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Monday, December 06, 2004

I don't know whats more amazing, this story of incredible heroism and the fact that America can instill this kind of devotion in people or that the Los Angeles Times would actually print the story.

A Hero's Courageous Sacrifice (TAPS and he died a hero)

I have also been doing some casting about of late. At a Christmas party the other night a reader asked me if it was hard to maintain interest in the blog since the election was now over. I confessed that it has been somewhat difficult. Then I paid a visit to our friends at Democratic Underground and was instantly reminded of why I do this. Those people are kooks. I know some of them might be well meaning but lordy, there are so many that are genuine tinfoil hat types, communists, social outcasts, anarchists and of course, those are the ones that can type semi-literately. Although to be fair, no thread at DU would be complete without a litany of the English language's more colorful curse words.

In any event, between the denizens of DU and my ongoing campaign to wean us off of China, I think that I should have ample ammunition to continue this concern of mine. Just pondering the economics of Chinese influence over our lives made me want to puke yesterday. Of course since everyone else in the house is sick and puking already with some kind of crud, I just assumed it was yet another Chinese import. Please folks, I know how hard it is to find items made in the USA anymore but don't indulge the Chinese. I know it costs a few more bucks but with electronics especially, always look for the manufacturer. I'd rather invest in a nominal ally in Thailand, Taiwan or Malaysia than send another red (pardon the pun) cent to the chicoms. Just my .02 cents...

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