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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Obviously today is a great day for our Republic. The President has won not only a convincing victory but in addition to his electoral college win, he accumulated the most votes of any President in history. He gathered fully 10 million more votes this year than in 2000 and yes even allowing for population increases that is a tremendous achievement. I feel elated and honored and even exhausted for having been a part of it. If you have never had the opportunity to work on an election campaign and you have even the slightest interest in politics then I encourage you to volunteer next time around. The activity is frenetic and the pace brutal on election day. Adrenaline pushes you and time passes quickly. It is a remarkable journey.

I could write for days about my experiences during the election yesterday and I will be certain to revisit it soon but bear with me now because already my chonies are in a twist about the spin emanating from the mainstream media about the election results. The media are all over themselves trying to paint the country as deeply divided and calling for bipartisanship. Horse hockey I say. By their standards, Americans are deeply divided after every election. I will remind everyone again, IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton NEVER won a majority of the voters. In fact he won in 1992 with a bare plurality of 43% of the vote. That George W. Bush has not only increased his electoral margin from 271 to 286 and increased his percentage of the popular vote from 49 to 51% is reason enough to declare a mandate. However, there is more. How about the addition of 4 Senate seats for the GOP and a pick up of 6 additional House seats? Clearly, Americans are providing the President with the legislative tools to achieve his agenda.

When Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson were elected and provided with majorities in both houses of Congress, they moved to enact agendas that we continue to pay for today. The burden of Social Security and the New Deal, compounded by the failed policies of Johnson's Great Society continue to beset the American people with crushing debt and little return for the investment. These programs need to be revisited and subjected to intense scrutiny as to their continued viability. The only government department that absolutely needs to be expanded at this time is Defense and I hope that the President and Congress will move now to unravel even more of the incredible damage done by the previous administration to both the military and intelligence communities.

I also fondly hope that now the President will move boldly forward with his vision to strengthen the military, prosecute the war vigorously, provide tax relied and most importantly, to appoint strict constructionist judges to the federal bench and the SCOTUS. For the defeated left to cry now about bipartisanship is the height of hypocrisy. How soon they forget the extended hand that the President reached out to Teddy "Breastroke" Kennedy. Inviting the pompous gasbag to the White House for private suppers and movie viewings and inviting the Senator to write the No Child Left Behind legislation which was effectively gutted of conservative principles. I still recall, and I hope the President does as well how his extended hand was spit upon and how he was reviled by the left.

Today the recriminations continue. Bob Bechtel, alleged Democratic strategist was on national TV stating openly that he believes that now that the question of slavery has been settled, the South should leave the union and make it's own country. He doesn't get it. If the South and West provide the necessary electoral votes for victory, then based on the framework given us by the Founding Fathers, then the South and West are the voice of the majority of the people. If you live on the coast and can't accept that there are sincere differences between the coasts and flyover country and you condescendingly wonder if we are out of touch with reality, I would suggest that it is you who needs a reality check. Republicans are in, by solid majorities they possess the necessary tools to enact sweeping reforms. I pray that they begin soon.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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