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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now that Hopey-Dopey and his crew are in place, it's time to begin the unrepentant and unrelenting bashing of his administration. The liberals and left wing loons out there are howling -- their only claim to fame -- about "giving him a chance". I'm going to give him less a chance than the sewer rats on the left gave George W. Bush.

There is a groundswell among the idiotic left -- trumpeted by the equally moronic media -- that "all is well in America". Electing a pandering socialist and racist hardly fixes anything, but for the emotionally motivated dolts comprising the Democrat Party, I guess that means those that have proven unwilling or incapable of earning a seat at the table of legitimate America expect their bills to be paid by the government (that means you and I). The end of responsibility or accountability, these morons believe. Boys and girls, we're in for one hell of a ride.

I didn't bother watching the inaugeration. My digestive tract gets enough abuse from enjoying a wide range of Texas' culinary delights. But, in the aftermath of this "coronation", I couldn't help but notice the massive piles of trash and debris left behind by those "fawing dolts". Disgusting and typical of liberals. Of course, had this been a Republican event, the mainstream media would have run five days of coverage of the "desecration" of our nation's capitol. I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of liberals, but hardly upset about it. Legitimate Americans knew a huge crowd would do considerable damage -- ignoring many laws or social protocols -- just to say they "were there when the Messiah was sworn in". Let's not even get into the millions of dollars wasted to clean up after these morons, nor should we spend more than five seconds discussing the number of private jets clogging D.C. metro airports (utilized by the liberal elite demanding to be seen and heard at this "historic event"). This is the party of environmental responsibility and devotion to keeping things "clean and green", right? Not a peep from Hopey-Dopey on the costs, impact, or even the visual images of this mess.

Hopey-Dopey wants to close the detention center at Guantanomo Bay, citing the interests of US national security and foreign policy. Let's get this straight: finding a way to release enemy combatants from detention and thorough interrogation is going to serve US national security and foreign policy. Legitimate Americans should be thoroughly dismayed at the logic that motivates such thinking. Hell, when Hopey-Dopey got up in front of media to announce this ill-advised move, he didn't even know the language of the executive order (he just signed). Turns out he had to ask one of his staffers whether or not the disposition of those being released was addressed in the order (he just signed). Brilliant demonstration, boys. I'd try reading those executive orders, Hopey-Dopey. No telling what your flacks might try to slip in the next one.

We'll have lots to talk about in the days and weeks to come. We can only pray the damage done to country can be minimized until competent and experienced leadership can be returned to the national government.


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