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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lotta news flying today. Seems South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham has been conducting meetings on reforming social security with some democrats. While reform of social security is needed, I don't believe a payroll tax increase to augment it is necessary. The word is that this is the price Republicans will have to pay to gather the necessary democratic support. In return the dems will give on the private accounts that have been pressed for by the President. This should be very interesting as it unfolds, especially given that Graham has virtually no support within his own party at this time. Stay tuned politicos..

Of course, I no sooner put all of you on guard against strengthing the Chinese in anyway as they are sooner or later going to be an outright enemy on the scale of the old Soviet Union, then what happens? The largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, in a stunning display of ingratitude tells the U.S. forces there, assisting in tsunami recovery that we need A) to keep our troops unarmed, B) that our planes cannot train while the fleet is offshort and C) that we need to vacate within 3 months. Excuse me, but this 3rd world country just lost some 200,000 people in one of the worst natural disasters ever. Their Muslim brothers, despite being among the richest nations on earth are sending a pittance in financial assistance and virtually no manpower, and they are telling us where to get off? Seems to me that we could better spend our aid dollars right here in California (although truth to tell it is beginning to be an enemy state as well).

On the local front, Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller announced today his candidacy for the Second Congressional District in 2006 currently held by my Congresscritter Jim Gibbons. Gibbons is going to run for governor here and his wife a former assemblywoman is expected to run for his old seat. No brainer for the congressman on who to support in the primary there. Now all we need is for State Treasurer Brain Krolicki to throw his name in the ring and it should be a real donnybrook for the primary. Does make it kind of hard on your humble correspondent to run for that seat though, all the good support will be taken.

Also, I been taking some heat of late for the lack around here so without any further waiting, the years' first installment of the Friday Featurette, coming a day early...First off we have a lovely photo of the First Lady displaying her joy over the Texas win in the Rose Bowl....

Next, a special request from work colleagues for a photo of Fox News beauty Laurie Dhue. Here she is, everymans' favorite Tarheel......

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