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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Once again real life is managing to insert itself in a brazen attempt to minimize my posts. This time around it's the annual Street Vibrations tribute to those icons of Americana, Harley Davidson motorcycles and rock music. Suffice it to say that I've been putting in a lot of overtime and cramming some studying into this past week as well. None of which has prevented me from staying abreast of the latest treachery to emanate from the left. Perhaps someone in my reading audience can illuminate me with an answer to this question. Just what type of crack is Kofi Annan smoking?

In the world according to Kofi, the U.S. liberation of Iraq was an illegal invasion. So what dear Kofi does that tell us about the UN? Seventeen UN resolutions passed against Iraq over a decade and nothing was done to remove the cause of those resolutions, an intransigent Saddam Hussein. So then the US liberates Iraq with a coalition of 31 countries in support and 3 of which provided combat troops in addition to our own. What does the liberation of 25 million people earn for us? Spiteful and ingracious verbal attacks from the biggest hypocrite since the term was first defined. Of course Annan's self interest isn't served by a liberated Iraq as we now learn from the UN Oil for Food scandal exploding in the face of Kofi and family. Profiteering off the misery of millions is apparently nothing new to the elite leftists at the UN. As an African, Annan should be grateful for the 15 BILLION in American tax dollars that President Bush has pledged to Africa to fight AIDS. Especially when Kofi has to know that roughly 14 of those billion will end up lining the Swiss accounts of all his tinpot dictator buddies. There was no such windfall under the regime of IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton and yet never did Kofi condemn Clinton for his interventions. I can only think that 15 Billion must be chump change to Kingpin Kofi and his cronies on the take for Oil for Food.

It is long past time for the US to condemn the UN and serve the entire rotten mess with eviction papers. Their odious socialism is bettered suited to the salons of Paris or some other "progressive" Capital where I'm certain the hookers and cabbies will be just as employable as their New York counterparts were. If the UN exists to offer censure in the form of meaningless resolutions which it lacks the means to enforce, then it really is nothing more than a high school debate team which happens to be multilingual and relatively zit free. The United States has always provided the impetus for UN peacekeeping operations and the dirty little secret that Jean Querry doesn't want you to know is this. The UN is militarily powerless.

M'sieur le Condiment goes around the country offering high minded pronouncements about the quagmire he sees in Iraq. Kerry's solution to the problem is his continual insistence that as president he would involve the UN and see to it that they bear more of the burden of the fighting in Iraq is utter nonsense. Neither the French, the Germans nor any other NATO country has combat troops they are willing to commit to Iraq. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Western allies have suckled at the teat of American Military largesse. They have stripped their own forces to the bone, only the already involved British maintaining forces of any consequence. So what is the real alternative? Nigerian or Chinese troops commited to the fight? Hah, the left would love to see it but it would never happen. Once again reality intrudes to slap leftists in the face. Without American military power, the UN is nothing more than another shill for the left. A loud and obnoxious drain on our tax dollars that I daresay most Americans would be just as happy to see gone.

Now then, I've been fortunate enough to introduce several friends this week to the charms of the lovely and talented Ann Coulter. Since it is impossible to get too much of such a combination of brains and beauty she is once again WKWRs Friday Featurette.

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