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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fifty-eight and Fifty-one, still +7 wins on the year which means we're making money, on the other hand, we're hanging on by our fingernails. The Pollack has gotten hammered the last couple weekends so we need to get the Night Train to Warsaw back on track. Either that or we might have to add to the diversity of the prognosticators and add an Italian or Albanian or something. But before we go benching the Pollack let's let him weigh in this week with the following:

Ohio State, laying 20 pts at home in the Horsehoe against Michigan. It's not often that you get a chance to really lay the hammer down on your most hated rival and this is one of those years. Buckeye fans should be gloriously intoxicated Saturday night. Florida Atlantic getting 4 pts on the road at Arkansas State. Hey don't laugh, the Owls have made us a tidy sum the last couple of years. New Mexico State, getting 6 pts at home against Louisiana Tech. Sorry Bulldogs, the Aggies rise to the occasion in the desert. NFL action: Washington -3 pts against Seattle at home.

The Mexican weighs in this week with the following selections: Texas Christian laying 17 pts at home against Air Force. The number 1 rush defense in the nation shuts down the Falcon flexbone. The ol' alma mater, UNLV laying 12 pts at San Diego State. The Aztecs are wore out and the Rebels get bowl eligible. Utah laying 4 pts at home. The race for a BCS bid continues, big rivalry game and the Utes won't let up. NFL Action: upset special, New York Jets getting 6 pts against Tennessee in Nashville. The Jets at least keep it close and could win it outright. Tennessee has to lose sometime, it just might be this week.

The Texan finally reestablished his hi-speed, data uplink, satelite feed connection to PMT and so his selections are as follows: Texas Tech, getting 7 pts against Oklahoma. Though it pains us to say it, our hearts are with the Dirt Burglars but this might be Tech's year. We need a light Okie victory to keep Texas in the National Championship picture. LSU laying 7 pts at home against Ole Miss. The Bayou Bengals are a wounded Tiger and they always play tough in Death Valley. Ole Miss hasn't improved that much, they come game but go home losers. BYU getting 4 pts on the road in Salt Lake. Going against his protege, the Mexican. We'll see who's right come Saturday night. NFL action: Dallas, lay the 10 pts at home against San Francisco.

There it is for another week sportsfans, the college season is almost over so be sure to get your action while you can and make sure your bookie files properly with the IRS.

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