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Friday, August 27, 2004

Well today I managed to get down to Republican Party Headquarters where I was able to meet some lovely and intelligent ladies, staffing the office. I picked up the requisite Bush/Cheney bumperstickers and even got a few extras so if you're local and know where to find me, you can hit me up for one if you need it. I also managed a plug for my candidacy which given the impending election, might have to actually wait another 6 years. What the hell, I can start fundraising now and who knows? maybe I'll put together enough to print some yard signs of my own. Still though, it was nice to see such dedicated volunteer staffers at the Party HQ.

In other news, this weekend marks the beginning of a new semester which means more school for both me and the kids. I hope to maintain the quantity of posts if not the length. One of the classes I'm taking is Polisci 103 in order to fulfill a Nevada Constitution requirement. I expect lots of heated debate in the class and of course I'll be happy to report on the intellectual vanquishing of any leftists that might cloud the academic horizon. This being an election season and the class being at a local college, I fully expect at least one member of the disloyal opposition in class.

Speaking of expectations, it's Friday and that means the Friday Featurette about these parts. This week's honoree is gonzo blogger and Republican Lioness, Moxie...and she's got plenty of it...

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