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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Its been some time since I really lambasted the democrats and I reckon we're about due. Besides they're giving me so much ammo to play with, it seems a terrible shame not to open fire. First off I'm certain that at least some of you probably wonder why I insist on referring to the disloyal opposition as the Party of Sedition. Well go here to find out why. You see, Henry Waxman (D) California has written a letter to the American Ambassador in Jordan essentially trying to grease the skids of Jordanian customs for delivery of some $600,000 in aid to TERRORISTS fighting our troops in Fallujah!!! These funds were raised by the far left group Code Pink and are targeted at assisting the enemy. Apparently Waxman feels the heat from his Code Pink(o) constituents more than he does any parents of American troops engaged in combat. Doesn't anyone out there besides me think this is treason? Makes me yearn for the days of Tip O'Neill. At least he would on occasion stand up for America.

Next up? Senate democrats including Patrick "Leaky" Leahy, (D) Vermont. This is the same bloviating Senator who ran his mouth off one too many times while on the Senate Intelligence Committee and got himself removed. Mr. Leahy would like to grill Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales on the administration's treatment of enemy combatants. Leahy who has never done a thing to safeguard America or her interests would grant terrorists the same constitutional guarantees of any American citizen. Perhaps someone should give a basic civics lesson to this Vermont Windbag. If a foreign born national, (much less one dedicated to the destruction of our nation) wants the Constitutional guarantees afforded an American citizen, then they can damn well emigrate here and apply for citizenship. The democrats appear to be gathering themselves for a bloodletting, charging that Mr. Gonzales has sanctioned torture. HALLLLOOOOOO!!! We're at war!!! Of course let someone mention the suspension of Constitutional rights for hundreds of thousands of Americans during the War Between the States and World War II and the leftists look askance at you. Of course thats because none of them have cared enough about America to learn any of her history.

I am not endorsing the suspension of any citizen's rights by the way. I am simply appalled at the hypocrisy, ignorance and laissez faire attitude the left has towards the defense of the United States.

Speaking of hypocrisy, my own U.S. Senator Harry "Pinkie" Reid is now criticizing the President for his initiative on Social Security. Rather than applauding the President for taking action on an issue that has been at the forefront of American concerns for the better part of a decade, what does the new Senate Minority Leader have to say? Any reform of Social Security at this time is ill considered because after all, it is still solvent until 2055. What does that tell us about the democrat leadership? Once again they are willing to put partisan political gain ahead of the Nation's welfare. You see, if Republicans propose and enact social security reform that is successful they will stand to make sweeping political gains among traditional democratic constituencies, the elderly and minorities among them. Good old Senator Reid knows that if he can cause enough delay in Social Security reform, other political needs will arise and it may well be put on the back burner. As he noted Social Security is solvent for now and in his mind, even if it isn't reformed prior to 2055, he'll be long dead and it will be someone else's concern.

Yeah...four years ago the Senate democrats were screaming for Social Security reforms and protection against bankruptcy within the system. Now that a Republican wants to tackle the problem its no longer a problem. My bet is you'll see democrats all in favor of reform, just as soon as there is a democrat in the White House again. Now then, what did you really expect from the "Big Tent" party? They need all the room for the hypocrisy....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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