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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm baaaaack.....with the return of the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin' Paul last night, I can once again try and find time to squeeze in my weekly musings. I wanted to pop in right quick and assure the faithful that I am back on track now and hoping to resume normal operations. That said, I noted yesterday while browsing the news, that the Mexican Foreign Secretary wants to get the Internationl Courts to declare Arizona's recently passed Prop. 200 as illegal. For th0se of you out of the loop, Prop. 200 made it illegal for illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses, to vote or to obtain other state services. Now the MEXICAN Foreign Secretary wants this law banned.

Excuuuuuuse me but I was under the slightest impression that to be a Foreign Secretary in any country it would be a necessity to understand the meaning of sovereignty and borders. Apparently that is not the case with the MEXICAN Foreign Secretary who thinks he can overturn the will of American voters by going to International Courts. This is what is so appalling about the situation. That people out there will give him credence and no doubt, some socialist controlled international court will take it upon themselves to agree with him. Hell we can't even get our own 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to act like Americans most of the time. This is yet more evidence of the need to do away with the United Nations. It is their ilk that populate the internationalist bodies and for 60 years now we have cultivated a dependency within our own foriegn policy towards approval from the UN. This has done nothing to ensure our security and has undermined not only our foreign policy and sovereignty but now apparently threatens our votes.....

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hate to do it folks but this next week is going to be another hiatus. I know, I'm getting to be worse than a democratic politician what with all the time away but at least I'm not doing it on the taxpayer's back. Mrs. Smilin' Paul is going to be out of town and so I'll be tending to the young'uns. Between that and work and school, well I'm not going to have much spare time to devote to the ol' blog.

Please be sure to tune back in however come the 29th or so. Not only will I have a killer recipe for Chicken Fricasse but by then the incredible spectre of the leftists, wallowing in their own hypocrisy while they attempt to smear Dr. Condoleeza Rice in the Senate hearings should be over. Am I the only one who finds appalling, the treatment she received from Babs Boxer, head cheerleader for the socialists in the Senate? Intellectually, Babs couldn't carry a cup of water to Dr. Rice and she tried mightily to joust with her yesterday. Dr. Rice bared her claws and fought back and I say "Bravo!". It's time we stopped the democrat tactics of verbal bullying and preening for the cameras at the expense of the reputations, careers and dignity of serious cabinet level appointees or judicial nominees.

Babs conveniently forgot yesterday her own ardent support for IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton's bombing campaign against Iraq, coming as it did during the impeachment hearings. Back then Babs was certain that Iraq and Saddam posed a grave threat to the United States. Back then Babs was certain that it was in the American interests to enforce UN resolutions that Iraq had so far ignored. So whats changed? Now we have a Republican President and Senate and Babs is forging her own niche as the representative to the most far left, un-American and socialist elements of our citizenry. Thank God I moved. The thought of this loathsome hypocrite representing me in Washington turns my stomach as it should any Californian with more brains than her. That should equate to at least 70% of the population. See y'all next week sometime...

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lotta news flying today. Seems South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham has been conducting meetings on reforming social security with some democrats. While reform of social security is needed, I don't believe a payroll tax increase to augment it is necessary. The word is that this is the price Republicans will have to pay to gather the necessary democratic support. In return the dems will give on the private accounts that have been pressed for by the President. This should be very interesting as it unfolds, especially given that Graham has virtually no support within his own party at this time. Stay tuned politicos..

Of course, I no sooner put all of you on guard against strengthing the Chinese in anyway as they are sooner or later going to be an outright enemy on the scale of the old Soviet Union, then what happens? The largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, in a stunning display of ingratitude tells the U.S. forces there, assisting in tsunami recovery that we need A) to keep our troops unarmed, B) that our planes cannot train while the fleet is offshort and C) that we need to vacate within 3 months. Excuse me, but this 3rd world country just lost some 200,000 people in one of the worst natural disasters ever. Their Muslim brothers, despite being among the richest nations on earth are sending a pittance in financial assistance and virtually no manpower, and they are telling us where to get off? Seems to me that we could better spend our aid dollars right here in California (although truth to tell it is beginning to be an enemy state as well).

On the local front, Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller announced today his candidacy for the Second Congressional District in 2006 currently held by my Congresscritter Jim Gibbons. Gibbons is going to run for governor here and his wife a former assemblywoman is expected to run for his old seat. No brainer for the congressman on who to support in the primary there. Now all we need is for State Treasurer Brain Krolicki to throw his name in the ring and it should be a real donnybrook for the primary. Does make it kind of hard on your humble correspondent to run for that seat though, all the good support will be taken.

Also, I been taking some heat of late for the lack around here so without any further waiting, the years' first installment of the Friday Featurette, coming a day early...First off we have a lovely photo of the First Lady displaying her joy over the Texas win in the Rose Bowl....

Next, a special request from work colleagues for a photo of Fox News beauty Laurie Dhue. Here she is, everymans' favorite Tarheel......

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey Larry, did anyone get the number of that truck that ran over Oklahoma last Tuesday? Even with a 6 yr quarterback they ran into a kitchen tool at USC. I guess the gangsters from L.A. really are better football players than the moonshiners from Oklahoma. At least my Longhorns triumphed in a classic Rose Bowl and are looking to add another top 5 recruiting class this year. Just maybe Mack Brown has gotten over the hump now and we can look forward to that elusive National Championship being visited on the ol' Burnt Orange.

Speaking of scorched earth and in the spirit of the Stalingrad/Russian Winter theme we've been enjoying around here, I couldn't help but notice today that democrats...aka the party of sedition are gathering themselves to contest the President's agenda for his second term. I suppose that obstructing his judicial appointments and gutting the No Child Left Behind Act as well as stalling and attempting to reduce the size of the President's tax cuts in his first term weren't enough of a record of dubious achievement. Now they are gathering to oppose Social Security reform, tax reform, judicial appointments and just about everything which could conceivably be considered as potential ammo for Republicans in the future. The hope of the left here is to so bog down the Republican House and Senate that no real gains can be made and so the democrats delude themselves that they could retake the Legislative Branch in 2006.

Hopefully, Americans will see past the smoke and mirrors and as they did in 1994, continue to send Republicans to Congress. The Bush Administration is playing with fire however by reinstating the discussion of amnesty for illegal immigrants. This was a non starter with the Republican base and polls show a majority of Americans do NOT want amnesty for illegals. Watch for the dems to play this issue up at every opportunity. Long ago, the democrats lost the South because they began to take for granted that Southern Democrats would vote for them no matter what their particular agenda was. Eventually, the South awoke and figured out that the democrats of the 1930s were extinct, that the party had been hijacked by people with moral and political values closer to Stalin and Mao rather than Truman and Roosevelt. The Republicans could be in much the same territory if they begin to take for granted the votes of evangelicals and others who only desire that our national borders be protected.

However, I digress. The entire point I had started to make was that the democrats are about to continue thier implosion before America. On November 3rd of last year, this was amusing stuff. Now it has taken on the eerie quality of watching a train wreck over and over. The left can't simply accept that they were beaten. Rather than some quiet introspection and bi-partisanship in the wake of a convincing electoral and popular victory the dems continue to engage in the same self destructive behavior that resulted in Senator Tom "Thumb" Daschle being retired. So instead of the two parties working together, as we are constantly told by the pols, "to do the work of the people", we have one party...(three guesses which one) determined to put the goals of the socialists ahead of the interests of the people. Do I really need to recount for everyone the accumulating list of treacheries perpetrated on the American people by the left? The list is already long and apparently it is going to grow. Speaking of heartburn, heres a soup that'll give you a nice dose...

If you're anything like me you love menudo and hate tripe. That being the case I have taken it upon myself to create my own menudo. You see Menudo is also a traditional pick me up for those who might have partaken of a few too many adult beverages. Naturally I never need it for it's intended purpose but it is also a hearty soup for those cold winter days and since I am currently residing in Stalingrad on Truckee I thought another soup recipe would be nice.

Pancho's Pick Me Up

1 pkg good groud beef, between 1-2 lbs.
1 quart beef stock
1 quart water
1 pkg (3/4 oz) of El Mexicano Menudo mix
1 can 29 oz of hominy, drained
1 small can of Rotel Chili Fixin's diced tomatoes and jalapenos
2 tbsps olive oil
1 onion chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped

In a large pot, over medium fire, heat the olive oil until hot and then add the garlic and onion, cooking just long enough to release the oils, (about 2 minutes). Then add in the beef to brown it and about a cup of the water to keep the garlic and onion from burning. Once the beef is browned, add the stock and remainder of the water and stir to combine. Now add about 1/3 of the menudo mix and the hominy and chili fixin's. Give it all a good stir and reduce the heat to a low simmer. Let this go, checking and stirring occasionally for at least two hours. This is one of those soups that gets better over time. If you want to refrigerate it after cooking, you can skim the excess fat in the morning and have an ever leaner soup. On the other hand, there's a lot of flavor there and I like to serve it hot with frijoles and plenty of tortillas. Once the whole mixture is cooked and simmering hot, you can adjust the spiceness by adding menudo mixture or chili quebrado (crushed chili peppers) if you have it in the cupboard. Good eatin' on ya!!

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Its been some time since I really lambasted the democrats and I reckon we're about due. Besides they're giving me so much ammo to play with, it seems a terrible shame not to open fire. First off I'm certain that at least some of you probably wonder why I insist on referring to the disloyal opposition as the Party of Sedition. Well go here to find out why. You see, Henry Waxman (D) California has written a letter to the American Ambassador in Jordan essentially trying to grease the skids of Jordanian customs for delivery of some $600,000 in aid to TERRORISTS fighting our troops in Fallujah!!! These funds were raised by the far left group Code Pink and are targeted at assisting the enemy. Apparently Waxman feels the heat from his Code Pink(o) constituents more than he does any parents of American troops engaged in combat. Doesn't anyone out there besides me think this is treason? Makes me yearn for the days of Tip O'Neill. At least he would on occasion stand up for America.

Next up? Senate democrats including Patrick "Leaky" Leahy, (D) Vermont. This is the same bloviating Senator who ran his mouth off one too many times while on the Senate Intelligence Committee and got himself removed. Mr. Leahy would like to grill Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales on the administration's treatment of enemy combatants. Leahy who has never done a thing to safeguard America or her interests would grant terrorists the same constitutional guarantees of any American citizen. Perhaps someone should give a basic civics lesson to this Vermont Windbag. If a foreign born national, (much less one dedicated to the destruction of our nation) wants the Constitutional guarantees afforded an American citizen, then they can damn well emigrate here and apply for citizenship. The democrats appear to be gathering themselves for a bloodletting, charging that Mr. Gonzales has sanctioned torture. HALLLLOOOOOO!!! We're at war!!! Of course let someone mention the suspension of Constitutional rights for hundreds of thousands of Americans during the War Between the States and World War II and the leftists look askance at you. Of course thats because none of them have cared enough about America to learn any of her history.

I am not endorsing the suspension of any citizen's rights by the way. I am simply appalled at the hypocrisy, ignorance and laissez faire attitude the left has towards the defense of the United States.

Speaking of hypocrisy, my own U.S. Senator Harry "Pinkie" Reid is now criticizing the President for his initiative on Social Security. Rather than applauding the President for taking action on an issue that has been at the forefront of American concerns for the better part of a decade, what does the new Senate Minority Leader have to say? Any reform of Social Security at this time is ill considered because after all, it is still solvent until 2055. What does that tell us about the democrat leadership? Once again they are willing to put partisan political gain ahead of the Nation's welfare. You see, if Republicans propose and enact social security reform that is successful they will stand to make sweeping political gains among traditional democratic constituencies, the elderly and minorities among them. Good old Senator Reid knows that if he can cause enough delay in Social Security reform, other political needs will arise and it may well be put on the back burner. As he noted Social Security is solvent for now and in his mind, even if it isn't reformed prior to 2055, he'll be long dead and it will be someone else's concern.

Yeah...four years ago the Senate democrats were screaming for Social Security reforms and protection against bankruptcy within the system. Now that a Republican wants to tackle the problem its no longer a problem. My bet is you'll see democrats all in favor of reform, just as soon as there is a democrat in the White House again. Now then, what did you really expect from the "Big Tent" party? They need all the room for the hypocrisy....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Monday, January 03, 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! I must say it was a novelty this year. I've spent 14 New Years' Eves walking a beat in downtown Reno and this is the first one I can recall where we had a reenactment of the Battle of Stalingrad, complete with 2 foot snowdrifts, a driving storm, German soldiers (cleverly disguised as tourists and revelers) and simulated artillery barrages provided by the casinos in the form of fireworks. Thankfully it's over and I'm nearly recovered which means it's back to bidness around here. First off a big Ol' Hook'em Horns to my beloved UT football team taking the Rose Bowl on Saturday. I know reader Larry Smith down there in Vegas was pulling for UT and since one good turn deserves another, I will turn my considerable rooting powers to his beloved Sooners tomorrow night. Besides, it wouldn't do to have a NCAA Champion team from a blue state so we need to all pull for OU or Auburn....

Now is anyone out there besides me paying any attention to the perfidy that is taking place in the PRW? (People's Republic of Washington) It seems that on Election day, a good sound Republican candidate won the governorship. It being a very close election, the dems howled for a recount and guess what? They lost again although the margin of victory for Republican Dino Rossi was cut. So then the seditious ones asked for yet another recount, by hand and it seems their candidate has miraculously taken a lead. Now out of some 3 million votes cast, the dem wins by less than 200. Of course now that the will of those voters (actual, living, breathing voters as opposed to the dead, illegal and repeat voters that the dems regularly attract) has been subverted, the dems are trying to declare victory and make everyone forget there is still a governorship on the line.

Not so fast slicksters...seems there are numerous reports, substantiated by the Washington Secretary of State's office that many precincts are reporting ballot totals higher than their rolls of registered voters. This is typical leftist fraud. Count until the votes favor your candidate and then declare victory before too many questions get asked about the veracity of the votes. Of course the Republican, Dino Rossi proposed a perfectly reasonable course in asking the democrat to accede to another election given the contentiousness and disputes over the current state of affairs. Needless to say, with fairness staring the dems in the face, they balked at such a display. Of course with questions continuing to mount about repeat ballots, unqualified voters and questionable provisional ballots, look for the Republicans to challenge this race.

And certainly, while many of you are tuning in for this weeks' recipe, no column would be complete without Smilin' Paul rebutting the shrill cries from the left concerning our supposed "tardiness" to respond to the crisis caused by the Tsunamis' in South Asia. The battle cry of the socialists is that President Bush didn't react quickly enough to the crisis and that it took him 4 days to cancel his Christmas vacation and who can forget the sniveling UN official who decried American's "stingy" contributions to relief efforts. Well as the Brits might say..."touch off".

Now our National commitment to relief aid is set at some $350 million and this does not even factor in the staggering costs associated with military assets being deployed to deliver the aid and assist in recovery. America stingy? Not only will the EU not equal our monetary commitment, their pathetic military capabilities, (the peace dividend of our winning the Cold War) cannot begin to meaningfully assist in recovery efforts. What is the cost of daily operations for two American Naval battle groups? Millions more I'm certain. Make no mistake here, I am happy to see our armed forces engaged in the recovery efforts and I am not averse to our tax dollars being used in a humanitarian fashion but I don't want our altruistic tendencies forgotten or belittled by effete Euros, medieval Islamists or America hating democrats.

Lest we forget, or in case you haven't heard, individual donations to charitable organizations for Tsunami relief has now exceeded those contributions made in the wake of the September 11th 2001 attacks on us. Apparently Americans are quite capable of tossing aside the age old saw about charity beginning at home. I'm certain that the media will never report the staggering sums of individual contributions Americans will make. America stingy? Sure, the same country that defeated Japan and Germany and rebuilt both. The same country that today pours millions and even billions into the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. The left and their allies in Europe never cease to amaze me with the intensity of their hatred for America.

This being the first days of January, I certain that some of you have some post Christmas ham leftover in the refrigerator or the freezer. What I like to do with it is make Ham and Bean soup. A nice comfort food dish to keep you warm through the long winter days. If your ham is still attached to a hambone, this dish is even better and so simple.

1 lb of Northern White Beans, soaked and prepared for cooking.
leftover ham. (I had a bone with at least a pound of ham still attached)
1/4 tsp coriander
1/2 tsp cracked black pepper
1/4 tsp cumin seed
8 cups water.

This is almost too easy. If you can't make this dish, you're just bone lazy. Once the beans are sorted, soaked and rinsed put them in a crockpot with any leftover ham and bone. Add the 8 cups of water and spices and turn that pot on high. (This will induce a very low simmer after a few hours.) The beauty of this dish is that you can let it cook all day and the beans only get more tender and the dish more tasty. Serve this will nice fresh buttered bread and you'll be thinking of home...Good eatin' on ya!!!!

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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