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Friday, October 24, 2008

Now that was a clinic. The first half of the Texas-Mizzou game last week ought to be required viewing for any aspiring quarterback. What a game but it doesn't get any easier for the 'Horns as they work towards a Big 12 title. Our own prognostications took a hit last week, mostly due to the drag inflicted by the Mexican going 1-3 on his selections. Hey, my pocketbook hurts too after a 6-7 week for the PMT Sportsbetting Service. Overall we're sitting at a still moneymaking 34-26. So let's get down to bidness this week and review the action:

Pollack likes Miami laying 2.5 pts at home against a Wake Forest team that seems bipolar this season. Always take the criminals over the psych students. Rice getting 2.5 pts at Tulane. Owls fly over the Green Wave. Michigan getting 4 pts at home against a Michigan State team that can't seem to get out of its own way. Talk about bumping uglies, this game is it. NFL Action, Philadelphia laying 9 pts at home against Atlanta.

Mexican likes Ole Miss on the road laying 4pts. Houston Nutt is going back to Fayetteville with a good team and good quarterback. Sooooie pig ain't gonna get it done agains the Rebs. Notre Dame giving 11 pts against Washington. The Huskies are horrible and being at home isn't going to help. The Irish travel well and parishioners from Seattle to Spokane will attend church at Husky Stadium. Army laying a point at home against Louisiana Tech. Tech played Hawaii and Boise St. the preceding two weeks. Lotta frequent flier miles adding up to fatigued Bulldogs. Take the Black Knights of the Hudson as a rare favorite. NFL action Buffalo laying 1.5 pts at Miami.

Ole Tex weighs in with nods on Georgia, getting a point in Death Valley. LSU is erratic at best and Georgia needs this game to keep pace. Texas laying 13.5 against Okie Lite. The Cowboys come to Austin and get gored by the Longhorns. Alabama laying 6 against Tennessee. Bigtime rivalry but Tennessee isn't a bigtime program this year. Give the Vols the deep six and take the Tide. Kansas over Texas Tech. Kansas is a 1 pt favorite at home. Tech gets tested for the first time this year and fails. NFL action, Tampa Bay over Dallas. Too much drama in the Big D right now.

There it is sportsfans. As we get closer to the election I plan on posting a detailed overview of my observations of conditions in the Silver State. You will then be able to draw your own conclusions about the state of the race in this battleground state. Until then, get out there, take our gratis gridiron advice and make some money!

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