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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Normally I'm an adherent to Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican." However desperate times call for desperate measures. Alternatively, stupidity of the kind emanating from the Senior Senator from Pennsylvania calls for some rules to be violated. With that said, if you simply cannot stomach the thought of a Republican speaking ill of another, please leave the room.............

Now then, Senator Arlen Specter, (r) Pennsylvania if you are out there and can read this...ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR PEA SIZED SKULL? Your proposal to tax the oil companies because of the recent surge in oil prices bespeaks an ignorance of the free market that is unbecoming a supposed government and legislative leader. Either that or your apetite for the limelight is matched only by your stunning rapaciousness in relation to already turgid government budgets. This would put you on a par with the Senior and equally turgid, Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

First of all I am no more enamored of high gas prices than any other average Joe. However I love my country, the capitalist foundation upon which it was built and the free market sufficiently that I am prepared to accept higher gas costs. When examined against inflation, we still pay less per gallon today than we did at the height of the 1970's gas crunch. Government, as Ronald Reagan said, is not the solution here, it is the PROBLEM. On average, the oil companies make a profit of about 10 cents a gallon. Now compare that to the average taxes imposed on a gallon of gas which are somewhere between 40 and 60 cents a gallon. Who is getting rich off gas prices? The government is and that disingenuous gasbag from Pennsylvania thinks a tax on oil company profits will reduce prices? Simple common sense indicates to any casual observer that a tax would only serve to:

1) Make government richer and thus bigger
2) Provide the oil companies an opportunity to pass along the tax increase in the price per gallon charged.

Neither of these events serves the public who are clamoring for lower prices not more taxes and higher prices. Specter is counting on an ignorant electorate thinking he is doing something by talking tough about the oil companies. The only way to increase the supply of gas is to BUILD more refineries. We have not built a refinery in this country in over 25 years. The ones that exist are continually running at maximum capacity and that is a recipe for disaster in machinery. When a refinery goes down, the supply of gas gets tighter and then prices spiral upward. This is a simple equation and anyone who learned the most basic of lessons in Econ 101 should know this, U.S. Senators excluded perhaps.

The Republicans are just as guilty here as the democrats. With Republican leadership in the House and Senate for 4 years now and still we fail to drill in ANWR, have not moved to explore the California or Florida coasts for oil and most egregiously, we have not moved to construct even ONE new refinery. Additionally, our vast reserves of shale oil continue to lie for the most part unexplored. Twenty Five years ago the cost of producing a barrel of oil from oil shale was prohibitive. That is no longer the case and the technology exists for us to produce the oil with substantially less financial suffering. Folks, we need wholesale change in Sodom on Potomac. Clearly the status quo is not providing the governance desired. The simple fact remains, if you want lower gas prices you need to increase the supply of oil and most importantly, increase the capacity to refine the oil into gas. If you fail to do that, then you'd better either A) find a good alternative fuel source or B) prepare to pay exorbitant prices at the pump while fueling up.

As to the Senior Senator from Pennsylvania, though he may call himself a Republican I find his theories on economics and dissertations on law to be more eurosocialist than anything American. Next time...the dems and their never ending courtship with sedition...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I can't recall whether I learned about three dot journalism from Herb Caen or someone else but today we're going to have to resort to it...First the good news, I enjoyed some nectar last night courtesy of reader Sean Mannix, Austin TX. He was kind enough to bring me a case of Lone Star Beer last week and its been a looooong 17 years since I got on the outside of one. Anyway Skeez, I'm down to 22 now so keep some room in the luggage handy for your next trip out here...Here being Stalingrad on Truckee, more popularly known as Reno, we woke up to a couple inches of snow yesterday. On April 17, I thought we were a month into spring...I should be playing golf or at least tending to yard maintenance, instead we're clearing snow from the hay so it doesn't get know, like Ted Kennedy's brain...speaking of disease, I was glad to see my beloved A's take two out of three from the gawdamnyankees to open the season...made going into work a we need to break out of the subsequent slump...nice start for Eric Chavez though...and that is good news.

Now onto more serious issues. Those of you who know me know that I am not given to tinfoil hat theories. Tin foil works wonders in the kitchen and around the barbecue but generally does not enhance your thinking. (Although the aforementioned Senator might use a little wrapped around his glasses to amplify his negligible brain activity.) The reason I bring up my natural aversion to conspiracy theories is because when I look at the world situation today, I am wondering if we as a Nation have ever faced so many dissimilar threats and enemies at one time. If we have not, then does the presence of so many threats/enemies make real the possibility that they are being orchestrated as part of some grand design?

I am including here a long but fascinating analysis of what the future might hold for Europe...a future that could very well occur in our lifetime. We worry incessantly about the effect on our children of the climbing national debt. Well what of the effects on our children of unchecked islamofascism and multiculturalism? Forget bequeathing our children some debts, the greater disservice is to leave for them an unfinished war that they will have to fight, and against longer odds than we. My thanks to reader Dan Lynch, People's Republic of Massachusetts for that read. Poor Dan....lemme see, you had Feinstein and Boxer and you move...gaining Kennedy and Kerry. Truly a damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario.

In any event, I got somewhat sidetracked there. I was discussing the possibility that there is underway a massive effort on the part of our enemies to destabilize the U.S. and our economy as well as our national morale. Think about it folks. We are fighting a very hot war against islamofascism (even if our leadership fails to call a spade a spade.) Simultaneously we endure the highest gas prices in history due to unchecked speculation, supply shortages brought on by Chinese and Indian growth and a torpid response by our legislators to enact policies designed to provide price relief at home. This partial list doesn't begin to touch on the domestic problems of our European allies and the many foreign policy challenges we face in addition to the constant, unrelenting protest marches orchestrated by our own home grown fifth column...charmingly refered to as the "progressive left".

Since I'm new to the conspiracy theory bidness, let me see if I can connect the dots for those of you in Jeeterville. Currently the United States possesses the most advanced, capable Armed Forces in the world. No other power can match our projection capability, that is our ability to project American power and influence to the far corners of the globe when our interests dictate such action. China is the most glaring growing threat but of course, the Chinese are wily enough to know that you needn't always fight a war to attain your national objectives. Sometimes merely the threat of war will suffice (especially if the enemy happen to be democrats.) That would explain why the Chinese work so hard to undercut our economy not only by their willingness to pay any price for oil but also their utter contempt for trade regulation and engagement in fair trade practices. If you can spend a few billion and attain your national will without spending untold billions fighting and spilling the blood of your youth, why wouldn't you?

Especially if you can further your objectives through application of force and violence by proxy. China and Russia both face small but annoying problems with islamofascists. What better way to deal with your bombers in waiting than to redirect their fury at the Great Satan America? That would explain their reticence to engage the Iranians during the current crisis and pressure them to drop the development of nuclear weapons. Of course it would probably be far easier for the Iranians to export terror to China and Russia than it is for them to do to us, so the obvious solution for the Chicoms and Russkis is to placate the Mullahs in Teheran. If you take the long view of the Chinese, friendly relations with Teheran also benefits you in that it serves as a convenient area bulwark against rising Indian ambitions and I haven't even touched on the Chinese ownership of our own port facilities, the Panama Canal and their entirely too chummy relationship with our latest banana republic pain in the posterior Hugo Chavez...It always comes back to geopolitics and the thing many Americans miss in this game is that the board is constantly shifting, and as the article I linked to above points out, the board is changing faster than ever

In the meantime, we will endure spiraling gas prices, continued trade imbalances and yes...even the incalculable insult to our national pride of cowboy boots made in China. (But that's another column)...Just remember, while we fight islamofascism we must be ever attentive to the machinations of the rising dragon, China. After all, when we see the rabble in our streets, funded by those fun loving America haters at ANSWER, then we know that the Chinese yuan is well spent. We can and do become so caught up in rantings of a loudmouthed few, we forget the bigger picture and lose sight of the long term national objectives. In the meantime we would do well to learn from the Brazilians who will soon achieve energy independence because of their development of ethanol and alternative fuels. Of course the Brazilians aren't saddled with Senators named Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer and Feinstein. We should immediately move to open the ANWR to oil exploration while also repealing laws protecting the Florida and California coasts from exploration. Strictures against the construction of new refineries should also be lifted. If we do none of this, then California I trust you will enjoy the 5 and 6 dollars a gallon you'll be paying...Of course here in the Silver State, I'll be doing the same...speaking of commodities...I'm down to 21 Lone Stars...heeeeey Maaaannix....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well now this is getting personal. Some of y'all might have noticed the recent onslaught of MSM news pieces about illegal immigration and the marches and protests and such. Well lemme tellya, I'm about half tired of this crap so I thought I'd tell you all a story...

The year was 1928 and a young man of 14 came to California with his mother from Sonora, Mexico. Guess what, they came LEGALLY. In 1941 that young man volunteered for service and was inducted into the UNITED STATES ARMY. In 1943 that same young man found himself hitting the first of what would be a total of 5 Pacific beaches as a member of the 7th UNITED STATES Infantry Division. On his 30th birthday dad was crawling around a Pacific hellhole named Leyte in the Phillipines, enduring Japanese artillery during the day and banzai charges at night. Twice wounded, my father came home to marry a young girl from Texas whose family had themselves settled LEGALLY in El Paso around the turn of the 20th century. Now this happy young couple began to forge a family that eventually contained 9 children.

Of those nine children, all are today gainfully employed. Two of them served in Vietnam, two are doctors and all of them speak English. Hell some of us even vote. We are AMERICANS who just happen to be of Mexican descent. Of course with nine kids, not all of us agree on many things and I’m certain that at least two of my siblings would vehemently disagree with this writing but this is my blog and I’ll snivel if I want to. Do you know what to call those nine children of my father and mother? ASSIMILATED!!!

I do not begrudge anyone who wishes to come to America because surely this land is God Blessed and a beacon of liberty and hope to an ever degenerating world. All I ask is that you do so LEGALLY and that once here, you ASSIMILATE. Learn the language and the customs. You see in my line of work, I had to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Funny me, I take my word seriously. If you fail to ASSIMILATE then during this time of war I am forced to conclude that you do not really care for the United States much at all, just like most democrats. ASSIMILATION must be the key to any immigration reform. Every other immigrant wave from the Irish to the Germans, Italians, Vietnamese....they have ASSIMILATED. They did not come here and demand handouts or ballots in their native tongues. They came because of the opportunity America provided. These ingrates today demand social services and the right to vote. As a taxpayer I am happy to provide those services and voting rights to you, the minute you become a LEGAL citizen. I am not asking you to abandon your cultural heritage. I am merely asking that you respect and adopt another one...that of AMERICAN.

You see, I really need to take some time and edify the masses here at WKWR to some discoveries I made while on sabbatical. One of those discoveries is Dr. Mike Adams. He will soon have a link here. In any event Dr. Adams despises enforced cultural diversity and I agree. It is destroying America. The old melting pot that we grew up with and that my father fought and bled for, we are now told is a salad bowl. Each piece contributes a new flavor. I've got news for all of the cultural diversity dimwits. Melting pots forge steel which is strong. Salads make for tasty eating but poor National character and even poorer National will.

I watch these demonstrations in the streets and it annoys me no end that the protestors have to be coached to carry American flags. That is disingenuous at best and outright hypocrisy at worst. Their true feelings were on display the first time. The swaying masses of unfurled Mexican flags and placards calling for Revoluccion! Wake up America, these massive protests aren’t the result of some disgruntled yard workers having a few cervezas over a weekend bull session. Organized protests of this magnitude can only be orchestrated by the far left professional agitators who hate America as only socialists, communists and democrats can. Big Labor and the democrat party and the ACLU and ANSWER and the list goes on. These are the architects of these protests. Look at the signs, read the signs, learn to know your enemy from the signs.

Of course the perfidy of the democrats knows no bounds. In Texas they passed out bilingual fliers telling protestors to vote democrat and displaying a map of Mexico with Texas attached. I don’t know about you all but Texas is my favorite state and I can already get good Mexican food there without it being annexed by Mexico…thank you. Seriously though, the democrats see an opportunity to pander to voters, nevermind that the voters aren't legally able to vote, neither are the dead in Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans and many other locales and yet every election they somehow manage to pull that democrat lever. Not that the Republicans are much better. They have maintained control of the House of Representatives now for 12 years and we have no meaningful immigration reform. Of course any immigration reform from the House is rebuffed by a cowardly Senate cabal of leftwing democrats looking for new voters and RINO (Republican in Name Only) politicians seduced by the Beltway cocktail circuit. You see, true conservatives don't rate invitations to A list cocktail parties. The politicians are selling us out on this issue folks. At least they are if you happen to be a traditionalist who believes in America and our History.

If that doesn’t annoy the piss out of you, then I don’t know why you’re reading my blog. Folks, registering voters is one thing, hell even I admit that democrats have a right to vote. Knowingly registering illegal aliens to vote is seditious behavior if not treason. It undermines the very foundation of our Constitution, a document few on the left have ever read much less understood. I think now that I’ve vented my spleen, I’ll head over the refrigerator for a cold Lone Star Beer…big shout out to Sean for bringing that to me from Austin…Of course maybe I'm just peeved that no work is getting done on my remodel while these demonstrations go on...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Anyone hear anything? Sounds like bootsteps...maybe a Tony Lama cowboy boot, size 10...might could be someone coming this way....

Just maybe...this hiatus is coming to an end? Stay tuned...word on the street is that Smilin' Paul's been spotted and a return to WKWR just might be imminent...gotta go check the Weather Channel to see the forecast on that...

Seriously though folks. I won't even begin to tell y'all how busy I've been with work/kids/school/remodel/Republican party/life its ownself. But I'm back. And come May I'm really gonna be back. Now I've got to apologize to the WKWR Faithful. I can see by the counter that thousands of folks have been checking in here since my last post. That truly humbles me, something not easily accomplished, just ask Mrs. Smilin' Paul. For my extended absence then I'm sorry. I really did need to concentrate on some other things. Now though my house is near done, school is near done and the kids are gettin' ready for a summer of grillin', BBQ, playing and riding their horses in the backyard.

Of course the political world has not been stagnant in the past 9 months. Sorry to say. I've often said that I'd rather pay each of our elected representatives a million dollars a year to sit in their office and do nothing, rather than pay them their meager salaries to enact bad laws we don't need or worse yet, impose more taxes. Between ILLEGAL immigration, the Iran situation and the constant seditious activities of the left in general and the democratic party specifically, I'll have plenty of fodder for chewin' the fat with you good folks that have stood by through the lean times here at WKWR.

So first off, a big tip of the ol' Silverbelly Stetson to you readers and then of course a quick disclaimer. While I may be back, recetas (recipes to you gringos, hey I might as well get ready for Republica del Norte) will be in short supply. Since I have no kitchen currently to cook in, my recipe posting will have to wait until the remodel is done. But in the meantime, be sure to tune in for my usual rants, raves, trenchant political commentary and of course your ritual dose of sarcasm leavened with reason and humor. Two things the democrats completely lack.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
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