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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First, allow me to thank Brother Paul for holding down the fort while your intrepid Texican attended to a host of pressing matters. It may come as a surprise none of those aforementioned matters involved planning either revolution or seceding from the Union, but I may consider both in the days, weeks, and months to come. Legitimate America is waking to news of greater corruption and graft from the Land of Lincoln (that'd be the state of Illinois for you liberals and other such mental midgets), home of the pandering socialist and racist recently chosen as the next President of the United States. As details emerge from the arrest (and eventual conviction) of Illinois' governor -- entrenched in the same political apparatus that hoisted this incompetent "President-elect" to his current position -- Americans will be forced to confront their own naivete' and arrogance about politics. I'll give some folks the benefit of the doubt here; being naive and arrogant about the body politic is not going to send one straight to gates of Hell, but being an idiotic left wing supporter of this bombastic socialist from Illinois (the President-elect) should earn front row seats to Satan's "Let's dunk American liberals in burning oil" jamboree.

I would love to devote all my waking hours to dissecting the flaws in the BCS. No legitimate college football fan will deny the impressive manner in which Florida and Oklahoma finished their seasons after their losses (Mississippi and Texas, respectively), but let's make sure we take care to examine every angle when it comes down to setting the table for the national championship. Oklahoma went on a scoring rampage against every opponent they faced following a thorough beat-down by Texas, and Florida overcame the errors that cost them the Mississippi game in much the same fashion -- blowing out everybody that lined up against them. As a Texas Longhorn fan, I am supremely disappointed we didn't end all speculation by holding on to beat Texas Tech. I'd love to see the Longhorns in the national championship game, but Oklahoma completely destroyed Texas Tech. I believe that lopsided victory created enough style points for the Sooners to legitimately stake a claim for a berth in the national championship contest. Question is: did Florida do enough to earn the other spot, or should the Texas - OU matter be settled on the field as the national championship?

I bleed orange, folks (that means I live and die with the 'Horns), but I will submit to the world Florida did, indeed, earn the right to play for the title. Texas will plaster Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl to finish #2 behind the winner of OU - Florida. As of this writing, I am inclined to believe Oklahoma has the edge, but I'll never underestimate the Gators. It will be one hell of a game.

Like Brother Paul, I am going to refrain from analysis of the next administration until they are seated and begin to butcher American institutions. By then, it may be too late for most legitimate Americans to react, but we can prepare for the 2010 Congressional elections. My devotion to Americana remains steadfast and reliable -- have no fear. We must do what is necessary to protect America from this experiment in social engineering, overcoming what damage may be done by holding conservative candidates to their word. The Republicans took the easy road last time out, and it cost them dearly. It's time to roll up the sleeves and start mucking out the proverbial Washington stable. It's a dirty, smelly, and unglamorous way to keep things tidy, but all too necessary in the current world dynamic.

Stay tuned.


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