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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well there sports fans and legitimate Americans, here it is, the 2008 Season Kick-Off of the Pollack, Mexican and Texan Football Picks of the Week. Since the NFL is still in preseason and many colleges don't start until next week there is a limited slate of college action to choose from. Now the Pollack will bet on preseason games but I just can't pull the trigger on a game where my money may be riding on the arm of a guy who was stocking WalMart shelves the week before. So without further ado, especially since the Pollack's pick of the week kicks off in an hour, let me get this out so those of you fortunate enough to live close to the sports book can get down there and take advantage of his financial acumen. If any of the rest of you all happen to have access to an internet sports betting account, (ahem) strictly for entertainment purposes, since we know that no legitimate American would ever contradict the desires of Congress...and make an illegal wager on the internet, then you all can follow along...Again, just for educational purposes.

Pollack's pick of the week: South Carolina. Line opened at -11, its now -14 and looks safe. Coach Spurrier has had 3 years to recruit the SEC now and you just know that losing 5 straight at the end of the season is grating on him. Look for the 'Cocks to lay the lumber to N.C. State.

Mexican's pick of the week: Ole' Miss. Line at -8. The Rebels have talent and stole a 5 star quarterback from my beloved Longhorns. They have a new coach in Houston Nutt and he inherits a load of talent from departed Coach O. Look for the Rebs to get all over the outmanned Memphis Tigers.

Texan's pick of the week: Utah. Line opened at 3 and is now 3.5. Texan advises to take the Utes and buy the hook. Utah has a load of talent and something to prove. Michigan is in transition with a new coach installing a new offense they didn't recruit for. Should be a tough fight in the Big House but the Texan says to deep six Big Blue and give the points. Pollack and Mexican aren't touching this game.

There you have it folks, Week One picks. Guaranteed to win or you don't have to read this blog anymore.

One nice thing about football season being here, I like millions of other Americans will be tuning in South Carolina-N.C. State shortly. Mercifully it will spare me the visual agony of watching the ongoing display of seditious activity otherwise known as the Democrat National Convention. It also makes it easy to determine who your fellow legitimate Americans are. If someone you know is a suspected illlegitimate American or metrosexual, one question tomorrow clears it all up.

"howdy Lance, did you watch South Carolina beat N.C. State seven ways to Sunday last night"?

If he answers anything but a firm "yes", you know ol' Lance is probably a bigger fan of synchronized diving than he is of football. In other words, you can scratch him off the roster of potential NRA members.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well it would appear that our Merry Texan has managed to wrestle his way free from the worldly pleasures of the fleshpots long enough to enlighten us as to the seditious activities of the American left and their enablers in the old media. Fortunately for those of you who are wise enough and legitimate enough to check in here for counterpoints to the unending socialism foisted off on the public in the media and academia, the editorial staff here at NLTS is on the job.

Of course while we continue to monitor developments in the coming presidential race, folks and events in flyover country continue to go about thier daily lives, doing the things that make this great nation of ours function. The lovely Mrs. Smilin' Paul and the Young Conservatives are out at the in-law's ranch this week, doing the types of things that have molded millions of Americans in the past. You know, helping with the hay baling, summer swimming and riding the tractor. Which means in other words that I've been left alone at the sprawling B bar V estate to tend our own herd, catch up on schoolwork and enjoy premium cigars and grilled meat.

As Spider Dan pointed out to me yesterday, (when he wasn't practicing his synchronized swimming with the former bikini model), with all this free time I would be remiss if I didn't check in here and bring you all up to date on something that is near and dear to all of our hearts. I speak of course of college football.

Yes that alternate business season is almost upon us. The time of year when the siren song of pigskin lures tens of millions of Americans into the hazardous waters of sports betting. Which means that the Pollack, the Mexican and the Texan will begin their annual prognostications for your reading pleasure and financial gain. Yes folks, the PMT Sports Betting Service is already hard at work plowing through the numbers, reading the injury reports and agonizing over the truly important questions of the day. Is the Texas Tech defense as improved as they say? Or are the Hub City Bandits all hat and no horse? Can the aspiring convicts from USC knock off the equally talented felons from Ohio State? Are the Georgia Bulldogs really ready for primetime or will the world's largest cocktail party turn into a barroom brawl?
and of course most importantly, will my beloved Texas Longhorns get back into the National Title chase?

After all, some things in life are just as important as politics around here. Now I know most of you tune in here for trenchant political commentary but at this time of year, we offer up our most sought after perk of readership: football picks you can take to the bank. Or your bookie as the case may be. The season starts next Thursday night with Texas-El Paso, Vanderbilt and North Carolina State going on the road to Buffalo, Miami (Oh) and South Carolina respectively. Be sure to check in here next week for picks of the week and get ready to roll in all the Yankee greenbacks you'll be hauling in. Or cry over the emptying wallet as the case may be. Just remember, never bet with scared money and even in our worst losing streak, we could never spend your money faster than B. Hussein Obama could with a democrat controlled Congress. That's another proposition you could take to the bank....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Monday, August 11, 2008

As the world turns, liberals squirm, and the Democrats continue to elevate devoted liars to national prominence, I've jumped the gun here at the internet's most informative and insightful blog -- I actually have time to get another entry on the record ahead of Brother Paul, whom is presently consumed with ridding the fair city of Reno of what criminal element may lurk there. We can certainly anticipate good things from our distinguished hero -- by way of recipes and sound political insight -- in the days to come.

But, on to matters at hand. This is serious business for legitimate Americans of every race, creed, and origin.

If you haven't noticed the spectacular bias that exists in major American media outlets, you are 1) lucky, 2) an idiot, 3) one of those that doesn't believe such a bias exists. Let's focus on those of you in category #3 (since luck and moronic proclivities disqualify all those so adorned).

I'm going to use the fundamental tenets of journalism to make this case. For liberals and their enablers in the Democratic Party, those are: who, what, when, where, and how. I should also include -- with great emphasis -- the injection of established fact in any news report. There should be distinctions offered by media (legitimate Americans can make those easily): news (factual events presented within the template of journalistic fundamentals), opinion (editorial missives -- blogs, etc.), and entertainment (comics and crossword puzzles). Since many media outlets play host to liberal or left wing political views (those paid by that outlet to make the presentation), facts take a back seat to political agenda in the news department. We can, have, and will debunk, expose, and mutilate every liberal talking point (with relative ease) in this forum, but until enough legitimate Americans drop by to discover the brevity and factuality of these messages, we know the majority of news and information directed at them will contain incredible levels of liberal bias.

Rush Limbaugh's show is not news. The tremendous success of that program lies in his ability to comment on news and events. Rush does not retain the services of investigators and reporters, scouring the country for something to report. Thanks to the proliferation of internet news services (blogs, etc.), Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, et. al. can add those to the stacks of mainstream media reports they are so keen to examine daily. From this wealth of information, Rush is able to concoct his incredibly successful show (as Matt Drudge offers the information links with some measure of commentary).

The reason Rush Limbaugh (conservative radio overall) has been so overwhelmingly successful is due to one very simple fact: mainstream media has become to politically tainted and biased, any scholar of facts -- armed with a public forum -- can strip that bias in an instant. Rush does it with such flair and accuracy, conservatives praise his viewpoints as gospel. How can that be?

Liberals and their left wing waterboys believe they possess a monopoly on media, so all the newly minted journalists, fresh from school, show up as enterprising, enthusiastic young apprentices, only to learn the only way their by-line makes print is to dance to the master's bidding. Ever hear a liberal say anything good about Limbaugh, Drudge, or Fox News?

I can trot out thousands of examples where liberal bias has been presented under the guise of legitimate news reporting. Informed and involved Americans see this fraud daily. When the editorial boards of major newspapers or electronic news outlets fashion their reporting so opponents of their political leanings come across as imbecilic, selfish, immoral, or criminal -- without facts to substantiate those charges -- the trust and integrity our founding fathers demanded (Second Amendment) is betrayed. Liberals have no qualms about betraying anything but liberalism, and this fact manifests itself in the reporting of most large circulation newspapers, television networks, and in the halls of academia. Sources that should provide unimpeachable information have been reduced to nothing more than liberal spin and distortion. This is undisputed, even by the same media outlets guilty of those contemptible practices. I certainly have no issues with liberals acquiring a free speech forum and using it as they see fit. Those liberals must, however, identify that forum as 1) news or 2) opinion. If they opt for #1, keep the facts straight, unbiased, fair, and accurate. If they select #2, well, we all know liberal opinion forums fold up like Cuban battleships (not many of those around). However, declaring themselves to be legitimate news organizations, wrapping themselves in cloak of the US Constitution, duty bound to be forthright and honorable, then a serious abuse and fraud has been committed. The left, in so many cases, has taken mass media into the gutters of liberal propaganda, forsaking the lessons history taught us about such dubious manipulations of news and information.

Just for the sake of clarity, imagine if every news story presented -- with the same zeal and emphasis displayed by these liberal idiots -- contained references to God or Jesus Christ. Example: "Today, in defiance of God's will and in spite of Jesus' suffering, Russians attacked strategic targets within the borders of Georgia, a God-fearing ally of the United States." (How many liberals do you think would sit still for that?) Liberal version: "Bush's failed policy leaves thousands dead, Russians on the march. McCain approves of Russian action, campaign reports".

So why must we sit still for the same nonsense, only spun their way?

Examine recent events surrounding the former US Senator from North Carolina, vice-presidential nominee, and candidate for President. So feckless and inept is this ambulance chasing lawyer, the notoriously corrupt Democratic Party rejected his effort. Throughout his career as a politician, the liberal press trumpeted this clown's virtue and devotion to their cause, ignoring the glaring weakness of his platform. Now, after years of tacit denial and scolding those that knew better, this buffoon has admitted to betraying the trust of his family and supporters -- only after a sordid tabloid captured him in a compromising situation. The reaction of the mainstream media was revealing -- and sickening to legitimate Americans. We all recall the utterly absurd attempts to smear President Bush and his family, Vice President Cheney and his family, Senator McCain, and a host of other conservative (Republican) officials without a solid fact in evidence. The mere suggestion of impropriety set off a barrage of editorial commentary and news reports. Yet, when leading Democrats are caught -- red handed -- in outright lies, fraud, or corruption, the stories are not tempered with disdain and disgust, but of how that Democrat somehow became a "victim" of an intolerant society dominated by sexually retarded white men. This, my fellow legitimate Americans, is more treasonous and despicable than the sordid acts themselves.

Liberals insist the saga of the former Arkansas governor and worst President of the 20th Century was tainted only by a single sex act. Only a mind numbed moron would suggest such a thing. The President of the United States stood before the nation and vehemently denied there was anything sexual going on, only to be exposed -- for the umpteenth time -- as a serial molester/rapist with a remarkable penchant for lying. What proved to be the deal breaker with this shyster was the commission of a felony -- lying under oath. Had this been George W. Bush -- caught red handed and proven a liar -- the media frenzy would compare only to the news Britney Spears hiked up her dress to show everyone she liked to go panty-less. The media has concocted and fabricated more phony stories about President Bush and his staff than Walt Disney could imagine, but where the truth lies about the former Arkansas governor and worst President of the 20th Century, an equally corrupt North Carolina lawyer/senator/vice-president nominee/candidate for President, no one seeking that truth from the mainstream media will never know the facts.

As we speak (write and read, as it were), Russian forces are engaged in a fierce assault against a friend of United States. Georgia is an independent nation, free of Soviet style oppression, yet entangled in a territorial dispute with the mighty Russians. Predictably, the liberal press has somehow determined this conflict was instigated by the failed policy of President Bush. Worst still, according to these left wing luminaries, thousands of lives are being lost in brutal fight in an effort to strengthen the campaign of Senator McCain. Legitimate Americans cannot tolerate this madness any longer. We'll delve into the serious nature of these disturbing events in Georgia as facts are established, but the focus today is on just how deep into the lunatic abyss the left wing press has fallen. Anyone believing President Bush or Senator McCain is buoyed by the fighting in Georgia is clinically insane -- I'd almost recommend they be put out of the misery, but why deny due process?

Friends and neighbors, you can play a big role in restoring integrity and honor to our national press apparatus. We can pick and choose those programs we know are purely opinion oriented, but we want to rely on established news (hard news) programming to present the facts, free of political bias or editorial influence. The question for the liberal morons making the case American Republicans are responsible for the fighting in Georgia should be this: where is the evidence the US President (or a sitting US senator) provoked either side into military action?

Demand an answer from anyone espousing that folly. Require details. You'll get none, but do it anyway. The blubbering, sputtering, juvenile response you'll most likely get should do nothing more than convince you our society needs fair and accurate news coverage -- the kind only so few outlets provide today. Of course, you can always get the correct spin right here -- Brother Paul and I would never lie to you.

Not on purpose, anyway.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fear not, my fellow legitimate Americans. While I have been on something of a sabbatical (thanks in large part to vacation and the company of a delightful former bikini model), my examination of the current political situation has not taken a day off. In fact, yours truly has been carefully observing the charade most will commonly refer to as "the Democratic candidate's run for office".

I've been around -- voting age and politically in tune -- since the days of Richard Nixon and Vietnam. Lots of water under those bridges, to be frank. Not since the utter failure of the Georgia peanut farmer was fully exposed by the greatest President of the 20th Century (for you liberal twits and illegitimate Americans, that would be Ronald W. Reagan) has this country been confronted with such a monumentally horrific candidate from the Democratic Party. The presumptive Democratic nominee -- a pandering racist and socialist from Illinois -- has been elevated to deity status by flocks of adoring lemmings, not only in the media, but in various communities that have clearly demonstrated American values can be devalued by idiots, yet remain unimpeachable so those very same idiots may live in freedom and prosperity. Legitimate Americans recognize the reality at play here: the last two Democratic candidates were fatally flawed and lost elections to President George W. Bush. Because of those losses, the Democrats could be running Kim Jong Il as their candidate (the existing nominee isn't that far removed from the Kim Ping Pong ilk) and the water boys and lap dogs (media personalities that allege no bias.....please) would trumpet his praises and slaughter the truth in order to gain acceptance among legitimate Americans.

Note to you liberals and others suffering similar symptoms of dementia: your boy -- the one from Illinois -- is going to get trounced in the general election.

Many conservatives may not share my optimism. I can fully appreciate why. Since time and resources are precious, let's cut to the chase. The Democrats -- their liberal/left wing base -- are beyond repair. So completely lost in pursuit of relevance, the Democratically controlled Congress has only immediate family (and a few landscapers employed by those family members) responding positively to survey questions about this Congress and its performance. So inept and feckless is the Pelosi - Reid cabal, issues surrounding the economic wellbeing and security of the United States have been dwarfed by the partisan attempts to bash President Bush. Every last one of these underhanded and cowardly affronts to the intelligence of Americans has been a miserable failure -- token political posturing by a frightened band of intellectual midgets. Need proof?

Google "Democratic candidate for President, 2008". There are few more unqualified to be President of the United States than the clown that turns up in your search. Not many, but, certainly, a few (Britney Spears and Paris Hilton come to mind as equally qualified).

If the liberals and left wing poodles among us think I'm being a tad too flippant, guess again. The pandering racist and socialist from Illinois is so dramatically unqualified to lead this nation, it has rendered the entire Democratic nomination and selection process into nothing short of a three-ringed circus. Every philosophical aspect of the Democratic effort is flawed beyond reason. Every plank in their platform is attached to a flimsy premise -- undermine George W. Bush at all costs. Of course, President Bush is not on the ballot, so the Democrats have fired their dunce laden volleys in what history may record as a magnificently Quixotic display of ineptitude. Even more laughable are attempts to portray Senator John McCain as a "Bush re-dux". The Arizona senator has not been a favorite among conservatives because of his "maverick" stands and legislative style, but any moron falling for this fallacious "Bush third term" nonsense truly needs to stand in line to hear the Democratic candidate spew some of the most useless and featherbrained rhetoric ever offered as campaign speeches.

I expect nothing from the Democratic convention in Denver (nothing but a rehash of Bush bashing and attempts to deflect the failure of a historically underachieving Congress). Democrats have no legitimate solutions to international terror, no plan to end dependence on foreign oil (see the posts of Brother Paul and I over the past few months to confirm this folly), and certainly no plan to end the never-ending cycle of dependence and bigotry inherent in a liberal's favorite pet project: welfare and entitlements. The endless barrage of predictable liberal talking points haven't strengthened the case for a single Democratic candidate -- more so in the case of their nominee for President -- yet, as we've witnessed each and every campaign season, the Democrats continually attempt to portray Republicans and conservatives bigots and slaves to corporate power brokers. Aside from the sheer lunacy of these thread bare slogans and fear mongering, Democrats are so desperate to be assigned legitimacy, they'll forfeit their credibility in yet another Presidential campaign, and, hopefully, forfeit their majority in the sacred houses of government (tongue firmly planted in cheek for that missive).

America can develop alternative energy while continuing to produce petroleum -- domestically. To listen to the Democrats tell it, all those billions of barrels lying in easy reach of domestic producers "will not have an impact at the pump". If ever there was a consortium of illogical humans attempting to pass themselves off as "informed and capable", God grant us the wisdom to ignore and ostracize every last one of them. Unfortunately, there are enough birdbrained citizens of this country willing to fall for every liberal platitude and paranoid delusion. Because of this proliferation of nitwits, there's enough of an audience to keep the dunderheads comprising the Democratic Party in the public eye.

Frankly, I don't want liberals to completely vanish. I much prefer -- as they slosh their way into the septic tank of history -- a few stick around to confirm why this failed ideology had to be relegated to insignificance. Legitimate Americans will always find points of contention and disagreement, but none that will bring us to a level that produces the levels of undeniable incompetence defining contemporary Democrats and their candidates. There are precious few reasonable and sincere Democrats; how dreadful they must feel during this campaign season. Their party, their credibility, and their political fate lies in the hands of a complete fraud -- the epitome of everything legitmate America rejects and despises.

Keep the faith, legitimate Americans. Do your part this campaign season. Raise your voice and cast your ballots. If you all turn out -- I pray you will -- the liberal tinpots and socialist designers will be overwhelmingly rejected, again. This time, let's make it stick.