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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ouch. Well you can't win them all and if you happened to be the Mexican and betting on the PAC-10 last week, you couldn't win but one. I got steamrolled with losers from Cal, Oregon and Arizona State. Auburn hurt me large. The Pollack had another fine week, adding enough money to his coffers that he has been contemplating a campaign contribution to yours truly for my anticipated run against Harry Reid in two years. The Texan also had a decent week although he was only 1-1 on his posted picks. Now regular readers will understand that the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sports Betting Service only lay out what we consider our favorite plays each week. For instance I gave out three picks, but I had action on 26 NCAA games last week. Of course this is bidness and the Pollack and Mexican are getting in shape for the annual Vegas Business Trip in two weeks. Overall we're at 12-5 on posted picks and yours truly is the big drag...gotta correct that so it's get even weekend...

Now without further eloquence, let's get down to this weeks offerings:

Pollack loves Mississippi St. this weekend. The Bulldogs are getting 8 pts on the road at Georgia Tech and the Pollack says there is no way the Ramblin' Wreck should be givin' 8 pts to any team from the SEC. In another State sponsored pick, the Pollack likes San Jose State to cover 10 against Stanfurd. With impeccable logic he reasons that the physics and bidness majors of the Cardinal will already be concerned with midterms while the Spartans are running past them like Phi Kappas to a kegger. In NFL action Tennessee to cover 4 against Houston.

The Mexican checks in with his picks on the following: Penn State giving 27 against Temple. The Nittany Lions are home and they're going to show why Pennsylvania goes for McCain. The fraudulent footballers from Philadelphia will be sent scurrying for cover. Utah over Air Force. The Texan disagrees here since this is a big conference game. I say Utah can sense BCS and they need to put up impressive numbers. The line is 7 and I think the Utes cover it with change. NFL action, take the Niners at home, give the three spot.

Our illustrious Texican called in his picks only minutes ago. He loves Florida over Tennessee, give the 7 pts and watch Tebow run over the Creamsicle crowd. The Texican snorted out Mizzou over Buffalo, give the 33. He said it could be so ugly that PETA might get involved to save the hapless Bulls. Upset special he goes against the Mexican, calling for Air Force to cover against Utah. NFL action the partisan former flanker calls for Dallas to cover 2 pts at Green Bay.

So there you have it sports fans. Please remember to report all winnings to the Internal Revenue Service...(cough...cough)...(hack..)...(phew)

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