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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey there folks, this here is the Mexican checking in with the weekly Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sportsbetting Service picks of the week. Ahead and back on track last week our overall record is now 41-31 so the money flow is positive. Unlike money policy in a democrat congress. As the Texan might say, (if he ever comes around these parts anymore), "it's down to nut-cutting time." That boy has seen a few breakfast and brandings so we'll trust him on that one. Of course he was talking football and I was thinking Presidential race. For my analysis of how the breakdown goes in this battleground state, you'll have to tune in over the weekend or on Monday for last minute adjustments. Back to the gridiron.

This week the Pollack is offering up the following picks: BYU, lay the 14 pts. even on the road, Colorado State is that bad. Okie Light, looking to rebound big after close loss to the Longhorns last week. Okie Light will take it out on Iowa State at home. Lay the 31 pts. Texas A&M over Colorado. The Sodbusters are improving while the Buffaloes are imploding. Lay the 2 pts at home. Kyle Field will be all dipstick burgundy and it's a tough place to play for an opponent used to seeing female cheerleaders on the sidelines. NFL action, Minnesota at home, lay the 4 against Houston. Tampa Bay on the road at Kansas City, lay the 7 pts.

The Mexican checks in with his picks: Ole Miss laying 5 pts against Auburn in Oxford. Yeah I know they failed to cover for me last week, but when a horse bucks you off, you get right back on it. Oregon State laying 9 pts at home against Arizona State. The wheels have come off the Sun Devil's wagon. Florida State, laying 1 pt on the road at Georgia Tech. The rambling wreck is out-atheleted by the Seminoles. They just need to win baby. NFL action: Washington over Pittsburgh, lay the 3 pts at home.

Our meandering Tejano meanwhile had the following thoughts to convey about this weeks gridiron action: Air Force, lay the 9 pts on the road against Army. Interservice rivalry and the Falcons bomb the Black Knights of the Hudson. Michigan State at home, laying 5 pts against a Wisconsin team that is a bit bi-polar this season. Georgia getting 5 pts at a neutral site in the world's biggest outdoor cocktail party against Florida. SEC rivalry at its best. NFL action, NY Giants at home laying 7 pts against the Cowboys.

Take them to the bank folks, especially as the college season winds down and the prospect of an O'Bama presidency looms. Be sure to make small wagers so its easier to hide the winnings from the IRS agents who will come after you. Just look at what O'Bama goons have tried to do to Joe the Plumber, imagine what they can do to a recently wealthy football fan with a few hard-earned and newly acquired dollars in his wallet.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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