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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas season is upon us. 2008 is nearly done. Who would have believed -- a scant six months ago -- the greatest nation in history is about to suffer through its greatest national humilation over the next few months. In case you are a blithering idiot (that would be those voting for or salivating over this pandering socialist and racist known as the "president-elect"), just sit back and watch as "Hopey-Dopey" takes this country down the darkest road imaginable.


I refuse to call the man by name. As a proud veteran of the US Armed Forces and patriot par excellance, I consider anyone that voted for or supports this Marxist tool a traitor and buffoon. This has nothing to do with race, gender, or religious persuasion. It has everything to do with qualifications and experience. Hopey-Dopey has neither. During his multi-million dollar campaign, the pandering socialist and racist begged for "new direction" and "change". What America got was the wife of an impeached, disgraced, disbarred, convicted felon from Arkansas at State, political favors returned in the form of other key Cabinet assignments, and the exposure of Illinois corruption at the highest level.

It is a nightmare scenario unfolding before our very eyes.

Now, the lickspittles in the national propaganda office (otherwise known as the mainstream media) insist Hopey-Dopey had no clue any of the collusion and graft was taking place in Springfield or Chicago. As Dennis Miller so adroitly observed, Hopey-Dopey, by making those assertions, is either too damned stupid or dishonest to be president of the United States. This clown hasn't even been sworn into office and we're already looking at prison time for some of his closest associates. While I may have paraphrased Mr. Miller's comments, the point is clear: how much hypocrisy can liberals and their left wing enablers attempt to hoist up the proverbial flag pole before legitimate Americans -- firmly and finally -- put an end to it?

Only a blithering idiot believes Hopey-Dopey will improve education or the quality of life for a single American. Of course, he can put thousands of dollars in some welfare queen's bank account and allow the national propaganda office to trumpet her "achievement". Or, he can nationalize failing industry so a depleted tax base can prop up corrupt and incompetent labor unions. Perhaps, he'll surrender America's superpower status to a collection of third world countries -- Somalia comes to mind -- that use 16 foot aluminum boats and 6 horsepower Evinrudes to commandeer Navy warships on the high seas.

For Hopey-Dopey to accomplish anything meaningful, none of his campaign promises can be met. Most of those promises were campaign rhetoric and fantasy, all of which the moronic left and every liberal absorbed like sun on a Florida beach. Like that sunny day at the beach, supporters of this pandering socialist and racist will feel an intense burn and great discomfort once reality strikes home: America's schools are little more than ideological workshops, the world is very dangerous, and threatening to nationalize failing business models leads to economic disaster.

Anyone expecting Hopey-Dopey to crack down on failing schools or confront armed terrorists is a fool. It is hard to take a group of spoiled children away from their worthless games and mind numbing television in order to teach them facts about science, math, or proper use of the English language. It is easy to dump incredibly inaccurate or revisionist data on young minds, knowing the hard work of explaining who, what, when, and why makes left wingers and liberals look like the monumental fools they are. If so much of the world's ills could be laid at the feet of President Bush, how much of the onslaught of socialism and Marxist style failure will the national propaganda office lay at the feet of Hopey-Dopey?

Americans succeed if they show guts and guile in the face of adversity. Schools that fail to teach facts are improved when liberals are thrown out and legitimate teachers are brought in. Businesses that operate effective plans -- even those with union labor -- stay profitable and provide goods and services, not to mention good jobs for those employed by that firm. A strong military that has the authority to act against those taking up arms against America keeps all we work and strive to create from those that cannot or will not put the same effort into their own noble effort. It seems many Americans have forfeited the right to declare themselves "free people" by endorsing the candidacy of Hopey-Dopey and his ilk. They expect something for nothing -- nothing is what they'll get.

No one has the right to demand anything but liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If that pursuit involves taking from those that do and giving to those that don't, we've failed as a nation and as a people of free men. Hopey-Dopey has no clue how to lead a nation, but he gives great speeches on a wide range of topics. Too bad his legacy will be one of utter failure and diminished return -- the national propaganda office is already lowering expectations so the populace will not rise up en masse to demand his immediate ouster.


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