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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here's hoping all legitimate Americans had a very Merry Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year. Of course, we are faced with a political crisis and four years of ideology driven, mindless folly thanks to the practical joke played by a few million idiotic Americans (those voting for Hopey-Dopey). For the life of every legitimate American, the media's fascination with this underqualified pandering socialist and racist is something of a mystery -- although history will reveal it was the media's full fledged creation of this buffoon's "credentials" in order to demonstrate just how gullible and arrogant some large factions of American society can be.

In a few weeks, Hopey-Dopey and his crew will take the reins of American government. What we've been led to believe is this: wholesale change and a renewal is going to sweep the nation. (Only in America could someone get away with making such pronouncements and get elected to high national office.) What we're going to see is this: simplistic efforts to marginalize wholesale change and renewal. Is that contradictory (simplistic effort, etc.)?

Not at all.

Millions of words were spoken and thousands of pages of rhetoric filled the 2008 campaign, all centered on how Democrats were going to "restore faith in America and abroad". We're beginning to learn just how they wish to accomplish that lofty feat: bail out bad business, pour billions into infrastructure, and repeat the same mistakes that have left states (Michigan, California, to name just two) in dire financial straits. Factor in Hopey-Dopey's complete and utter cluelessness regarding foreign affairs, we can all but hope the sticker shock doesn't drive legitimate Americans to the brink of full fledged revolt. But, then again, maybe it's time for a major purge -- a cultural cleansing, if you will.

I carry a heavy stick -- ready to strike back at those that seemed to take great joy in the wreckless and irresponsible attacks on conservative voices during the past campaign. There are several "entertainers" I will never spend a penny to see or hear. There are television networks that will never get a second's worth of my Neilson rating time. There are newspapers I will never read, much less buy. Magazines, etc., etc., etc. Now, I know the cavalier and arrogant editors of those media organizations will ask you, "What's one disgruntled conservative?".

You should respond this way: this gentleman is the personification of America. Full of hope and admiration for the success and longevity of this great land. Full of compassion and giving for those that legitimately need and deserve it. I didn't just "serve" in the Armed Forces; I made significant contributions to the cause of American power and prosperity -- along with several thousand like-minded comrades. I love to have a good time and don't pretend otherwise. I have probably forgotten more about hell raising and girl chasing than most American men will ever know, but every one of those I came into contact with during those adventures knew one thing: this guy is for real.

Can I run for office and win? Sure. Do I have skeletons in the closet? Not really. I play the game about as well as it can be played, staying true to the system, even when it hurts a little. The reason Brother Paul and I pontificate here -- and everywhere -- is because we care about small things. Not the minutia that consumes liberals and petty souls among us, but we know a basket full of small things, left unattended, can amount to one large thing in a damned big hurry. If we allow a handful of goofy environmentalists to prevent brush clearing in Southern California, we've allowed hundreds of homes and lives to be placed in great peril -- at a staggering cost compared to simply clearing the brush. If we allow social experimentation in secondary education, we allow greater dependence on welfare and social programs (see 2008 Presidential election outcome). If we fail to maintain due vigilence and pre-emption regarding foreign affairs, we allow dangerous enemies to strike our homeland.

America will never be perfect. As we've come to understand lately, there are far too many interpretations of words like "values" and "justice". Redress of grievance has become the foundation for many -- ignoring the basic premise that taking responsibility for one's actions ultimately rights all wrongs. That goes for both sides of the equation: if your role in life is to lead responsibly, do so or pay the price for failure. No American has cornered the market on the nuances of leadership. We've seen glory and failure in the same struggle. For Democrats to believe they have "what it takes to lead" is absolute garbage -- Democratic dominated institutions and states are abyssmal failures. I am disappointed in the recent failures of conservatives to lead when they had the chance, but my disappointment is tempered with resolve to quit propping up imagery and get to the substance of leadership. Liberals can't produce substance; imagery is their stock and trade. America cannot survive playing the "smoke and mirror" game, but that is the path so many have chosen for the next four years.


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