled by competent medical professionals. This is not to suggest legitimate Americans should slap the crap out of these morons just for being left wing morons, but the marching orders issued by operatives in the Democratic candidate's campaign to be more "confrontational" will easily be construed instructions to "invade our space". Let me know if I can help any of you with such intrusion.

As Brother Paul -- in his capacity as a highly skilled law enforcement official -- will attest, left wing morons don't know when to quit. I've served as part of a security barrier -- in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere -- where left wing/liberal sewer rats believed they could destroy or deface American institutions as part of their protest effort. It's not enough for these dungballs to draw cartoons or write despicable missives about their philosophical opposition, these intellectual midgets believe they possess a "right" to destroy or deface things they had absolutely nothing to do with it's creation. When a gaggle of left wing stooges deface the Vietnam Memorial, they do so knowing they did not serve or participate in any phase of that conflict. When left wing stooges deface the US Navy memorial (just run down the list of sacred ground they've attempted to destroy or deface), they aren't doing it because their service in the US Navy left them insane and depleted morally. These cretins believe there will be no consequence, no price to be paid for their action. These sewer rats scream about their "rights", forgetting those honored by those same memorials they're vandalizing provided those "rights".

Legitimate Americans stood up to them on many occasions and in many locations. It's time for legitimate Americans to make one more important stand: reject completely and thoroughly the candidacy of this pandering racist and socialist from Illinois. Do not be concerned with threats of race riots or left wing upheaval if this utterly unqualified candidate is rejected, defend America with your vote, then defend America by rounding up those seeking to wreck havoc and depositing them in prison (or, my personal preference, the bottom of a septic tank).

We've discussed issues and will continue to make issue oriented discussion the foundation of our blog here. But, America is in mortal danger here, thanks to the lunatics wandering in our midst. I am not exaggerating the issue or trying to inflame emotion beyond what's rational and what's irrational, but I ask each legitimate American to recognize the differences.

More later. Enjoy your weekend, football, and God bless each of you legitimate Americans dropping by to visit us.


Anonymous Americaneocon said...

God bless you!

26 September, 2008 21:27  

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