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Monday, February 23, 2009

The only difference between General Motors and the Imperial Federal Gubmint is that the gubmint has the ability to print money. Both are failing entities, producing little of value to the average American. GM puts out vehicles that are perceived to be lesser quality than their industrial counterparts, engages in poor business practices that have bankrupted the company and contributed to the bankruptcy of the Nation, and now comes hat in hand to Washington, seeking countless tax dollars to staunch the bleeding. A vain hope of attaining business viability compelling them to seek refuge at the teat of the treasury as a young calf looks to its mother for milk. The federal gubmint, already indebted for generations, and now headed by a socialist intent on remaking the most successful economy in history, willingly extends billions of our treasure on Hopey Dopey's vanity and political paybacks.

To any legitimate American who capably manages their own household finances, the only reasonable and responsible course of action for General Motors would be to declare bankruptcy and restructure. O'Bama will not allow this as it would mean voiding the many union contracts that hold the successful business operation hostage. Those same contracts that pay union members to sit at home watching Oprah and Jerry Springer, that allow them to sleep on the job and to swap shifts for overtime. You don't pay your child their allowance if the chores aren't done and GM and other auto manufacturers should not be paying workers if they are not working.

This is the truth of socialism readers, there is no advancement for merit. Mediocrity is rewarded and ingenuity, self reliance, initiative and responsibilty are stunted. Today the DOW is trading at its lowest level since 1997. Can anyone recall who was president in 1997? Another socialist beloved of big gubmint programs. The left cannot long continue to blame Bush for every economic ill. Since the election of the Obamessiah, the DOW has plunged over 2000 points. Clearly Wall St. though financing his campaign, is nothing more than a collection of useful capitalist idiots to the Socialist in Chief.

What is particularly galling today is the specter of Robert Gibbs, the new press secretary telling the daily press briefing that American government needed to become more fiscally responsible! That he did this with a straight face is only another indicator of the practiced lies that daily emanate from Sodom-on-Potomac. More fiscally responsible, as we print more money to allow greater deficit spending, as we invest in failed business ventures solely to protect union votes, as we bail out irresponsible individuals who purchased homes and property beyond their means.

People, this Administration is off to a roaring start, the kind of start I expected. Unfortunately it was also the kind of start I feared. Can any legitimate American really believe that investment in failing businesses and financially irresponsible people is a better investment that providing for National Defense? As I recall, that is one of the few mandates expressly reserved to the Federal government by the Constitution. But once again, I'm whistling in the wind, few lib'ruls have ever read the Constitution, those that have either revile it, or cannot comprehend its contents.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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