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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America has decided to experiment with its future, once again. Yesterday, liberal interests were served with the election of a pandering socialist and racist to the office of President of the United States. We've had these bumps and rashes before -- we'll heal up and be fine in the long run. But, the short term damage often lingers well beyond a normal period of recuperation. Expect tremendous short term damage during this phase of social engineering and political adventure.

Seems the liberal enclaves are intact. The Northeast and West Coast, with a few flyover states, all seemed too anxious to usher in a new era of irresponsibility and delusion. It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to make the connection: where people live like sardines in a can, liberalism reigns. Where the industry and initiative of legitimate Americans can be taxed and extorted, these people thrive. Liberals -- and those supporting this pandering socialist and racist -- need misery of the sort routinely found in crowded urban settings. Poor schools, subsidized transportation, high crime, and irresponsible behavior are common traits among those residing in liberal enclaves. As long as the subway runs, they believe life is "acceptable". As long as the line at the state welfare office is not too long, life is "tolerable". As long as they are not held responsible for their own failings, they'll vote for Adolph Hitler. Need proof?

See November 4, 2008.

Legitimate Americans came out in smaller numbers than the idiots believing some slick talking politician would "change" their lives. We continue to ask: change what?

Change the fact you've supported candidates that have throttled your industries with over-reaching goverment regulation or onerous taxation? (Hello, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania.)

Change the fact states like California and New York are virtually bankrupt, viable citizens and industries seeking the fastest way out, leaving only a tottering "service/government" economy as their principle means of income? (See the explosive growth of states along the southeastern seaboard and Gulf Coast, Arizona and Nevada.)

Most disturbing -- to legitimate Americans -- is the trend showing these refugees from northern or western liberal enclaves now seek to convert conservative enclaves (the ones with low property taxes and high quality of life) to some version of what they left behind. Unwilling to shed the poison of liberalism, these refugees were attracted to safe schools, clean water, low taxes, and good weather, but go to the voting booth only to install politicians seeking to duplicate the failures they left behind in the morally and fiscally irresponsible liberal enclave. If this election was simply to "bitch slap" George W. Bush, the liberals and their idiotic minions will be severely disappointed. While it was a tough night for Republicans, it bears mentioning only Sarah Palin represented the true conservative voice on the national ticket. The pandering socialist and racist has some measure of down ticket success, but thank God Almighty, no big sweep or Democratic super-majority. To think the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid rose to the outcome of this election with a smile on their face should motivate every legitimate American into action. Not just hand-wringing "woe is me" action, but serious, confirmed, and effective action.

I admire John McCain for taking the high road during the campaign, but we've learned the mainstream media cares little for class or integrity during the course of dispensing their propaganda. The media acted as if their very existence hinged on the outcome of this election; hence, their jubulation when the results came in. Now, as one extraordinarily idiotic New York senator has indicated, non-liberal voices of free speech and legitimacy in America may be silenced -- much like a moral nation excludes pornography from common use media. Without the voices of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or whichever radio talk show host you prefer, the misery and dependence shared by those supporting this pandering socialist and racist will now be yours to savor and incorporate into your otherwise productive and legitimate life.

Don't believe -- for one second -- your dissenting voice will be tolerated. Yes, these future residents of history's septic tank will dance in the freeway in an effort to demonstrate their rights of "free speech", engage in completely fraudulent and slanderous attacks on their political adversaries, etc., etc., etc., but once you stand up and reveal the utter and complete failure of their philosophy and doctrine, you will be silenced. You will not be able to enter the competitive media market with a concept that draws an audience or advertising revenue unless it meets the "standard" established by the likes of the senior senator from New York. Like all liberals, this shrieking buffoon cannot stand being exposed as a pure nincompoop by someone on a radio or television talk show. He'll demand "equal time". OK, match the ad revenue, pay half the expense, demonstrate you merit such a lofty demand with Arbitron ratings, etc., and we'll accomodate you. But, mean you want "equal" time without the requirement to do what is necessary to produce the program?

We get it, liberals. You want free propaganda and legitimate Americans to subsidize it.

(See Air America or PBS for commercial or ratings examples.)

Sorry. Just because this pandering socialist and racist will sully the White House grounds for one term doesn't qualify you for the right to destroy free markets, be they media, industry, or academia. Rest assured, liberals and all your sheep fur following, the foul weather and stench arising from Washington, D.C. is not the onset of winter or another District garbage truck flipped over on the expressway. It's the result of opening a rotting bag of garbage, then depositing it on federal property. (I happen to like that analogy. It fits like no other.)

A large number of Americans showed how naive and gullible they are last night. Brace yourselves for the impact of reality. It's going to be painful for these morons.


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