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Friday, November 07, 2008

Forty-seven and thirty eight, numbers that most O'Bama supporters think are the number of states in the union. Nope folks, that there is our accumulated record for the PMY Sportsbetting Service thus far in the 2008 College Football campaign. Terrible 6-7 week last week only made worse by the political drubbing suffered on Tuesday. Of course being conservatives, we here at the PMT Sportsbetting Service are always looking to the bright side, the glass is half full. Or as the Pollack has been known to declare, "Summitch the line just moved and dropped the hook in my direction!" Which to the uninitiated means that somewhere, deep in the bowels of a Las Vegas sportsbook, some cigar chomping bookie just cut 1/2 point off the line. Since we are always looking for an angle, we are right back this week with our picks of the week, after all, neither rain, nor snow, nor looming O'Bama presidency can keep us from our appointed job of enriching the readers.

Pollack loves the following wagers this week: Ohio State lay the 11.5 or buy the hook, against Northwestern. Duke, (beleive it or not they appear to have shown up to play some football this year) at home getting 5 pts against North Carolina State. UCLA getting 9 pts at home against Oregon State. NFL action, Miami laying 9 pts at home against a terrible Seahawk team.

Mexican likes the following action: Bowling Green laying 2 pts at Ohio. West Virginia at home against Cincinnati, lay the 8 pts. Rice at home, laying 9 pts against Army. NFL Action, New England, buy the hook to lay 3 pts against Buffalo at home.

The Texican checked in with so many damn picks he left it up to me to cull the herd to something manageable. Expect the Longhorns to rebound from that last minute gaffe last week. Baylor gets mugged, lay the 25 pts and call FEMA to help the Bears off the field at DKR. Cajun Country grudge match, Alabama over LSU in the Saban Bowl, lay the 3 pts and rooooollll Tide. USC, large over Cal. USC is making its case for the BCS, lay the 17 pts. NFL Action, Tennessee lay the 3 pts over Chicago on the road.

Thats it for now sportsfans and political junkies. Time to break into ye olde humidor and make my seegar selection for the morrow's football viewing. I think something in a corona size, perhaps a Fuente or Corojo....something fuerte to help get the taste of Tuesday's defeat out of my mouth...

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