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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey there folks, this here is the Mexican checking in with the weekly Pollack, Mexican and Texican Sportsbetting Service picks of the week. Ahead and back on track last week our overall record is now 41-31 so the money flow is positive. Unlike money policy in a democrat congress. As the Texan might say, (if he ever comes around these parts anymore), "it's down to nut-cutting time." That boy has seen a few breakfast and brandings so we'll trust him on that one. Of course he was talking football and I was thinking Presidential race. For my analysis of how the breakdown goes in this battleground state, you'll have to tune in over the weekend or on Monday for last minute adjustments. Back to the gridiron.

This week the Pollack is offering up the following picks: BYU, lay the 14 pts. even on the road, Colorado State is that bad. Okie Light, looking to rebound big after close loss to the Longhorns last week. Okie Light will take it out on Iowa State at home. Lay the 31 pts. Texas A&M over Colorado. The Sodbusters are improving while the Buffaloes are imploding. Lay the 2 pts at home. Kyle Field will be all dipstick burgundy and it's a tough place to play for an opponent used to seeing female cheerleaders on the sidelines. NFL action, Minnesota at home, lay the 4 against Houston. Tampa Bay on the road at Kansas City, lay the 7 pts.

The Mexican checks in with his picks: Ole Miss laying 5 pts against Auburn in Oxford. Yeah I know they failed to cover for me last week, but when a horse bucks you off, you get right back on it. Oregon State laying 9 pts at home against Arizona State. The wheels have come off the Sun Devil's wagon. Florida State, laying 1 pt on the road at Georgia Tech. The rambling wreck is out-atheleted by the Seminoles. They just need to win baby. NFL action: Washington over Pittsburgh, lay the 3 pts at home.

Our meandering Tejano meanwhile had the following thoughts to convey about this weeks gridiron action: Air Force, lay the 9 pts on the road against Army. Interservice rivalry and the Falcons bomb the Black Knights of the Hudson. Michigan State at home, laying 5 pts against a Wisconsin team that is a bit bi-polar this season. Georgia getting 5 pts at a neutral site in the world's biggest outdoor cocktail party against Florida. SEC rivalry at its best. NFL action, NY Giants at home laying 7 pts against the Cowboys.

Take them to the bank folks, especially as the college season winds down and the prospect of an O'Bama presidency looms. Be sure to make small wagers so its easier to hide the winnings from the IRS agents who will come after you. Just look at what O'Bama goons have tried to do to Joe the Plumber, imagine what they can do to a recently wealthy football fan with a few hard-earned and newly acquired dollars in his wallet.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Now that was a clinic. The first half of the Texas-Mizzou game last week ought to be required viewing for any aspiring quarterback. What a game but it doesn't get any easier for the 'Horns as they work towards a Big 12 title. Our own prognostications took a hit last week, mostly due to the drag inflicted by the Mexican going 1-3 on his selections. Hey, my pocketbook hurts too after a 6-7 week for the PMT Sportsbetting Service. Overall we're sitting at a still moneymaking 34-26. So let's get down to bidness this week and review the action:

Pollack likes Miami laying 2.5 pts at home against a Wake Forest team that seems bipolar this season. Always take the criminals over the psych students. Rice getting 2.5 pts at Tulane. Owls fly over the Green Wave. Michigan getting 4 pts at home against a Michigan State team that can't seem to get out of its own way. Talk about bumping uglies, this game is it. NFL Action, Philadelphia laying 9 pts at home against Atlanta.

Mexican likes Ole Miss on the road laying 4pts. Houston Nutt is going back to Fayetteville with a good team and good quarterback. Sooooie pig ain't gonna get it done agains the Rebs. Notre Dame giving 11 pts against Washington. The Huskies are horrible and being at home isn't going to help. The Irish travel well and parishioners from Seattle to Spokane will attend church at Husky Stadium. Army laying a point at home against Louisiana Tech. Tech played Hawaii and Boise St. the preceding two weeks. Lotta frequent flier miles adding up to fatigued Bulldogs. Take the Black Knights of the Hudson as a rare favorite. NFL action Buffalo laying 1.5 pts at Miami.

Ole Tex weighs in with nods on Georgia, getting a point in Death Valley. LSU is erratic at best and Georgia needs this game to keep pace. Texas laying 13.5 against Okie Lite. The Cowboys come to Austin and get gored by the Longhorns. Alabama laying 6 against Tennessee. Bigtime rivalry but Tennessee isn't a bigtime program this year. Give the Vols the deep six and take the Tide. Kansas over Texas Tech. Kansas is a 1 pt favorite at home. Tech gets tested for the first time this year and fails. NFL action, Tampa Bay over Dallas. Too much drama in the Big D right now.

There it is sportsfans. As we get closer to the election I plan on posting a detailed overview of my observations of conditions in the Silver State. You will then be able to draw your own conclusions about the state of the race in this battleground state. Until then, get out there, take our gratis gridiron advice and make some money!

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a game...WHAT A GAME!!! Boy hidy I don't know how many Red River Rivalry games like that I can take. As all of America knows by now, my beloved Longhorns laid a good ol' fashioned Texas ass-whuppin' on the Chuckwagon Gang from Oklahoma last week in a classic. It only took 4 Bloody Marys, 2 Miller Lites and 2 seegars to see me through it. Sadly the road doesn't get any easier this week. With that in mind and apologies for the tardy post, we get in here late to offer up our picks for this week in the afternoon NCAA action and NFL week 8. Still plenty of time to get to your local wagering establishment and reduce the household debt. After last week's action we are a still respectable 28-19. Making money and paying down the over-inflated mortgage. So without further eloquence:

The Pollack chimes in this week with: Penn State laying 24 at Michigan State. Go Nittany Lions. New Mexico giving 15 at home against a limp San Diego State squad. Lobos should roll. Baylor getting 17 on the road against an Okie Lite Cowboys team in a classic sandwich. Making up for lost ground last week our Polish Prognosticator offers up two NFL selections: Tennesse over K.C. lay the 7 and take the Baltimore-Miami under 36.5.

The Texan offered up numerous selections, some of them too early to make the deadline, (or my hectic personal scheduling). We've pared it down to the following: Texas over Mizzou, lay the 4.5 pts. Mac Brown isn't going to let the Longhorns mail it in and he's 10-0 on the week after Texas-OU. Oklanhoma, laying 20 against Kansas. Someone has to pay for the Dirt Burglars loss last week. The Jayhawks play the victim. Air Force over my UNLV Rebels. The Rebels had an extra week to prepare for the triple option but it does them no good. Lay 5 pts and take the Falcons. NFL Action: Tampa Bay over Seattle.

The Mexican is putting his money on South Carolina +3 pts at home against an LSU squad that doesn't look like the team of a year ago. Spurrier has a 10-2 record against the Bayou Bengals. Take the ol' ball coach and the points. Cal -2.5 pts, buy the hook on the road against Arizona. Makes for a sweep of Grand Canyon State teams. Oregon State over Washington. Willingham's days in Seattle are numbered, look for the Beavers to make it another nail in his coaching coffin, lay the 14 pts. NFL action: Miami over Baltimore, lay the three points at home.

There it is sportsfans. Hustle down to the bar, bookie or bank and wait for the numbers to cross the screen. Then give us a little love when you collect your winnings. As for me, Hammerin' Hank Caine and the Missus are due over to watch the big game tonight, Texas-Mizzou and I've got two perfectly seasoned slabs of ribs in the smoker awaiting my attentions. Until next time, or we hear more political punditry from our wayward Tejano, Hook'em Horns!!! and TEXAS FIGHT!!!

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hijo le mano! I just got back from Stalingrad folks. At least thats what it feels like in the ol' B Bar V corral this evening. The wind was howling off Hungry Mountain and blowing snow in my face as I made the nightly manure run out to the edge of the property. Crossing that frozen dirt with 2 inches of snow on top with the wind blasting me in the face as I pushed the wheelbarrow along made me recall with fondness the balmy days of summer. Like way back on October 8th when we hit 82 degrees. Where is that bloated stain on humanity known as Algore when you need him? October 10th and already the B Bar V looks like midwinter. I reckon my harvest of tomatoes, okra and peppers is gonna be a mite thin this year. At least the cold weather is good for the onion patch.

Speaking of patches of dirt, for those of you who might not know it, there's going to be a little football game in Dallas tomorrow. At noon Eastern, the beloved and noble Texas Longhorns will run into the Cotton Bowl to take on the dirt burglin' Oklahoma Sooners. Both teams are undefeated and ranked in the top 5. The quarterback statistics of the two pigskin pitchers are nearly identical through 6 weeks of the season. Will goodness and light win out? Or will the assortment of probationers and parolees masquerading as student athletes from Oklahoma cause great wailing and lamentation across the Lone Star State. We'll soon know. For myself, I'll be keeping a gameday vigil at the local sports wagering establishment, also known as the Felony Flats Hotel and Casino, enjoying a fine Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 seegar.

Speaking of gameday vigils and wagering. Seems our Polish friend overloaded on football in Vegas last week. He came back a winner but as a true devotee of any American sport worth betting on, his attention has turned to the love of his childhood, playoff baseball. Since the Dodgers are making a run at it, the Pollack can't be trusted for football picks right now, any more than democrats can be trusted with a budget plan. With that in mind, I'm still here to offer you the latest picks from the Mexican and the Texican. The Texican finally had an off week, going 1-3 last round so this is a get even week for him. The Pollack was 2-2 on his selections and your humble correspondent was a torrid 3-1. For those of you keeping score, that puts us at 24-15 on the season. Entirely respectable, from a purely entertainment point of view of course.

This week the Texican phones in picks on: Texas, take the 6.5 pts and buy the hook to 7. Let's hope and pray that he's back to his winning ways. The Longhorns have covered the last 3 in the series. Hook'em Horns and Texas Fight!! Georgia laying the wood to a disappointing Tennessee team. Giving 13 pts but the Dawgs are at home and UGA IV is hungry. Notre Dame at North Carolina. Sure the Tar Heels are at home and beat UConn 7 ways to Sunday last week. But UConn was overrated and this could mark a resurgence for God's team. In NFL action, take the Broncos at home in Denver, lay the 3 pts against Jacksonville.

The Mexican hopes to continue his winning ways this week. Hawaii over Louisiana Tech. Lay the 7 pts. The boys from bayou country are going to learn the hard way that Lake Ponchartrain ain't quite as large as the Pacific. Baylor laying 4.5 pts at home against Iowa State. The Cyclones come into Waco and get pasted by a pretty fair Bears team. Maybe this call will finally get me off the Baylor fundraising mailing list. Sheesh, you go to one party 25 years ago and date one girl and them Baptists never let go. TCU laying 15.5 at Colorado State. Buy the hook to get it to 15 and watch the Frogs roll over an overmatched Rams squad. NFL action, take Houston at home over Miami. Lay 3, buy the half pt. Big win for Miami last week but Houston is a decent squad this year.

Thats it for now sportsfans. Be sure to check in for winnings and political updates as we get closer to resolving this goatroping they call a presidential election.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Week 6 is here folks and we here at the PMT Sportsbetting Service are off to a roaring start. Sure there was a minor mistep with Utah parlayed to South Florida last night. Fortunately we'd already taken Boise St. to cover 25 on Wednesday night and we took Memphis to cover 3 last night against Alabama Birmingham. We also had some insurance on the Utah game taking the over so all in all we're nicely situated going into the main action on Saturday.

The Pollack as we write is enjoying the wagering action that only Vegas can provide. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to cancel my participation in the Annual Boys Business Weekend in Vegas. I did however provide the Pollack with an array of fine cigars for his enjoyment. The bastige...Given that backdrop here are this week's picks.

Pollack chimes in with: West Virginia to cover 13 against Rutgers. This is not the same Scarlet Knights team we all recall so fondly from a year ago. Our Eastern European connection also likes Duke, getting 14 pts against Georgia Tech. The Ramblin' Wreck is playing at home but Duke is playing with confidence, take the points. North Carolina give the 7, over UConn. The game is in Chapel Hill and no damned yankee team is going to go in there and win. Football is a religion in the South, not merely cocktail conversation. Another reason we prefer politicians from the South and West. At least they usually understand that a forward pass is a means of gaining yardage on a football field. Not to be confused with Barney Frank's method of enticing male youths to serve as congressional pages. In NFL action the Pollack likes Tampa getting 4 on the road in Denver.

The Mexican offers up Minnesota over Indiana. Sorry Jamie. Take the Gophers and lay the 7 pts. Florida on the road, lay the 22 pts. Arkansas is rebuilding this year, and the Gators are looking to take out a mean on on someone after the humiliating loss to Ole Miss last week. Too bad for the Piggies. Ole Miss give the 2.5 pts or buy the hook. The Rebels are at home against a South Carolina team with a revolving quarterback. Ole Miss just might be for real and they've taken us to the pay window before this year. NFL action, Ariz, give the point just cover and win at home against Buffalo.

The Texican chimes in this week with sure things on Air Force, give the 6 pts over Navy. The Falcons are fighting for the Commander in Chief Cup and get their mile high home field advantage. Both teams run a triple option attack so the defenses will know what to expect. Can the middies get enough oxygen? Texas laying 13.5 pts at Colorado. SOme pundits are saying this is a step up in competition for the Longhorns. We say the Buffs are the ones stepping up, and getting punched in the mouth. Mac Brown doesn't let the 'Horns look ahead and they'll be focused on this conference game. Upset special, Nebraska getting 10 pts on its home field. Mizzou hasn't won here in 40 years and the Texan says if they do this year, it'll be a squeaker, take the points. NFL action, San Diego covers 7 pts against Miami in Florida.

There you have it sportsfans. Twelve prognostications for your entertainment and financial benefit. Take'em to the bank or your bookie but if you're intercepted by a nattily dressed young man wearing an earpiece and sporting a badge, you didn't get the picks from us.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

For those of you who tuned in last week for the PMT picks of the week I apologize for not having any posted. Sometimes even life its ownself can bump football aside and I've had to set games aside in order to deal with a couple of personal issues. I won't go into detail but understand if Smilin' Paul was called away from the computer, it was for a damn good reason. For those of you keeping score it's 18-9. If you're hanging with us you're winning money at a very respectable 67% of games played. As long as you keep the vigorish low and the bets somewhat close to consistent, you'll make money on PMT Sportsbetting this year.

It being too early for the picks of the week, I thought I would take a moment to inject some political commentary especially given the volatile economic situation right now. With respect to that situation, I would recall the words of Ronald Reagan, "Government isn't the solution, government is the problem." Folks I am taking as big a hit as anyone over this mess. Home value down, deferred compensation package drastically down, stocks losing value, retirement looking further and further away. Nevertheless, I refuse to compromise principles here. If anyone can show me in the Constitution where Congress is authorized to bail out private financial concerns, then I will happily e-mail my congresscritter to support a bailout package.

Since John McCain is running for President, I understand his unwillingness to engage in some well deserved partisan mudslinging, in order to play the part of a bipartisan maverick. I don't like it but I understand it. That being the case and since this blog attracts a readership in the dozens, I will take on the task for the McCain Campaign. People, democrats got us into this mess and now we expect leadership from a democrat controlled Congress in order to get us out?
Good Lord we deserve the leadership we've elected. Nancy Pelosi cannot cobble together enough democrats to pass the legislation for the bailout and she blames the Republicans. Hey Nan, if you had only gotten your own troops in line you would have had the votes and no need to scream about partisan Republican tactics. What you fail to understand Mrs. Pelosi is that the American people stood up en masse and decided to bombard their Congressmen. The people do not want Wall St. bailed out, though for vastly different reasons on each side of the partisan divide.

For the democrats that refused to support the bailout it came down to one of two things. Conservative yellow dog democrats, mostly in the South, were hammered by constituents who want nothing to do with the bailout based on sound fiscal and scope of government concerns. Urban democrats refused to support the bill because there was insufficient pork for radical groups like ACORN and more restrictions on business. These are the same brain dead democrats who rail about jobs going overseas but then turn around and make it even more prohibitive for American businesses to conduct bid'ness in America. In their world 2+2=5 and though we know that math isn't their long suit, neither is reading since apparently none of the lib'rul democrats has ever read the Constitution. Even if we allow them the generous concession that perhaps they HAVE read it, they have utterly failed in reading comprehension.

Republicans turned against the bill because for once someone remembered what it was they were supposed to be standing for, including limited government and fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility is one of those nebulous things that Republicans don't have such a good record on of late, that democrats have never had a good record on and that the Founding Fathers deemed critical to the retention of our Republic. Mercifully at least some Republicans are finding the backbone to oppose this bill. Why in God's name is the danger so immediate that we cannot take a few days to write meaningful and thoughtful legislation, instead of ramming this package down the taxpayer's throat?

Congresscritters make something less than a $250,000 a year. I have often said that I would gladly pay them each a million a year if they would only go to Washington and do nothing. Their ill-considered actions have cost taxpayers BILLIONS over the years and this issue has all the makings of another episode. Folks, fiscal responsibility sometimes means taking your medicine. Sure we may go into recession but that is part and parcel with the American system. We have had depressions and recessions throughout our history, and no amount of government intervention, lib'rul doomsaying and socialistic legislation will prevent it. What always gets us out of such economic messes is the ingenuity of the American businessman, worker and entrepreneur. Because of the freedom of our system, initiative, free thinking and boldness are rewarded. In turn we experience good economic times.

Embracing socialism is no way to stimulate the economy. This package bears no guarantees to the taxpayer, it deadens the initiative and judgment of private enterprise and rewards overaggressive risktaking by telling bankers that no matter the poor quality of your business operation, the US taxpayer will be there to bail you out. That is no way to run a business, but then again, democrats have shown us throughout the last 100 years that liberalism is no way to run a government.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family