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Friday, October 08, 2004

Well some of you readers have really been busting my chops over various things, like the repitition in my Friday Featurettes, the lack of recipes and more frequent updates. So please allow me a moment to address these issues one by one.

Many of the Featurettes I took from the New Jersey GOP website. Of late, I am unable to access their site and so I have to research Republican women on my own. I have very little free time right now to do so. The most important thing we all have to do right now is see to it that President Bush is re-elected and sorry, to my mind that trumps the Friday Featurette. One more month okay?

Recipes...same story, I served notice that they would be going away until after the election. If you have a favorite recipe that isn't something some euro-socialist or sickly environazi would eat, please send it to me and I will happily post it. In the small community of Smilin' Paul adherents, we need to share sometimes.

More frequent updates, some of you are busting my chops about no insight to the Vice Presidential debate...well keep reading. As I said, re-electing the President is the most important thing right now. Besides work and family, I am personally working my posterior off to ensure that Nevada is delivered to the Presidential column on Nov. 2. I hope you all are as well. Nevada is a battleground state and the staffers I have met so far from the Bush Cheney team all state that in their estimation, it is 1 of the 4 most critical in-play states. This may never occur here again so I am working to ensure we make the most of the National opportunity afforded us.

Tuesday I watched the Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Cheney and Senator Edwards. As anyone reading this site knows I am a supporter of the President. That said, I also acknowledged that President Bush turned in a fairly poor performance in last weeks Presidential debate. Tuesday, Vice President Cheney eviscerated Senator Edwards in any assessment that looks at substance. Cheney presented himself as cool and calm and studious. He is obviously possessed of enormous knowledge about government and it's functions. I thought that Vice President Cheney was especially effective in countering attacks from Senator Edwards about the War in Iraq.

Perhaps most importantly, Cheney turned both Senator Kerry and Senators Edwards abysmal records into questionmarks. They portray themselves as supportive of our troops when every vote they've ever cast regarding military spending has been to appease the left wing. Senator Kerry has opposed every major weapons system in the last 20 years while compiling a record absolutely bereft of significant legislative achievement. Senator Edwards for his part did an admirable job of staying on message although his mention of Vice President Cheney's daughter seemed to me to be off limits. Edwards looked too young and inexperienced. I had been worried that Cheney might look old and obsolete. Well perhaps he did look old but his command of the issues was such that I think the American people probably overlooked the age.

Neither candidate made a serious gaffe in my opinion. As I said, I do think that the mention of Vice President Cheney's daughter was low but not a major gaffe on the part of Senator Edwards. Frankly I was surprised at Edwards. During the Democratic primaries I was concerned that he might be the actual Presidential candidate. He looked good and spoke well and presented a moderate image. He seemed the reincarnation of President Clinton. Mercifully the democrats selected Kerry who I think is a much more vulnerable target based exactly upon his record or lack thereof in the Senate. How can you reconcile the stunning percentage of absences from Senate Intelligence Committee meetings that Senator Kerry has? You can't. I sit on the executive board of a labor association and if I missed that many meetings I would be removed from the board quickly.

Afterwards I listened to the media and staffers spin the debate. The consensus seems to be that Cheney won the first part of the debate and Edwards might have won the second. They were also searching for something bad to say about Cheney and so one pundit said he was mean. Good Lord, were they watching the same debate I was? A mature man enters a room with a wealth of knowledge and command of the issues and proceeds to give a lesson to an unaccomplished Vice Presidential wannabee and he is called mean? Such is the level of political discourse in this country at present. Long post and I could have summed it up earlier. To absolutely no one's surprise I thought that Vice President Cheney won the debate.

Lastly and this is just to tweek reader Chris Banks, since in my humble opinion you can never have enough Ann Coulter....our Friday Featurette.....

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