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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Chicken fried steak, ohhh chicken fried steak, taters and gravy and
peas on my plate, bring me two orders, don't make no mistakes, there
ain't nothin' better than chicken fried steak.."

"Wednesdays is prayer meeting, you know we're never late, down to the
Townhouse, a real fine estate...when the dancin' is over we'll take our
dates, down yonder to Denny's for chicken fried steak.."

I owe everybody that actually checks in here a big ol' apology since as
I've been reminded, its been 34 days since last I posted anything to ye
olde blog. Not that theres been any lack of political activity and
fodder for commentary. To be fair, I was also gone for a week in
Washington D.C. It would be nice to tell everyone that things are
looking up and that the postings will be more frequent but between work
and the family and the many extracurricular activities we all seem to
have, I can't make that assurance. I will still post of course but it
won't be near as a regular thing as I would like.

Now I suspect some of you are wondering what in hell that little diddy
is that I opened this post with is. Well it happens to be the answer to
the anniversary question I posed lo' those many weeks ago. It was 20
(can you believe it?) years ago that a little known country hit was
penned by a group of malcontents while giving vent to their creative
energies. At least it passed for creative on a night when ropin' a train
or starting a food fight with hippies at Juanita's wasn't appealing.
Twenty long years past but I reckon I can still two-step with the best
of 'em if I need too and I'm just a little bent that L-Train or the Chop
didn't remember this anniversary.

So now that I've sniveled enough about how busy I am and how no one
remembers important anniversaries I guess I should get around to our
bread and butter...politics. In the wake of the 2000 Republican
primaries I recall hearing much wailing and gnashing of teeth that
Senator McCain did not win the primary. I sincerely hope that none of
you dear readers are seriously contemplating voting for Senator McCain
should he enter the 2008 Presidential fray. His brokering of this
appalling deal on judicial filibusters demonstrated to me and many
others that he does not hold the ideals of the Republican party or conservatives to heart. It was too easy for him to shrug off the deal as a "compromise to save the Senate"...horsehockey...the man looks in the mirror every day and sees a future President of the United States. Every move he makes is calculated towards that end and not necessarily in the interests of the Nation or the Constitution, unless of course it's convenient.

With that said, right now my early money is on Senator George Allen of Virginia. Good conservative credentials, a former governor who brings both executive and legislative experience to the table. He'll be getting a check from me as soon as this goat rope really begins.

Speaking of goat ropes. The French are usually any clear thinking American's idea of what not to be. However over the weekend they finally got something right, for all the wrong reasons. For once, both left and right are celebrating a decision of the French. By voting "non" on the proposed European Union Constitution the French have thrown a serious wrench into the gearbox of the EU. Of course the French right voted no on the EU Constitution because they were afraid of sacrificing their already curtailed nationalism and sovereignty. The French left voted against the EU because they feared global corporatism. (As opposed to global socialism). In either event, the French finally got it right, even if it was for the wrong reasons...hey I bet there's another hit country song somewhere in that line...

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