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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot damn, it must be November because the PMT Football betting record is getting tighter than ol' Dick's hatband. Now we here at the Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sportsbetting Service are still solvent mind you, posting a 52-45 record overall. Still, if we can't get this turned around we might start cutting into our profit margin. Of course if we go belly up, I'm certain that with the Texan's powerful union contacts among the democrat glitterati, that he would be able to secure a taxpayer funded, federal bailout. The Texan is noted for his longtime adherence to bipartisanship and ability to get along with others...

Now then, its down to nut-cutting time as they say back at the B Bar V Ranch and so the Pollack checks in with the following picks this week:

Mississippi State, getting 22 pts. The Crimson Tide has clinched the SEC West and gets caught looking ahead to Florida. Oklahoma State, lay the 17 pts against Colorado. Okie Lt. looking to role and coming with a mean on after two straight losses. Wisconsin, lay the 14 pts against Minnesota. The Gophers get axed at Camp Randall Stadium. NFL Action: Tennessee lay the 3 pts against Jacksonville. Sure Tennessee is going to lose at some point this season. We just ain't there yet.

Mexican likes the following action: Ohio State, lay the 8 pts against Illinois. Bigtime revenge match for the Buckeyes. UTEP over SMU, lay the 9 pts. Trouble for June Jones in Big D means a Miner win in El Paso. USF, lay the 7 against Rutgers. The Bulls are at home and rested, Rutgers had some first half trouble with Syracuse last week. NFL action, Pittsburgh, at home against San Diego. The Chargers are inconsistent and the Steelers should cover 3 pts.

Texan checks in with: Air Force, (again) getting 4 pts against BYU. Should be a close one and he looks for the Falcons to bomb the Cougars. Texas, lay the 12 pts against Kansas. On the road but the Longhorns are looking for style points. Alabama, he goes against the Pollack, something has to give and it turns out to be the Texan, giving 22 pts against Mississippi State. NFL Action: Giants laying 5 pts at home against Baltimore.

So its a get even weekend folks and I'm taking my boy to his very first college football game. Should be a good time, as long as the 'Horns destroy Kansas while I'm being entertained by Nevada against San Jose State.

Until next time, keep rolling in the green...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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