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Monday, August 30, 2004

It's killin' me I tellya...over the weekend, Jean Querry, the frenchurian candidate, man from Nantucket, he of the french boarding school education and billionaire bride...yes that guy, had the unmitigated gall to say that President Bush is out of touch with average Americans. This is the man who has apparently been planning his ascenscion to the presidency since he was teen. Not too many vets that I know of (and I have two in my family) took home movies and reenacted action scenes from Vietnam for later political display. Yes, that John Kerry the same man who recently flew his hair stylist across the country for a touchup before a rally. The same guy who maintains multi-million dollar homes in Idaho, Boston, Washington, Nantucket and who knows where else. Pardon me if I find this somewhat ironic and can someone please pass the canapes?

Speaking of foodstuffs, I'm gonna talk some about food today because truth to tell, I don't have a recipe handy. Summer is winding down and all I did all weekend was load up on grilled steaks, bbq corn and now even as I type this, I'm fixin' some fried chicken to accompany my already prepared potato salad. Yup, fried chicken and potato salad with corn on the cob, thats the supper menu around the Villa Hacienda today. It's one of those summer dishes that just never gets old and let's face it, summer is coming to end pretty quickly. I know because school started up today for my kids and those of us lucky enough to be pursuing our education online. In any event, I've already posted recipes for fried chicken and potato salad before so if the thought of some crispy homemade chicken has your mouth watering, you better check the archives and good eatin' on ya!!!

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