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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Normally I try to avoid doing my qualifying shoots in the wind and snow. Being descended from a long line of tropical people I’m sure y’all can understand that but today found me recreating the Battle of Stalingrad on a personal level. On the other hand, I shot my best ever score with a Glock despite the frigid weather. Speaking of frigid weather, someone told me yesterday that Algore won an Oscar the other night. I was too busy watching old Hogan’s Heroes serials with my son to pay any attention to the Academy Awards so it was news for me to ponder this morning as I scraped 3 inches of global warming off my windshield. Can Hollywood get any more ridiculously out of touch with flyover country? I mean besides charging $82.50 for admission to watch some metrosexual mince around the screen. Sheesh, can’t them damn commies in Lala Land remember how to make a western? Not that it matters. Even if they dusted off the recipe, how the hell they gonna fill the boots of giants like Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood and of course, The Duke.

Now some of you all were certain I was going to let February slip by with no post and I damn near did. Thanks to some vigilant readers like Shaun “Hooter” Daniels I got off the dime. Not that I’ve been sick, lame or lazy mind you. Just busier than a one legged man in an ass-kickin’ contest is all. Anyways Hooter was chastising me for my lack of commitment of late and telling me how you all needed political guidance. Well I did offer some in an e-mail to some folks that generated quite a bit more response than I envisioned. Myself I’m finding it hard to get excited about an election two years away but the LWM (Left Wing Media) is so busy advancing sHillary, Hussein Obama and Julieannie I figured I’d better get my shots in while I could. You see with those three candidates, the LWM is sure to get what they want no matter who wins. A power crazed megalomaniacal woman who happens to be a Marxist, a power crazed megalomaniacal Muslim who has no experience for the job and is also a Marxist, or a power crazed megalomaniacal cross dresser who champions abortion, gay marriage and gun control. Not much of a choice for a conservative when you look at it.

Besides there’s plenty of politics to deal with here in the Silver State since our legislature is in session which means wild times in Sodom-on-Carson. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on the antics of the “peoples’ representatives”…guffaw. I almost managed to type that with a straight face…I’m tellin’ you folks, if it really does come down to a choice between Julieannie and them others for President. I just might have to vote third party because the Republicans are leaving conservatives like myself behind. There is a reason that Republicans have been ascendant in the last 50 years and it is because they have appealed to flyover America and nominating a New Yorker who has stated that his positions are largely in agreement with sHillary’s, who advocates for abortion and who is manifestly against Second Amendment is no way to win the Republican base. I just hope folks wake up to that in time. Duncan Hunter is the Conservative’s best friend right now but if he fails to make traction, then I suspect that like the Spiderman, I’ll be sliding my support to Mr. Romney.

For those of you who tune in regularly for recipes, well I’ve got some but mostly of late I’ve been playing with making homemade white bread. Finally whipped out a great batch over the weekend so if any of you want that recipe posted, let me know because there’s nothing better fresh out of the oven. In the meantime, I’ll try to be more diligent about offering up commentary but Mrs. Smilin’ Paul wants to get some of them carbon offset thingies that seem to be all the rage so we’re trying to reduce our footprint. Seems to be working too, I used to wear a size 10 in a pointed toe Tony Lama boot. Now I’m down to a 9.5 in a round toe Ariat boot. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

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